Kevin Cheng Prefers Mature Women Instead of Young Girls

For twenty years, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) roamed through the entertainment industry, searching for his own identity. His unsuccessful career as a singer in Hong Kong led Kevin to attempt a new acting career in Taiwan, but when that failed, he returned to Hong Kong to start afresh.

When Kevin accepted his first TVB Best Actor win in 2006, he immediately thanked his mother. “My mom has supported me for thirteen years,” he said. Kevin’s success did not stop after 2006, and for the next several years, Kevin continued to reap Best Actor awards in major Asian awards ceremonies. Kevin’s breakthrough year was in 2011, when his two dramas, Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> and Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> attained massive success.

Now one of Hong Kong and mainland China’s more popular television actors, Kevin said his mother can now finally rest at ease. “My mother has felt more relief in the past several years. When she has time she would play some mahjong and take dance lessons. After suffering comes happiness. I think I’ve justified myself.”

Kevin laughed and said that his mother dotes on him too much, revealing a time when she spent large amounts of money to send him to Canada. Born in the United States but raised in Hong Kong, Kevin once had the opportunity to go to the United States for college, but he insisted on going to Canada first to find a friend. “Actually, I was a pretty bad kid. Canada is so big and I wouldn’t be able to find my good friend. I still wasted a lot of my mother’s money.”

Waiting for the Right Person

Already 43 years old, Kevin admits that he still believes in marriage and looks forward to becoming a father. However, despite his mature age, Kevin does not believe in flash marriages for the sake of getting married sooner. “I need to wait for the right person to appear.”

Kevin stressed that he is looking for a marriage partner, and not a girlfriend. “We must complement each other well, almost like opposites. That way we would be able to work with each other. I actually don’t like young girls – I prefer women with a bit more maturity.”

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  1. what’s his year of birth? I’ve always thought it’s 1969, now it’s shown on some searches as 1970?

      1. As far as i can remember it’s been stated all along as 1969. This is the first time i came across his b’date stated as 1969 so it got me confused. I do believe it’s 1969, somehow he conveniently got younger (even by 1 year).

      2. correction: shld read as “This is the first time i came across his b’date stated as 1970”

  2. I do think Charmaine is a good match for him, fits his criteria. Oh well, time will tell.

    1. Same! Charmaine is mature, stable financial matters, pretty, and smart! I heard in many reports that her EQ is really high too…

      1. Yes, Charmaine Sheh’s EQ is really high. I heard that she was insulted by some PAs with foul language when she was fairly new, and she did not say a word. She just took it silently.

      2. Charmaine always talks highly of other artistes. She never complains or bad mouths other artistes. You can say her EQ is high, or you can say she is “well groomed” in her interviews, depending you like it or not.

        Personally I would rather see artistes knowing how to speak in front of reporters than to see those who do not know how to speak or speak too much in front of reporters.

  3. Kevin Cheng How about you with Charmaine Sheh? Everyone else loves to see you guys together on screen and off screen. Ask Charmaine Sheh for another chance, and she may give u tho, so you guys can be Hong kong Idol. Tell her that you will give her a perfect life later on or soon when you your life settle and that you can only give her a little for temporary. You guys are perfect together. I’m so wanting you guys to be together.

    1. Exactly what I wanna say… I believe Kevin & Charmaine Sheh are perfectly matched with each other. I will support them with all my heart. They are always my most favorite on-screen Hongkong drama couple. Please be together as a couple in real life too!

  4. I think there are many who are like minds on this, Kevin and Charmaine, and I hope for their friendship to really blossom out this time.

  5. Kevin and Charmaine just look right together. Beautiful couple.

  6. yes love them together, one is handsome and the other one is beautiful, perfect match 🙂

  7. from what i notice, mature women are more materialistic, they would, in their spare time think of how to invest etc.. to get more properties, money is in their mind most of the time, hence don’t bother about the boyfriend as much.. no time for relationships, got time for money only

    1. disagree with you that mature woman are more materialistic. being materialistic has nothing really to do with age. it’s more of the character of a person.

  8. As many people here, I think Charmaine is a prefect match for Kevin. They should really get back together.

    1. me too! i would love for Niki and Kevin to be back together but the chance is so slim… since she is dating someone else right now. And I don’t think she wants to go back with him since he dumped her for Charmaine back in 2008, i think.

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