Kevin Cheng Worn Out By “Ip Man” Martial Arts Scenes

Who knew that Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) would end up being one of Hong Kong’s highest-paid actors within a year? Just a year and a half ago, the 43-year-old actor was struggling to make a name for himself – his dramas were not well-received, his work output was low, and he failed to sign with a reliable music label to realize his singing dreams. However, in 2011, Kevin suddenly became an overnight sensation with his role as “Law Ba” in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>. A few months later, Kevin’s popularity traveled to mainland China after starring in the highly successful time traveling drama, Bu Bu Jin Xin <步步惊心>. His popularity increased tenfold.

Kevin Cheng Looked Tired and Stressed on the Set of “Ip Man”

However, earning big money came with a hefty price. Earlier this week, Kevin was caught filming Ip Man in an elusive film studio on Kunshan, a small city that is an hour away from Shanghai. Having to film nonstop action scenes for several days under the 36 degrees Celsius weather, Kevin looked exhausted. He consistently smoked to relieve stress and the script never left his hands. Filming the action scenes was also tough as Kevin has no martial arts background. It took him over an hour to complete just one camera angle and one Wing Chun move.

An insider revealed, “Besides the attractive price, the drama’s production is also grand scale. Many big actors wanted the role, but the producers decided to choose Kevin. Kevin really wants his own representative work, so no matter how difficult it would be, he’s still willing to do it.”

Kevin, who is born with high blood pressure, has to take consistent medication. Doing such vigorous and intense martial arts scenes for long hours everyday can be harmful to his health. “Kevin is always checking his blood pressure and eats very carefully,” the insider said. “His mother is actually very worried about him. She’s scared that he’ll get sick.”

Kevin Cheng Becomes Highest Paid TVB Actor

After accepting the lead role as “Ip Man” for the mainland Chinese television adaptation of the iconic martial arts hero, Kevin’s price rose from $200,000 RMB per episode to $300,000 RMB per episode, pocketing $7 million RMB for the drama.  Kevin reportedly earned $36.03 million between 2011 and 2012, making him the highest-paid TVB actor of the year.

A friend of Kevin revealed, “His mother is helping Kevin to look for a new place to stay. He wants to buy two residential units – one for himself and one for his mother.”

Moses Chan and Raymond Lam Drop to Second and Third Place

Within a year, Kevin’s money-earning capabilities have superseded his TVB colleagues, Moses Chan (陳豪) and Raymond Lam (林峯), who were the top earners in 2010. According to Next Magazine, the role that brought Kevin his fame, Bu Bu Jing Xin’s “Eighth Prince,” was actually originally offered Moses. However, Moses decided to turn down the role due to his busy schedule.

Nonetheless, Moses’ remains as one of Hong Kong’s highest-paid television actors. He is currently second after Kevin, earning $10.08 million HKD. Third on the list is Raymond Lam, who earned $8.29 million HKD.

Source:  Next Magazine #1172 via

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  1. He never gave me the impression he was very athletic in the first place.

    1. KC give me an impression he’s famine and not well fed LOL.

    2. i always knew that there was a hidden kung pao master in him lol

    3. Wow so many haters who are jealous of KC’s success LOL

  2. Having an unfit person perform martial arts is like having an over weight person doing gymnastics.

      1. dd-way too soon. And Anthony Wong is hardly overweight.

    1. Don’t worry. I’m sure body doubles with great martial arts will be hired for KC 😀

      1. So where is the authencity? Did I just see Donnie Yen raise his eyebrows? I mean the fact that he did means even Donnie is displeased and no one screws with Donnie!!

    1. Many many artists smoke so it should not be a shock that he does.

    2. Not surprised. A lot of chinese actors, especially those in China smoke like a chimney.

    3. Gross? I dont condone smoking but it’s surprising coz you guys talk like you’ve never know anyone who smoke in your life.

    4. Nothing wrong with that. At least he does not pretend. Better make more $ while you can. Actors/actresses are like products – they have a shelve life

  3. he should stop smoking, since he suppose to be healthy n fit and he also had high blood pressure. Hope he can make it thru filming the series.

  4. I wonder if he cn pull this off. He cant even impress me in gloves come off so, nahh.

      1. Bosco has really dark lips so he definitely smoke for a long time already.

      2. dark lips = smokes?? Not yellow teeth/nails?

        Everybody smokes. But does Kenneth smoke? Tavia?

      3. Bosco is a heavy smoker. He was caught with 3 cigarettes in 1 hours by reporters.

        Ruco Chan and Raymond Wong are also a smokers.

    1. I remember I read frm a prev article tells that Kevin was a chain smoker. Then a few which I knew who smoke were Raymond Wong , Ruco , Michael Tse…

      1. Kevin has always been a heavy chain smoker. He tried to quit but failed. Charmaine also smokes. Michael Miu and Evergreen Mak too.

      2. It is not only the ones that you mentioned. Many of them smoke due to the stress of work. For some reason, smoking helps them relax. Can’t they find other ways to relieve stress and relax besides smoking??

      3. Damn KC is already stick thin. Smoking like a chimney will make him forever a stick. He already look small beside the voluptous and curvateous Christine Kuo

      4. “Can’t they find other ways to relieve stress and relax besides smoking?”

        Eating is one way, exercising is another. Smoking also helps them stay slim.

  5. I cannot believe that they were going to give Moses the of Ba Ah Ge in BBJX?? Thank goodness he turned it down and Kevin got it instead.

    Fame and fortune does come with a price. I did not know that he was born with high blood pressure. Hope he takes good care of himself regardless of the busy schedule. I also hope that his efforts will pay off. I think Kevin will surprise us all so I hope that everyone will give him a chance.

    1. Don’t believe it. Never heard Moses was ever in the radar. I suppose many actors were considered but who was actually offered the role is another matter.

      1. I had a feeling that it was not true. Moses does not fit in any of the roles in BBJX.

    2. Moses as 8th Prince??? Thank God it didn’t happen or else BBJX could have failed.

      Kevin as 8th and Nicky as 4th Prince, perfect signature roles for both of them.

      Kevin should have taken at least a 1-month break/rest period before starting on IM cause he was filming non-stop after BBJX. Born with a natural health condition, he has to take extra care and more selective in his sporting activities. At least he has chosen tennis, and that’s good.

      1. LOL. I cant picture Moses as 8th prince. KC did a really great job portraying as 8th Prince – same for Nicky. Plus, the scenes were shot beautifully.

  6. “According to Next Magazine, the role that brought Kevin his fame, Bu Bu Jing Xin’s “Eighth Prince,” was actually originally offered Moses. However, Moses decided to turn down the role due to his busy schedule.”

    I doubt the authenticity of this news. During the BBJX craze, I have search the net for the reason for the choice of Kevin has 8th Prince. What I read is the producer as Kevin with role he wants to play between 8th and 4th. Kevin replied that either role is ok.

    1. I doubt it. I heard it was Wallace Huo and I suppose it is Wallace as 8th prince from what I understand. Never heard Moses was ever in the radar. Kevin was already set but not to which role.

      And Kevin suited 8th perfectly. That is his signature role.

      1. Irritating maybe, handsome definitely. And he can act which is a good thing.

    2. LOL. Next Magazine is infamous for fake scandalous info.

    3. Moses , he is not even good looking. The only plus in him is the height. Which lots of hk actors dont hv.

  7. Moses made less in TV, but I read in another article that he made around 30M in ads, openings etc. It goes for LF as well, he makes more money outside of TV.

    1. 30 Millions for an ads? Impossible for Txb artists. 300k is more reasonable. Moses’s function fee is said to be 300-500 per functions and an ads may bring him 500-800k per year.

  8. He looks stressed in that photo.. very exhausted too. hope he’ll take care of his health.

  9. Yes, it’s obvious he certainly needs a break, what with travelling lately to Singapore for the StarHub Awards. He’s just doing too much and I dope he realizes it. Any mother would worry her heart out to see him like that. No wonder he does want any encumbraces like a girl friend to add to this. However, he’s a fighter and I hope all goes well with him in the end. He was sought out by Lee Guo Li who remembered him in The Siblings and wannted him for either role, as 4th or 8th brother. He certainly made the right choice. Let’s give Kevin our support and hope he makes Ip Man memorable.

    1. “hope he makes Ip Man memorable.”

      And hopefully in a good way.

  10. Yes, Funn, hopefully “in a good way”, as you say. Come on, Funn, don’t be so pessimistic about the man, he’ll make it, you just wait and see.

    1. I am not being pessimistic. I am being realistic. On a good day he is at best a mediocre actor. Now with some martial arts thrown into it, I am afraid his punches will lack power, figuratively and literally. I am in no doubt the reason he was cast in this series is purely commercial.

  11. So let me sum it up here:

    He is wimpy, frail, a smoker with bad breath and at 43 years of age. And he is the number one heartthrob in HK right now?

    Boy, talk about an inverse universe. LOL!

  12. So, you really live up to your name, “Terminator” but let me tell you that you are the one who stinks right now and arguing with you will be just a waste of good time.

    1. Wow, psycho fans who take every comment about their idol personally.

      That’s OK. I just want to exercise my rights to speak here like everyone else and not really looking for an argument especially with mental lightweights

  13. Speaking about Moses being considered for either lead actor in BBJX I don’t think that’s true as the director for the series had considered Kevin right from the beginning as he had seen him in The Siblings and wanted him specially for either 4th or 8th prince. The director is Li Guo Li. And as Funn has pointed out, the role of 8th just so suited Kevin.

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