Hilary Tsui, Sam Lee, and Grace Yip Victims of Drug Scandal?

Above: Hilary Tsui is one of the suspects in the celebrity drug scandal.

Kenny Wong’s (黃浩) disclosure that a group of celebrities were caught on tape taking drugs at his restaurant has fueled hot discussion as to the identities of the involved parties.  The drug-taking incident  is currently investigated by the Hong Kong Police department.

In October 2011, 5 celebrities gathered at Kenny Wong’s restaurant, Taiwan Yiping Huadiao Chicken, and were filmed by security cameras inside a VIP room smoking,  taking pills and a powder-like substance. The 5 celebrities were apparently part of a bigger party with 23 people present that night.

Kenny affirmed, “There were people smoking and taking pills, but I am not sure if they are drugs!”

The latest reports claim that the 5 celebrities present inside the VIP room taking drugs were Eason Chan’s (陳奕迅) wife, Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈), Sam Lee (李璨琛), To Yu Fung (杜如風) and Grace Yip (葉佩雯) and her husband, Eric Kwok (郭偉亮).

The rumors broke on the day of Grace Yip and Eric Kwok’s wedding celebration on November 23. The newlyweds’ spirits were not dampened, and said that they likely offended certain people for the rumors to accuse them. Grace said, “I am not scared one bit. The news is absurd; I will not rule out seeking out a lawyer! My mother-in-law said that if I did not do it, I should sue [the tabloids]!”

Coincidentally, Steven Cheung (張致恒) posted a photo of himself at the police station last night on Instagram. With Steven’s post coinciding with the celebrity drug scandal, many fans were worried if Steven was implicated in the incident. Steven admitted that he had assisted the police with an investigation, but could not reveal the details of the case since it involved his friend.  Steven wrote, “Everyone, please don’t be worried, it is not me who is involved…. I went to provide my statement, but I cannot reveal what happened.”

Sources: Oriental Daily; Oriental Daily via ihktv.com

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  1. They can trace drugs from your urine and hair sample… we’ll see.

    1. Sehseh,
      The incident at the restaurant was from 1 year ago and the footage seems vague.

      However, there were allegedly 23 people at the party, so it may now depend on what other guests have to say about the behavior of the 5 people.

      1. Lucky for those who have short hair then 😛

        Hair grew approximately 1.5cm per month, so if you have long hair you still have risk being detected. Plus point if they are drug addicts, most probably they continued to take recreational drugs and it will be in their systems.

      2. But they probably have a habit of taking drugs though, so even if the restaurant incident can’t be traced, testing could still incriminate them for more recent ~indulgences.

  2. Why did Steve put a picture of him at a police station on Instagram?

  3. The listing fits the description for eg..

    Fashion icon – Hillary and Sam lee?
    Singer – Eason
    Celebrity – grace yip

  4. Can the police really charge these alleged celebrities anyway? It’s not like they were caught in possession of drugs. I would be surprised if the police can charge someone for doing drugs in the past.

    1. They can be charged if they have evidence of them taking drugs! But they could be taking them into questioning, if they confess they confess!

    2. Of course the polis can charge anyone taking illegal drugs but only they hve the prof or evidence otherwise the polis can,t touch them ,anyway y worry cos they rich ,money can control anything in this world …

  5. i always thought eason was a weed smoker b/c he always had abnormally purple lips.

    i’m not surprised at all … i hate drugs and if it’s killing their own body, by all means – go for it.

    1. hahah i know right? he n his wife both look so weird all the time. esp this skeleton wife fashionista wannabe. haha…am NOT surprised at all w/these celebs.

      1. Hahahha now only i know this so call herself fashionista Hillary r so TRASH OMG what a shame to the fashion community by not taking drug but to do thus stupid mocked your friend over some video n now everyone know it ,well thank to mr Edison told the hold industry about it bravo …..

  6. a year already ago? and nothing happened to those celebrities? just a newspaper article on politicians having affair and they would be out of work, can see why people don’t take celebrities seriously

  7. Hilary looks like Druggie cuz she’s so skinny. Eason acts weird all the time. Grow up ppl. U guys have a kid together.

  8. Oh my…The world of entertainment business. Come on, you think it’s all sunshine and rainbow?

  9. They are probably mostly druggies, even among those not implicated.

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