Episodic Thoughts: Ghetto Justice (Episode 11)

Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>
TVB Series 2011

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Sam Lee, Eddie Kwan, Mandy Wong, Jazz Lam, Joyce Tang, Shek Shau, and others.


Remarks : This is a watch-as-I-write-from-memory episodic thought (a combination of episode summaries, reviews & critical analysis episode per episode) and therefore please take note that this write-up will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for this particular episode and some creative license was used when recreating certain scenes or dialogue. Please refrain from revealing future SPOILERS in this episode.

The Prosecutor versus Ko Wing Leung

The case : The murder of Yam Yuen Yuen, stepsister of Ko Wing Leung
Counsel for the state : The prosecutor, No Name aka Nameless
Defense : Law Ba (Lead counsel), Kris Wong

Nameless should have a name because tonight Nameless was awesome! Anyway there shall be an end to this case tonight.

But first, some essential I-am-a-lawyer-torn-between-duty-and-conscience scene.

Kris in Auntie King’s shop, eating noodle but not really concentrating, thinking hard when her mother and siblings asked if she was ok and she asked them to sit and said “Mother, if a mother killed someone and hid the evidence and yet the son is charged, do you think it is ok to shift the blame to the mother to help save the son?” and her mom said “Yes of course” and Kris asked “What if… what if Yuen is in love with Tim.. no no listen first.. what if Yuen is in love with Tim but Tim did not reciprocate, Yuen went and dated someone bad and Tim became angry and accidentally killed her, you as mother hid the evidence, then do you think it is ok to shift the blame to you to save Tim?” and immediately Tim the brother said “Sis, Leung will never agree with your way” and Kris shocked said “You knew who I was talking about?” and Tim said “It is in the papers” and Kris looked at Auntie King who said “It can’t be that way” and Kris said “But just now you said…” and Auntie King said “This situation is different. You know Mrs Yam is innocent, how can you blame an innocent person of a crime she never committed? It doesn’t matter if in the end she is not charged, her life is tainted.

You’re a lawyer, you’re supposed to upright what is justice and it isn’t justice to blame Mrs Yam just so to get off Leung” and Kris now had to ponder more.

Law Ba at a road side stall, drinking lots of alcohol and in his mind he saw that creepy dead brother said “The police was hounding me, my friends left me, the society shunned me…” and he felt deep remorse and drank some more.


I was telling my family about my theory of a more serious crime to change a person’s perspective 360 degrees and they agreed but also added “Well, a better actor would have made it more convincing” which you know, is true.


I seriously could not remember what happened to Law Ba at the road side stall. I think Kris went to see him or something. The next I remember is Kris, Law Ba and assistants went to see Mrs Yam and looking for a shard of glass or anything that can remotely hit Yuen Yuen’s neck at that distance. They searched and searched and searched until Mrs Leung refused to give up and finally they saw something shiny, reflecting light on a painting.

In court, Kris does the questioning. Why? Because Law Ba is the lead counsel and he will do the most important thing of all; summarising the evidence. Anyway Kris said “The prosecution says this is a case of a crime of passion; of an illicit incestuous affair between step siblings, when the victim refused to reciprocate the accused’s love, he killed her, backed by the evidence of the CD. The CD proves a recording was made, the sticker only proves someone stuck the I Love You on it and nothing more. The truth is far simpler; the defence will offer evidence to show it was a sad case of an accident” and so she used the TV and well… showed where each party was standing in the house, etc and said “As you can see, directly behind the victim is the painting, and it is my submission that it was an accident because a piece of glass was embedded in the painting” and so she wanted to tender in the painting which of course Nameless immediately stood up and objected, strenuously. Painting was allowed, showed to the jury and Nameless rightfully objected again to the admissibility because let’s face it, anyone could have inserted the glass he said. Kris angry said “Is the prosecution implying the defence fabricated evidence and therefore breached professional ethics? I demand the prosecution apologise!” which prosecution said “I apologise for the offence caused but my objection stands” and rightfully so and the judge concluded the evidence is circumstantial, not direct evidence which means the jury can accept or ignore, depends on how persuaded they are by that piece of evidence.

Pause here.

Shouldn’t some experts do the explaining of that glass thing? If it can be calculated and proven, it is evidence but direct evidence is far fetch. Could have been any glass, could have been anywhere. And this scene, Myolie was awful. Why? She talked way too fast. In fact she was rushing her lines. Nameless was far far better. Nameless deserves a name.


Law Ba was worried since it is back to square one. So he said to Mr Yam “Mr Yam, you have to testify” and Mr Yam seems reluctant as Kris asked “Don’t you want to help Leung? All you need to be is a character witness for Leung, to testify what sort of a son he is” and Mr Yam couldn’t bring himself to answer as he tearfully left the room and Mrs Yam ran after him. After all, his daughter died! In fact someone asked me why Law Ba so unemotional since a young girl did die tragically and I said well, she is not the accused. What is there to be emotional over an accidental death? In court, Mr Yam as witness. Kris asked “Mr Yam, what is your opinion of the accused?” and Mr Yam answered “Honestly, he is a good boy. He loves his mother very much and he has always shown respect to me. I married his mother and therefore treated him as my own son, he has never asked me for money, he has integrity and honour” and Kris asked “How would you describe his relationship with Yuen Yuen?” and Mr Yam said “He protected her, loved her as his own sister, they were close” and Kris asked “Do you think he killed Yuen Yuen?” which Law Ba looked at Mr Yam as Mr Yam struggled to answer “Believe me, when I first heard of what he is accused of, the moment I saw him in the lockup, I slapped him. But then I thought he couldn’t have done it. Then I heard the revelation in court and I was very angry, but most of all I was very disappointed. I thought how can my son changed so much, he is not the boy I once knew. I refused to testify for him, thinking he was the murderer. But as I calmed down and thought it out, I thought he couldn’t have done it. He was not that sort of a man. If you ask me, I’d rather believe it was all an accident, just my Yuen Yuen’s bad luck to have died the way she did. I want my son back; I believe in my son; in my heart I knew he didn’t kill Yuen Yuen, I believe in his innocence” and Mr Yam cried as he said these and Mrs Yam cried and Leung cried as he said “Father…”. Even the jury cried. Even Mrs Leung cried. Even I cried. Well I didn’t cry, my tears are dry after the whole BBJX non stop crying but I nearly cried.

Now what would Nameless say? Don’t know because not shown! NOT FAIR!!! Come on, do also do 100%. I wanna know what Nameless will do!!!


Summation. Law Ba’s turn.

“My Lord, members of the jury, this is a very sad case. It is a case of an accidental death, no more, no less. The accused Ko Wing Leung out of sheer anger when he found out his sister, the victim was still seeing a man who wasn’t good to her threw a glass and a piece of glass accidentally flew to her neck and killed her. The prosecution says murder! We say accident. More so when the accused called the police himself! If he did killed her, why would he stay? Logic dictates he would have run, but he didn’t. The CD proves nothing. I believe in the goodness in a person. Why is it that we can believe such an awful crime could be committed when we can’t accept it could have been an accident? Everyday, people die of mundane reasons, people die of extraordinary circumstances. It happens; this is such a case. The accused as testified by the victim’s father is a good boy; raised singlehandedly by his widowed mother, she at last found happiness when she married Mr Yam and the accused knew that. They were a happy family; do not destroy what is left of that. Believe in the goodness of my client; believe that it is an accident because to believe otherwise will not only destroy my client, but destroy this happy family. Return him to his family; preserve what is good in this world and find my client not guilty of murder.”

He sat down, Kris looked at him proudly and he looked back curiously.

Pause here.

What Law Ba is sorta saying is between murder and accident, believe it was an accident. He has no evidence to support this apart from character reference from Mr Yam the father of the victim and that painting with the glass. This is to say jury please just believe it is accident because otherwise will destroy the family. Sounds like a good summation? Actually it is just empty words. Because Mr Prosecutor would have countered that by saying we are talking evidence, not it is better to let him go than to detain him sort of argument. Even the judge will direct the jury to look at the evidence and not see within themselves to believe he is innocent rather than guilty. Frankly I didn’t quite like the summation. It was begging on emotional level but at the end their defence is pretty weak. The father could have testified out of desperation, out of love for Mrs Yam and the idea of already 1 child dead, better not lose 2 children sort of thing. Which is why a small scene if an expert (guest starring Wayne Lai) would have been excellent and more persuasive. Just imagine Wayne and his ipad connected to the big TV and doing the explanation. But since at that time Forensic Heroes III not yet broadcast, Bobby Au Yeung will do.


Outside court, reporters rushed towards Yam family and yeah yeah yeah, Leung won.

“Mr Ko, how do you feel about the not guilty charge?” and well what can he say except “I am very happy with the verdict. But I still feel responsible for my sister’s death and I shall repay my debt by being filial to my mother and my father..” and reporter asks Mr Yam “How do you feel?” and yeah how ah since you know your daughter died and Mr Yam said “I am happy at the verdict. I am glad I have my son back. My daughter died an unfortunate death but I am happy my son is back on my side” and Mrs Yam how do you feel? “I don’t know what to say except I like to say thank you, thank you very much to Barristers Law and Wong for saving my son!” and they rushed to Law Ba and Kris and this is the sort of moment Kris has been dreaming of her whole life and Law Ba stepped behind and let her take the limelight and she did as she was asked “Barrister Wong, other lawyers said there is no way to win this case and yet you and Barrister Law won it. What was the strategy?” and I was thinking haven’t you all been following the damn trial?! And she smiled, stood straighter and said as Law Ba smiled “The only strategy there is; I believe in the goodness of people. This case is a case of an accident and no more. The only strategy is to tell this truth and win an acquittal for my client. However, it would not have been possible without the brilliant closing by Barrister Law, credit goes to him as well” and Law Ba smiled, surprised she is willing to share the limelight.

At the centre, celebration! And Teng and Jing arrived, Teng getting better after the acid attack. Kris thanked Mrs Leung for her dedication and Mrs Leung said her favourite quote which I don’t want to repeat anymore. King Kong who is one of the social worker arrived and placed a cake on the table and said the SSP cake guy gave this to Law Ba to congratulate him and Kris now no longer the pariah was also thanked by other members of SSP. She smiled happily and Law Ba sensing the moment has come smeared her face with the cream from the cake. Everybody became silent as Kris gave her death stare at Law Ba as he smiled and said “Oh come on, it’s a joke! Very funny! No? Come on, you’re upset?!” and Kris walked to Law Ba who was becoming quite alarmed at the way she was staring at him and she suddenly grabbed his face with her palms, rubbed her face across his so that his becomes smeared with cream and hers lesser and she walked away jumping with joy at the prank played back at Law Ba as Law Ba was so shocked he could not say anything as Auntie King said “Aiyah daughter, you’re always too playful!!” and Teng and George rushed to Law Ba and held him and asked “You ok?” and Law Ba looked back at Kris and Kris gave him a smile and a wink sort of and he faintly said “I am going to faint”which he did, pretending to faint.

Pause here.

Woahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Kris made the first move and a very serious one! You have to see this scene to believe it. Law Ba was funny, the way he was too shocked for words. At first I thought how ungentlemanly he was but really funny scene. Kris has always admired him, although she couldn’t understand why he became Law Ba instead of being Law Lik Ah but after his closing, she looked at him differently.


Law Ba and Kris in her car, saw Leung and Mrs and Mr Yam happily going for a drink. Kris said “You were right to dismiss my strategy. Look at them now, a family again” and Law Ba said “Repay me with dinner then!” and Kris said “Ok”.

At home, George came back and shocked, he saw Law Ba ironing a white shirt and singing!! He was singing a Theresa Teng song if I remember correctly. Anyway George said “Cousin, are you ironing?!” and Law Ba said “I have dinner with Kris” and George said “A date?” and Law Ba denied it, it was just Kris buying Law Ba dinner for the case. Meanwhile George said “But aren’t you going to Mrs Leung’s home for the dinner? She did invite use!” but Law Ba said “No not going, you go..” and he suddenly rushed into his room, very messy, dig up a bottle of cognac filled with dust, dusted it off, gave to George and said “Give this to her. This was from your father”.

Meanwhile at Kris’ home, Silvia saw Kris rummaging through her wardrobe and Kris excitedly said “Do you think this one is ok? Or this?” and Silvia said “Isn’t it just a dinner with Law Lik Ah? So now he is your idol again?” and Kris stopped dead on her tracks as Silvia said “Moreover are we talking of the same Law Lik Ah here? He probably will bring you to some roadside stall. Jeans and shirt will be more suitable, so that any man spitting next to you you can just jump up and run” and Kris thought about it.

George at Mrs Leung’s place. Her MIL complaining as usual, and when George arrived bearing gifts, she looked at him disgusted, as usual. Left to play mahjong but said “I will be back very soon!” as if these two will jump into bed or something. Anyway they had a good time with the children, eating prawns, crab, etc.

Meanwhile, Law Ba led Kris into that club fancy restaurant and funnily, Law Ba was in his finest suit and white shirt looking rather sharp and handsome and Kris in JEANS AND SWEATER BLOUSE!!! She didn’t look that bad but obviously underdressed as Kris said “Why didn’t you tell me you’re bringing me here? I am so underdressed!” as Law Ba said “You look fine! I just thought you are always those who like such restaurants so I brought you here. Look, never mind, you do look great!” and they sat down at a very long table (too long for my taste!) one at each end when they were interrupted by PK and his lover boy, Victor. I cannot understand why PK said what he said or the relevance of this waste of time scene but anyway he said they were sitting at their usual table but since they didn’t book, never mind and to Kris he told the waiter to bring his personal wine for her to drink which pleased Kris immensely. Do remember, PK is still the guy Kris wanted to impress and he is like royalty. PK left and Victor don’t know why he said what he said and I can’t remember what he said but he said something like insulting to Law Ba who managed to deflect it and Victor looked red faced. He left and Kris was smiling very happily when she said “You know, PK’s wine is very very high quality. Better order something as high quality to eat it with” and suddenly waiter arrived, gave Kris a menu and placed the main course on the table as Kris said “I haven’t ordered yet” and waiter said Law Ba ordered already and Kris scanned the menu, I can only remember Tiramisu but apparently the rest as high class indicative of Law Ba having good taste. Kris was pleased as she said “Hmmm… very good choices” as Law Ba smiled and said “In the past I always had these although I never thought much about them but now even if I want to I rarely have them…” as Kris smiled since she doesn’t mind, she is buying him dinner as I think she said “It does look as if this is like a date” as Law Ba said slowly “Luckily it is not because if it is I can’t afford it! But… if this is a date, a man never lets a woman pay on a date…” as he drank his wine and looked at Kris who looked back and smiled and said “Well then, thank you for this dinner” and he smiled happily.

Meaning it is a date!

Teng came home and one side heard Law Ba in shower and singing DORAEMON SONG!!! That was funny. Then came George who was singing some opera song!!! Teng told George about Law Ba’s weird behaviour, they sneaked into the bathroom and recorded Law Ba wiggling his butt to Doraemon song! Law Ba chased them to the living room wrapped in a tiny towel which Law Ba grabbed in one hand as the other tried to grab Teng and with his glistening wet body with that tiny towel covering his very private parts, Teng said “Wahhhhh friend, your little bird isn’t so little!”

Pause here.

I apologise for the rather full recap of the small tiny towel wrapped around.. you know what, you know what I mean! But what Teng said was oooooh la la! And yes, Kevin seems to be at least half naked in every single role isn’t it? Only this time I was thinking TOWEL DROP TOWEL DROP TOWEL DROP


Teng said “So you like Wong Si Fu eh?” and Law Ba loudly said “Yes, I like her, so what?!” and George said “So… she will hear this for herself!” and he produced a second recording and Law Ba was like WHAT?! and again chased after them whilst his glistening wet body is wrapped in a tiny towel. He could work out a bit more though but well, think of the mantra, TOWEL DROP TOWEL DROP TOWEL DROP.



Ok, where was I? I can only remember the colourful patterns of the towel for now. Oh, on Teng.

Somewhere in the towel (DROP! DROP! DROP!) scene, his friends did say to Teng why he never asked Jing out when he was on MC, instead he was hugging his case files. So Teng thought why not? One time Jing came by and helped him to put cream on his burnt back when he suddenly asked “Why don’t we go watch a movie?” and Jing never one to errr ermmmmm ehhhh ahhhh said “Ok”. So they went, watched some craptastic looking French film, she loved it and when they were walking out she said “Why don’t we watch another one?” and so they did. Basically had a great first date night. In the taxi Jing was asleep, her head on Teng’s shoulder when they arrived at her place and the taxi fella looked at Teng and the sleeping beauty on his shoulder said “Why don’t I drive a few more rounds? Like those romantic movies always show?” and Teng smiled eagerly and agreed. So round and round they went on the deserted streets when Jing woke up but remained as she was, enjoying the comfort of Teng’s shoulder when the taxi almost hit the van in front and she can’t pretend to sleep anymore. They arrived at her place and she saw to her shock the taxi fare was over HKD200 and she exclaimed “Taxi sir, we came from Tsim Tsa Tsui and now to Shum Shui Po and the fare is over $200?!” and the driver explained “Of course, you were sleep, this man didn’t want to wake up so we did a few rounds” and Jing looked slightly embarrassed as Teng shyly said “He is just earning a living, it’s ok” and Jing looked at Teng in a new light.

Pause here.

TST to SSP isn’t too far. I was told the last time I was in Tai Tsui Kok and went to SSP and the fare was about $20 plus.

TTK is nearby TST so the fare was around that. Meaning she must have slept for a very long time.


NEXT EPISODE new case, new murder, George hiding something and a picture of.. LAU DAN?! Huh?

Story wise, no comment since I already stated all I did. However this episode is memorable for the face cream wiped face on face scene, that towel (DROP! DROP!) scene and Kevin Cheng shower singing. Yes it was very very funny. He’s not a bad singer, since he released albums before but let’s just say he should stick to acting which he isn’t the best at but at least better at it. Kevin does take off his clothes at least once per series on average? Now this time it is more than just shirt. Pants also off and just with a towel (DROP! DROP!). And Sam’s line was rather funny, the thing about his bird. And if you don’t understand what is bird in chinese, well… I know you know what I know you know that I know you know what I am saying, correct? X rated! X rated!! No wonder the series got rated 18 by our censors even if the censors cut out the majorly good scenes I suspect. But they probably didn’t know what bird meant. I didn’t notice the malay translation though. Next time I will. Oh worst scene? Closing argument and that finger pointing and all. I just don’t like the finger pointing but seriously the delivery was ok. What is lacking though is the prosecutor’s perspective. Nameless, thou shall not see the day!!

Ahhh Kevin, looking… is it dapper? Ok dapper in that suit.

Myolie, she’s ok except for that court room scene. Why is she talking so fast? How fast? Normally,

“Mr Yam, what is your opinion of the accused?”

With Myolie,

“Mr Yam, whatisyouropinionoftheaccused?

And I was thinking, Myolie, what’s the rush? Going somewhere? Slow down!!!!!!! Worst courtroom Q&A ever but did she point? Can’t remember. Other than that, ok even if her stares at Kevin was OTT at best.

Mr Prosecutor aka Nameless aka the actor was rather good. Very convincing as the tough as nails prosecutor and he gives me an impression he is a senior prosecutor with the tough way he talks.

UPDATES – Thanks to Kidd for giving Nameless a name and a face. The actor is Yeung Shui Lun, and the picture is here although he is older in GJ.

Everyone else, NO COMMENT since nothing bad to say. But Eddie Kwan again missing.

Now.. Savio Tsang… his scene in the court room was almost perfect if not for god awful Myolie

“IAMINARUSHTOFINISHTHISLINESOICANJUSTSITDOWNANDJUSTACTISUPPOSE” Wu. It was heartfelt the way he said it; his tears, his anger, his disbelief; a great witness if there is one. Again one thing missing, prosecutor’s perspective.

And so I conclude this recap with a few observations of things WE WILL NEVER EVER GET TO SEE;


2. Myolie Wu without 3 inches thick foundation/powder

3. Law Ba shaving

4. a name for the prosecutor

5. plea bargaining

6. prosecutor actually having more to do than just object etc although this series did well with the objections for this Ko

Wing Leung case

7. Law Ba walking into the prosecutor’s office for discussion

8. Victor arguing in a case

9. Forensic experts

10. Experts of any kind.

That’s about it.

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at Point2e.com.

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  1. @funn: I love this ep. The way Kris look at law ba, she wanna kill him. After that, it’s was really funny and romantic face to face 🙂

    The dorremone song was amazing!!! You have to watch ‘ today VIP’. The 4 guys give really funny interview and explain the doremon song. You have to watch that!!! Really nice.

    I watch this drama again on my iPhone. With my headset and hd quality, I think I’m in love with Kevin. Always love him before. But in this drama, he looks so comfortable and so natural. He really likes the role as law ba. Watch ‘today VIP’ of TVB and you will find out 🙂

    Good job funn!!!

  2. Wow, I guess it’s safe to say Funn enjoyed this episode. Imagine if the show was in 3-D, u can try to grab that tiny towel yourself. 😀

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