Sharon Chan Battles Kidney Inflammation and SLE?

Sudden Weekly claimed that after Sharon Chan (陳敏之) fractured her collarbone last year, she was plagued by acute kidney inflammation. It is also rumored that Sharon has contracted Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), which is an immune system disorder that requires long-term treatment. On July 20, 2012, Sharon Chan was photographed at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, seated at the bench of the outpatient ward. Wearing a mask and a pair of chunky black glasses, Sharon reportedly was trying to conceal her identity.

Perhaps not wishing to be recognized, Sharon allegedly lowered her head while playing with her phone during the waiting time. She only looked up once when there was a commotion. She reportedly quickly covered her face with her hair when she realized someone had spotted her. While waiting for approximately half an hour, Sharon reportedly was called upon by the nurse to the doctor’s office.

Sharon Paid a High Price for “Ghetto Justice”

While Sharon is remembered vividly for her topless run in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> last year, she reportedly paid a high price for the memorable role. She fractured her collarbone after filming the chasing scene, and then shortly after, she was reportedly stricken with acute kidney inflammation. Recent photos revealed that her face was swollen, as compared to her past photos. It was also rumored that she was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), and needed to seek long-term treatment.

As the sole breadwinner of the family, Sharon allegedly worked very hard from day to night. She even took on filming of four dramas in one year! Since diagnosed with kidney inflammation and SLE, she reportedly stopped working and rested for half a year. As the financial pillar of the family, Sharon allegedly has no choice but to resume her work recently.

A medical staff of the hospital disclosed that Sharon’s illness was unpredictable, and there were complications arising from the disorders with the immune system. Sharon reportedly needed to return to the hospital for a blood and liver test every two months to control her illness. The medical staff also revealed that Sharon needs to seek long term treatment, and if she were treated at the private hospital, the medical expenses would be very expensive.

Sharon Denies Contracting SLE

Sharon appeared to be very irritated when she was asked if she contracted SLE. “I did have kidney inflammation, but it was 10 years ago! I have already recovered, and do not need to take any medication. I only went for my normal follow-up appointment and ensure that health is good,” said Sharon.

Sharon also clarified that she did not contracted SLE, “I already responded before, I do not have such an illness! It’s only due to a weak immune system. It’s not a crime to be sick! Now that you have seen me slimming down, you know that I have recovered. When I filmed Justice Attack <法網狙擊>, there were so many explosive scenes. If I am sick, how do I endure all these?  Now, I exercise and slim down a lot.”

Sharon Saves Up for Family

In order to save more money for the family and her younger brother’s education, Sharon seeks treatment at the public hospital instead. She said, “I am not a spendthrift, and I have recovered. Since it’s only a check-up, I will just go to the public hospital. I am the financial pillar of the family. My brother will graduate from Polytechnic next year, and recently, I am keen to buy an apartment in Tseung Kwan O for my mother. I will need to pay for two apartments so I have to save up!”

Sharon is Touched by Family’s Support

While battling with illness, Sharon revealed that she was touched by her family’s support. She said, “Illness is not the scariest thing. The scariest is when there is no one at your side. I was terrified initially when I was sick, worrying that we can’t survive with zero income. It was lucky that the advertisers were so nice; they did not abandon me. After surviving this ordeal, I realize that if the family is united, there is nothing we cannot go through. My mother took care of me day and night, and my brother even bought a teddy bear to encourage me to relax. I am touched by these gestures!”

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  1. excuse me, but what’s wrong with having SLE that made her so irritated when being asked ? It’s not some kind of STD or contagious diseases.

    1. Well, it could mean that producers may not likely hire her for future work because they don’t want to be liable if something happens to her on the job. SLE is a complicated immune disorder that cause skin rashes on the face & body, AND sun sensitivity among other things. So, I can see why she would be irritated because this news can potentially harm her “rice bowl”. Hang in there Sharon, wish you all the best.

  2. feel sorry for her. she is the sole breadwinner. has to work so hard to support her family.

  3. I think she is too skinny. I don’t know why people say she has nice long legs. I think her legs is long like a chopsticks. I just watched ghetto justice 2 where a part that has her, she is like anorexia. For your health concern pls add another 10 to 20 pounds.

  4. If true I am sorry for her. It is a never ending sort of illness, and I can understand her need for privacy.

  5. Whatever happened to patients privacy rights? These hospitals lacks that basic knowledge?

    Anyway, I hole she gets better soon.

  6. good to hear shes better.. she has improved much as an actress

  7. There is no cure for this disorder. Hopefully she will recover and live a healthy life.

  8. Sharon Chan is very skinny in her body, but she has a “fat” face. I heard that she had to slim her face down for camera shooting. All artistes are like that in Hong Kong.

    1. Calling actresses “fat face”, are reasons why all actresses go for face shaving operations to make all of them look the same. Fat face, or clones who all look like Angelababy?

  9. It is really hard to be the breadwinner for the family which is why you question that for women, once you have kids, can you even afford to be a stay at home mom??

  10. Really admire Sharon for her hard work and being the sole breadwinner for her family. I wonder what happened to her dad?? She has to support her mom and brother since her dad is not around.

  11. Being in the public eye perhaps she could clarify her illness, if any, and thus prevent too much speculation in that direction. If she has SLE it will, indeed, need long treatment and I’m afraid medication that will result in a ‘moon’ or puffy face. However, treatment for SLE has come a long way and she has hopes for a cure from a good doctor. I’m glad that her family is so supportive for it can be scary when you are ill.

  12. I hope it’s not true. SLE is a very serious illness and can be quite damaging to life. But, can be cured. I know someone who has been cured of it and life a normal fruitful life now. She drank a large cup of Forever Living Aloe Vera daily. Quite costly. But, it cured her.

    1. I don’t think there’s a cure yet. It can be control with healthy lifestyle & good eating habits but I don’t think it can cure…that’s what I read.

    2. SLE is an autoimmune disease that can affect any part of the body. As occurs in other autoimmune diseases, the immune system attacks the body’s cells and tissue, resulting in inflammation and tissue damage. I have a friend who has SLE and is living a normal life but she will suffer episodes that will require hospitalisation. An episode can often be triggered by stress so for her health’s sake, I really hope that the media and all can leave her alone. There is not cure for SLE for now and the patient is on long term drugs to control the flares. I wish her well and with proper medication and care, she can enjoy a normal life. Be well, Sharon! Stay strong n the heck with the media!

    3. There is no “cured”. Every there is an episode of attack the medications are to treat the symptom not the disease itself. There is medication to take daily to ease the systemic inflammation to the body organs but over time constant inflammation and bleeding of organs will lead to failure and death. If the drink you are speaking of can really cured. You will be a billionaire.

      1. I won’t be billionaire because it’s not me who is selling it. I just mentioned it because I know someone benefited from it.

    4. When the person like your friend she is not cured but her disease is well controlled. Cured is when you can stop drinking that thing every day and it still won’t cone back.

      1. She’s my mom’s friend, so, she’s my elder. I’ll ask my mom if she’s still drinking the drink.

  13. I think the answer I want to hear from Sharon is was it worth it? 🙁

  14. I m sadden by this. If at all she is indeed a SLE patient, i hope she is brave enough to admit, face it and seek medical treatment rather than running away fr the fact. I have a dear friend who has contacted SLE. “Moon face” is the common sign as a results of medication prescribed for SLE patients. If not treated properly, many SLE patients bid goodbye at early stage of life since those signals eg. pnemonia, kidney failure, eyes and otr important organs may fail without even you realised. My piece of advice to all SLE patients – join your local SLE community and share ur experience with others to enlighten the others whats are signs of SLE attack. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

  15. She can just go marry a rich man n live a more comfortable life. Take care Sharon you’re a pretty lady.

  16. I would like to correct this article. SLE is not “contracted” it is not Like a flu or a virus like HIV. SLE is an autoimmune disease as mentioned above. As of right now there is no definite answer on what caused autoimmune disease. Usually this disease occurred more in women between the age of 18-26 causing people to believe it is contracted. As a person with an autoimmune disease. I find it disturbing that people are more concerned about how she looks instead of the SLE diagnosed . It is a serious disease and you just don’t know how hard it is to live with SLE.

  17. wow poor girl, i hope she get better and healthier soon.

  18. If my gf had legs like Sharon, I would not have to look at her face.


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