Myolie Wu Says Mandy Wong is a Player

A woman’s lifetime job is nothing more than finding a long-term food ticket! Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), who is currently in a very stable relationship with boyfriend, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), exclaimed that it is now Mandy Wong’s (黃智雯) turn to find one! While Myolie is more than happy to become Mandy’s personal matchmaker, she expressed that Mandy is more interested in playing around in the gaming world; boys only come second. Mandy immediately clarified that she is in fact very faithful and that she prefers mature men!

When Myolie and Mandy sat down for an interview with Oriental Daily, the two friends immediately became loud and could not stop laughing at their own inside jokes. They often added an “s” after their English words, such as “oks,” “hellos,” or “byes.” Mandy said that this weird speaking habit came from her, and it quickly caught on to her friends. Mandy proudly said, “I think it’s cute!”

Nervous in Front of Senior Myolie

Myolie and Mandy first met on the set of 2009’s comedy A Chip Off the Old Block <巴不得爸爸>, where Mandy starred as Myolie’s bespectacled younger sister. Myolie’s first impression of Mandy was positive. She told Mandy, “My first impression of you was that you’re well-behaved, pretty, fresh, and pure. Many newcomers have trouble with their lines; they get really nervous, do not know how to convey the right expressions, and do not put in effort in their acting. But you never had that problem. You were able to do what was expected of the role!”

Mandy responded, “I was actually really nervous! It was considered my first drama where I had the most screen time!”

It did not take long for Myolie and Mandy to become good friends. Mandy explained that when she first met Myolie, she did not dare to make too many comments. “You (Myolie) are a senior,” said Mandy. “I get so nervous when I see you sitting down, not uttering a word.” Myolie immediately refuted, “But I’m so nice!”

Myolie continued, “To be honest, I really think that there are many newcomers out there who don’t have natural talent when it comes to acting. When I first debuted, I was also really nervous. I always kept my head down; I even got yelled by a director once! But you never had that problem. Afterwards, I found out that you had a background in performing arts. That actually helps a lot.”

“Well, costars are also really important,” said Mandy. “A Chip Off the Old Block can be considered to be one of my first dramas in which I get to relax and enjoy my role.”

Mandy said that her favorite Myolie drama was Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄>. She told Myolie, “I’ve been watching your dramas since I was young! Everyone says you’re really cold and cool, but you’re not. You have infected me with your enthusiasm. You are very comfortable to hang around, and you give out such a sisterly feel!”

Myolie replied, “Because you’re silly! We all got along very well. I do not have many close friends in the circle. Besides you, there is also Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之). We keep in touch occasionally.”

Myolie, the Mentor

Along with Paisley Wu (胡蓓蔚), Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), and Nancy Wu, Myolie and Mandy established the “women’s club,” in which the girls will try to find time to have dinner together once a month. Because Myolie has been busy with dramas and jobs in mainland China, she only attended the dinner once.

Although Myolie was often absent in friends’ gatherings, Mandy consistently asked Myolie for advice. When Mandy was filming for The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, Myolie would give Mandy acting tips by going over her script. Myolie said, “I also watched L’Escargot <缺宅男女>. You became your character. You said your lines so fast!”

Mandy laughed, “You too! That’s why I must learn from you. I was so lost when I was a newcomer; you were able to answer all my nonsensical questions. I would even ask you silly questions, such as what outfit I should wear! When I was feeling stressed and unhappy, you were the first person I thought of. So I had to ask you!”

Mandy is a Player?

Myolie and Mandy had many scenes together in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>, which allowed them to spend more time together. Mandy said, “We always talked about boys, and you would always say that you would introduce me to some! You also said that if I found a marriage partner, he would have to pass through your examination first.”

Myolie revealed that despite Mandy’s quiet demeanor, she is actually very popular around men. “I kept up with the gossip concerning you and Him Law (羅仲謙). It seemed like there really was something between you two! But you said no, so I believed you. You’re really popular among the guys. I think there is a TVB PA (production assistant) who actually likes you!”

Mandy joked, “Well, sorry if I’m a goddess to so many PAs! But you have to introduce me to someone soon!”

Myolie laughed and replied, “Sagittarius people like you like to play around. Dating isn’t your type!”

Mandy quickly clarified, “I do like to hang out, but I like mature men! I’m actually very faithful!”

Hard to Keep Top Position

Myolie was the second-runner up at the 1999 Miss Hong Kong pageant, which also got her into the show business. Her debut drama was 2001’s Colourful Life <錦繡良緣>, collaborating with seniors Gigi Wong (黃淑儀) and Frankie Lam (林文龍). Myolie exclaimed that it is extremely difficult to keep her leading lady status. She said, “A senior once told me that getting up to the top is easy, but keeping it will be hard. I went through a lot to get to where I am today. I just started getting the opportunities! Halfway through my career, there was a bottleneck. I start to portray the same roles over and over again. The audience gets really picky.”

Mandy, who entered TVB after becoming a top five finalist in the 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, agreed with Myolie, and added, “My previous two roles were not likeable. I was also personally attacked and met with a lot of negative energy.”

“Me too,” said Myolie. “But there are different cases. For you, people hated you because of your role. That just means you did your job well! However, you must listen to others’ opinions and reflect on them. Keep doing that until you get praises from those who have previously criticized you. You will be unbeatable then!”

Mandy laughed, “I think you have really high EQ! But acting cannot be forced.”

Myolie said, “It took me many years to grasp it. Seniors like Damian Lau (劉松仁) and Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) also taught me a lot. When I earned a lot of praises from my performance in Golden Faith <流金歲月>, it got me feeling slightly complacent. I told myself, ‘so this isn’t so hard!’ But no one told me that the future would be even more difficult.”

Myolie Supports Mandy for Most Improved Actress Award

Well-known for her “quail-girl” role in Suspects in Love <搜下留情> and her aggressive housewife role in L’Escargot, Mandy is a popular contender for this year’s Most Improved Actress Award. Myolie expressed her support for Mandy, and praised, “You’re a very flexible actress! You can be a housewife, an obedient girl, and a silly girl. I hope you will be able to try many different roles in the future! Having only one image is very boring. I support you for this year’s Most Improved Actress Award! You were amazing in L’Escargot! Being able to let go of everything in your acting is already halfway to success!”

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  1. haha i just read this full interview and it’s so funny!! i love the friendship between the 4.. like nancy, sharon, myolie and mandy ^_^ sometimes myolie seem like those quiet, shy girls but when she’s around them, she’s so loud and funny!

  2. I shudder at the thought of Myolie the mentor. But it may break down Mandy’s “cold” performances and make her more emotional in some sense.

    1. Funn,
      Myolie seems to mentor Mandy more about the course of acting as a career, not necessary give her tips on acting delivery.

      Both are equally important. Even with the right skills, but the wrong EQ, it is difficult to face the pressure. Myolie is right, praises will be showered in the beginning if an actress shows promise, but staying on top is difficult.

      How to make personal breakthrough and continue to evolve in acting is a difficult issue. This is as much a technical issue as well as breaking through emotional barriers in acting.

      What Myolie can mentor Mandy on are the emotional successes and failures that she has experienced, which are very helpful.

      1. “What Myolie can mentor Mandy on are the emotional successes and failures that she has experienced, which are very helpful.”

        But isn’t this the reason why Myolie is less liked these days? Her over emphasis on the injustice served on her when she thought she has given successful performances? In other words her inability to deal with failures?

      2. Funn,
        “But isn’t this the reason why Myolie is less liked these days? Her over emphasis on the injustice served on her when she thought she has given successful performances? In other words her inability to deal with failures?”

        From Myolie’s acceptance speech at last year’s TVB Anniversary, we know that she is not that eloquent. The bad buzz after her declaration that she “deserved” the award because of her hard efforts can be interpreted as a statement of humility, rather than what she felt she had deserved.

        I interpreted her admission as she had created those emotional barriers for herself because of the early buzz surrounding her career. She put in efforts to gain all that weight for “To Grow With Love” and her exposure in media exposure was at an all-time high, however she fell much harder after that.

        I think she was trying to say that she worked herself up to such high expectations, yet she had to deal with a much greater failure after “To Grow With Love” in which she was emotionally unprepared for. Suddenly, all the criticisms about her “gwing” look surfaced.

        Myolie doesn’t come across as someone who acts as if she is entitled. She appears to be a hard working actress and I think it is more her ambition which made the Best Actress Award become more significant to her professional goals.

        If Myolie were unable to deal with failures, she would not have lasted so long in the industry.

      3. “If Myolie were unable to deal with failures, she would not have lasted so long in the industry.”

        But compared to other actresses she had an easy ride so far. I am not saying she is arrogant in feeling entitled but from her speech she does feel entitled in the sense she feels her reward does not commensurate with her effort. What she doesn’t understand is effort is a very subjective term.

      4. award obsessed Myolie said Bosco help her emotional mental to deal with the stress before ROFL.

        Mandy need a bf LOL

      5. The gwing criticism appeared after Master of Taichi, noy To grow with love, Jayne.

      6. And too bad tavia already snatched up Him Him.

        Hmm… Mandy’s pic above reminds me of Denise Ho, if u know what I mean.

      7. LOL Funn cannot. Bosco already bodyguard for award obsessed woman to heal her during stress. Mandy should find her own bodyguard cum personal emotional healer. Too bad cutie himhim snatched by TY.

      8. TY snatched himhim but there are more potential bf for Mandy

      9. Bodyguard? Help emotional mental? Myolie isn’t Linda in WI 😛 She has high EQ and can be a good mentor to Mandy. If she doesn’t have high EQ, she would’ve crumbled long ago under the gwing insults

      10. i gather that Myolie was just sharing that she had high hopes on that TGWL nomination and then fell flat. it was a lesson learnt by her. she wasn’t saying that she deserve the award. she didn’t need to share this but her admission will help others who may have the same feeling or experience that they are not alone and that not to expect too much. i applaud her courage to say this. i am sure many who are nominated wished/hoped they win the award that they are nominated and felt that they deserved it. but do they dare to disclose that feeling?

        and yes, her speech last year was not smooth. maybe caught off-guard to clinch it since she won that fav character award. didn’t think she will win both i guess, like many of us. so a bit not right frame of mind? i don’t know.

        anyways, i hope Mandy wins the most improved.

      11. Pearl,
        “i gather that Myolie was just sharing that she had high hopes on that TGWL nomination and then fell flat. it was a lesson learnt by her. she wasn’t saying that she deserve the award.”

        I agree with your viewpoint. However, other fans did interpret Myolie as being desperate for TVB award, in which her admission was regarded as a sense of entitlement for being rewarded for her hard efforts in “To Grow With Love.”

      12. Well, out of the current fadans, Tavia and Myolie are the oldest in terms of experience. However, I don’t seem them the mentoring type. Leave it to Felix, lol He’s known for his wise advice.

        On a different note, to me, Myolie cares a lot about awards. I thought her reaction to winning MFFC last year was…what’s the word?…undeserving. I guess she thought she lost her chance to win BA bc it’s rare that an actress grabs both awards.

    2. What’s wrong with Myolie the mentor? Myolie has went through a lot before she got to her top spot today. She can be a great mentor to Mandy

  3. I think Myolie is still closest to Nancy Wu, as they traveled to Thailand (?) together in the past. Myolie seems to get along well enough with her costars, but she gives me the impression that while she is friendly, she may not trust people easily.

    Myolie’s earlier interview regarding her unhappy childhood growing up in a divorced family is quite telling.

    1. yup… wotever happened to the earlier stories that she was pretty close friends with yip suen ( michelle), cause they both grew up in divorced families and have a step mom kinda thing…

  4. They’re so cute! Both are my fav actress at all time 🙂

  5. I really like them both. 🙂

    It’s good to have someone to lean on for support.

  6. Mandy had dramas aired one after another: L’escargot, The Hippocratic Crush and Sergeant Tabloid (overseas) earlier in the year, and now she has Tiger Cubs which is raking in very high ratings. Although all modern roles, I think she has taken her acting to another level, being able to portray a housewife to an inspector. Not exactly my favourite actress but I certainly think she deserves Most Improved.

  7. Either Mandy or JJ will win the most improved actress this year. I put my bet on Mandy although I like both. Mandy’s acting is solid. She has future.

  8. Like a number of the actors I took to Mandy the first time I saw her act. She didn’t strike me as beautiful but that seemed not to matter. I liked her especially in Ghetto Justice where she was not only Si Fu’s companion and helper but once in a way acted as her conscience. She also did well in Home Troopers. I do hope she wins a prize this year.

  9. I definitely think Mandy deserves to win most improved. I’ve enjoyed every single series she’s been in since I first saw her in Suspects in Love. She was especially excellent in L’Escargot. If you can make people hate you for your character, that means you’ve done a great job.

    1. i actually hope she gets best supporting actress somewhere next year or so. winning most improved this year may mean she won’t compete with nancy/selena/sharon chan/kate in the near 3-5 years for best actress

  10. Her acting has definitely improved a lot over the last few years since she debuted in Suspects in Love. I admit I didn’t particularly like her in that series partially because of her character but ever since then I have grown to like her more and more. She is a definite favourite to win the Most Improved Actress Award this year and she deserves it.
    On a side note, I personally think that she and Him Law are a better match appearance wise. Wonder if Him ever considered her at all?

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