Lady Gaga’s Virtual Concert Lineup Includes Eason Chan and Jacky Cheung

Lately, many singers across the world have been holding live online performances to show their support during the severe global epidemic. Take Hong Kong singer Sam Hui (許冠傑), for example. Not too long ago, he threw a live online concert to raise funds for the employees of Tom Lee Music. But the latest to join the growing trend of virtual concerts is American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga – and she’s invited Hong Kong icons Jacky Cheung (张学友) and Eason Chan (陳奕迅) to participate.

Recently, the World Health Organization asked Lady Gaga to organize a global virtual concert “One World: Together at Home” with Global Citizen to support and raise funds for healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic. She agreed to it and helped raise 35 million USD within a week for this benefit show.

To add to the star power, aside from Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Chris Martin, Elton John, and John Legend are all performing in the show. As it’s a global concert, Chinese performers Jacky, Eason, and Lang Lang (郎朗) are also included in the lineup.

The “One World: Together at Home” benefit show, which will be hosted by the three biggest names in late-night TV – Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert, will be broadcast globally for free on Saturday, April 18 at 8 p.m. EST. The broadcast platforms include Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tencent.

Source: Bastille Post

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  1. can’t be missed. wonder what inventive crazy thing gaga will throw at us this time.

  2. Can’t wait, finally there’s something happy on TV rather than all the sad news

  3. As a Jacky fan, of course can’t miss this…it’s been on my calendar since they announced it several weeks ago.

    For those planning to watch, make sure you pay attention to the times, as there are technically 2 shows: part 1 is the “pre-show” which starts in the morning and lasts 6 hours, while part 2 is the “main” show, which is 2 hours and will take place in the evening. Jacky and Eason will be taking part in the pre-show.

    Oh and the roster is huge! There are so many stars slated to take place, it’s kind of crazy.

    Check out their website for more details:

  4. Jackie Cheung’s performance was a bit underwhelming compared to his peers. I was hoping that he would be performing with studio equipment, not from what sounded like a built-in mic from his video recorder. Lol

    1. @anon I totally agree. I actually thought Eason’s performance was a lot better. I’m a big fan of both. I wish Jacky sang a Chinese song rather than an English song. At least pick a good English song, not a fan of the song he sang at all.

    2. @anon Not everyone has a full studio in their homes like Keith Urban, lol. Besides, a lot of the other artists didn’t have equipment either…pretty sure it wasn’t expected considering people are working from their own homes and not allowed to go out for the most part…you make do with what you have. To me, good singers don’t need to have props like studio equipment— it can actually be a distraction rather than helpful…all they need are their voices and their singing skills.

      Both Jacky and Eason did well. I enjoyed both their performances a lot. The song that Jacky sang was Touch of Love, from his English language album of the same name, released back in 2000. I felt it was very appropriate for the occasion.

      1. @llwy12 By studio equipment, I meant any decent corded mic under $100USD would’ve produced way better results than what he put forward yesterday. I felt that he was way too casual for the historical event compared to his peers. I’m sure he was given enough time to prepare. It would’ve been a great opportunity for himself to showcase his talent to the world, as I’m sure you already know, aside from the Chinese community, he’s largely unknown, but it was a missed opportunity for him. He could’ve ordered a decent mic online and had it shipped to his residence within a day or two. Shipping in Asia is blazing fast compared to the west. A built-in mic doesn’t even cut it these days for amateur YouTubers making DIY videos, let alone for a professional global icon. If he didn’t have it, he should’ve bought it. It doesn’t take much time and money, but he clearly lacked the effort.

      2. @anon Nope, no missed opportunity…like you said he’s a “global icon” (who isn’t “unknown” outside the Chinese community btw…) who needs to prove nothing, as he is already well-known internationally and his singing skills speak for itself. I’m actually glad he didn’t use any other “equipment”, as he didn’t need it…just his voice is enough. But to each their own…you have the right to tune out and not watch if you feel offended…me and at least 100 other people I know (all of us were live streaming our comments to each other) loved it and appreciated his effort (as well as the efforts of all artists who participated, whether they sang “with equipment” or not). And thank you to Global Citizen for putting the concert together! 🙂

  5. Did Jacky and Eason get a different memo than all the others lucky enough to participate in this? Especially Jacky took this too casually with just a cell phone video recording of him self wearing a baseball hat singing. This is a historical event, think they’ll regret not spending a bit more effort in this.

    1. @mike Yup I too felt that he didn’t take the event seriously. Also, any decent mic under $100USD would’ve produced way better results than a built-in mic from his webcam/cellphone in which he used. I didn’t even finish listening to his song and just turned it off after a few seconds as it felt rather disrespectful considering the time and effort that his peers put forward for the event.

      I’m sure he was given enough time to prepare for the event. He could’ve ordered what he needed online and had it shipped to his home in HK within a day or two. Shipping in Asia is fast and efficient unlike the west.

    2. @mike
      I did not like Jacky Cheung’s singing at all. It was way too casual. The recording was terrible and I could not hear much.

      One of Eason’s songs was decent, not the one when he sang and played piano.

      I guess their efforts and honours in participating in the global virtual concert counted, not their voices. Wish they had done a better job in their performance in the same concert with other great singers like Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Elton John, John Legend, Jennifer Lopez, etc.

  6. Like both their performances but wish Jacky sang a Cantonese song instead although it was quite a nice piece.

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