Eason Chan’s Reason for Spoiling Wife, Hilary Tsui

Cantopop singer Eason Chan (陳奕迅) is known to treat his wife Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) like a princess. Hilary always wears luxury brands and spends a lot of Eason’s money. Hoping to dispel negative gossip, Eason reveals the reason why he puts his wife above others.

While Eason was virtually unknown during his debut in the mid 1990s, Hilary found early success in the film industry. Hilary overlooked the differences in their career success at that time. Unfortunately, due to timing, the two separated for sometime and Eason fell in love with Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) at first sight.

After a horrific accident that almost rendered him infertile, Eason realized Hilary’s importance to him. Hiliary prioritized Eason’s health, eventually giving up her career in order to look after him. At first, Eason protested against the idea, but Hilary immediately told him, “I prayed to God that if you’re able to get past this obstacle – I’ll take good care of you so you can be healthy, and that we can grow old together.”

Touched by her words, Eason has always felt that he owed Hilary, even if it means feeding her spending habits. Loving to shop for luxury goods and wear the latest trends, Hilary openly admits that her husband dotes on her. Hilary admitted, “Eason spoils me. I don’t see a problem in spending my husband’s money.”

Source: Sina.com.cn

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. People can say a lot about Hilary Tsui but you can’t say she’s a bad wife. These two met when they were both just 21 when Eason Chan was virtually a nobody. When they moved in together she was still making a lot more money than him and he was known as ‘Hilary Tsui’s singing competition winner boyfriend’ (as the paparazzi put in back in the 90s). She stuck by Chan throughout the low points of his career and personal life (lost of popularity, imprisonment of his father, being frozen by EEG, the accident mentioned in the article) and financially supported him during those times, before they were even married.

    So she likes shopping, big deal, it’s not like they don’t have the money. If you ask me, Eason Chan is the lucky one to have met someone like her. A true ride or die.

    1. @peanutbutterjelly Great to have a wife like her, the price is unlimited shopping? How does that make her a good wife or him a good husband? No denying she stuck with him. She was never a great somebody.

      Anyway he can afford her she is happy, quid pro quo. I suppose that’s marriage.

      1. @funnlim Maybe you should try reading first before replying. I clearly stated before why I think she is a good partner for him. They went through good times and bad times together, both in sickness and in health, she supported him financially and emotionally during his career and personal lows. Sure, that’s what every relationship should be like ideally but in reality not a lot of couples survive the hardships that come along. It’s not hard to see they truly love each other. That has nothing to do with how you view her personally (a viewpoint fed by media and gossip magazines probably) and I honestly don’t care about your personal vendetta against her.

        Again I ask you, what is wrong with shopping if they can afford it? You make it sound like she barbecues with money and he ‘allows’ it to keep her happy or something.

        The truth is they can buy all the clothes they want and still invest money in stocks and property. Truth is they are living within their means, it’s just that their means are above that of a lot of other people’s. Maybe that’s what rubs people the wrong way but that’s what it is.

        And marriage is unconditional love and support and acceptance of the person you made your vows to and so far, I think they’re both doing fine.

      2. @peanutbutterjelly I agree with you that how they spend their money is their own choice. They make them. They spend them. How is it our business to judge. Even if they lived outside of their means, it doesn’t make their marriage any less happy or real than those more frugal. Again, one is taking while the other is giving. Both are blissful in a two persons world. Let them be.

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