Eason Chan Recalls Boarding School Days in England

On June 11, Eason Chan (陳奕迅) posted a short video on Facebook that highlighted his boarding school experience in England. At the time, he decided to study abroad with the encouragement of his family. He recalls his mother accompanied him there, as Eason was afraid of never being able to see his family again.

He explained there were many bombings in public areas during that time. “I was really scared of dying. I knew if I went to England, I would get killed in a bombing.”

Hence, he would’ve preferred to attend his seventh school choice, the no longer running St. Luke’s College, rather than study in England. However, his family encouraged the 12-year-old him to take the plunge. Eason felt relieved knowing that his mother and brother were going to be by his side in Bath. His brother was already attending the same school Eason got accepted into, and his mother stayed at a nearby hotel for a month. He said, “My mom is very giving. The bed and breakfast she lived in was not a very comfortable hotel.”

When Eason arrived in England, he fell in love with the place and did not understand why he was initially fearful. Although his father was busy and could not be by his side, Eason received his support. His mother and brother also took care of him in England – something that he’s forever grateful about.

Eason’s Brother Protected Him From Bullies

The singer recalls his brother Jason protected him from bullies during his school days. Eason said Jason was quite popular, as he was already studying in England, and the school’s population of 600 students only consisted of six to seven Chinese students. Though other students tried to bully Jason in the past, they were not successful. Hence, students did not even try to bully Eason when he attended school. Instead, students who knew he was Jason’s brother would say, “Oh, yeah. Jason Chan, Eason Chan’s brother. Respect!”

Eason and His Brother Attended Their Father’s Alma Mater

It turns out Eason and his brother attended their father’s alma mater, Dauntsey’s School. His father and father’s brother received a bursary to study abroad when they were in middle school.

Dauntsey’s School, established in 1542, has over 500 years of history. The school believes in experiential learning, in which the students would attend various outdoor events. During the summertime, the students would travel by boat to other countries.

Source: Topick

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com

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  1. Well, he’s one of the lucky ones to get his mom and brother there to support him.

    I know most Asian foreign students (including myself) were shipped to another country by their parents, accompanied only with one suitcase lol

  2. his brother must had been a quick-witted, smart and slick kid to not get bullied when the asian % at school was so low

    1. @m0m0 I was in the same kind of minority (maybe less, I can only think of 5 of us in 600). Difference was that my school was rough, not some rich boarding school. I didnt feel like I was targeted with racism though just because I was in the minority. I know my friends kids are being bullied a bit at the moment because of coronovirus though.

      1. @megamiaow
        it depends on your gender. i find that boys more likely to get it than girls. my male friend said there were only 2 asians and 1 black girl at his school. the black girl didn’t get any b/c she was a girl but he got quite a bit and didn’t want to go back to school.

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