Drug Drama Continues…Kenny Wong Mocked As a Human Piece of Trash

A group of 5 celebrities were reportedly caught on security cameras taking drugs at a private room inside Kenny Wong’s (黃浩) last year. The police has become involved in the case, with Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) and Sam Lee (李璨琛) being rumored to be two of the drug-taking celebrities.

Yesterday, Edison Chen (陳冠希) reposted a picture of Kenny Wong, which was originally posted by Hilary Tsui. Sam Lee’s wife, Pae Leung (梁志瑩) had made upsetting remarks about Kenny. When he discovered the post, Kenny finally had it and said he that cannot take it anymore.

It was said that Hilary posted a photo of Kenny on her social network pages to mock him, and many friends gave it a thumbs up.  Pae quickly commented on the image, calling Kenny a human piece of trash who is out to hurt people, and his hobby is trying to be on the front page of the news. Edison is among one of Hilary’s friends and decided to share her post on his page to continue mocking Kenny.

Hilary’s post was supposedly open only to friends, but after Edison shared it on his page, the picture and comments were exposed. Edison, no stranger to online social networking and is supposed to know better, was informed of his mistake later, and the post was quickly deleted. However by that time, many have already seen the picture and read the comments.

Kenny was told about it later and was naturally furious. He said on his social network page that he has been around for 40 years, and believes he is a caring person. “Somehow this time I ran into these ignorant people, I don’t understand why they are coming after me nonstop.” Kenny claimed he reserves the right to sue for defamation.

In a phone interview, Kenny mentioned that Hilary was one of his regular customers at his restaurant and they would greet each other. Kenny said that a while ago she was dinning with members of LMF, but he is not sure why she has turned antagonistic towards him and blamed him for over-charging her bills. Even if it were true, Kenny said he was just one investor out of many, and going after him is unfair. Kenny said, “I don’t know why she was upset at me.”

Kenny has finally had it with Hilary and Pae’s verbal mockery. “They behaved like low lives. It’s not like we are born enemies, but they are coming after me over and over again. After the rumors of a video, I was ‘told’ not to hand it over to police. I was going to be a law-abiding citizen. After smearing me online, I have had it with them and their disgusting behaviors. If I am threatened, I will contact the police telling them I am being terrorized by triads.”

Source: Sina.com, On.cc

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  1. Kenny is just trying to do the right thing by telling the police. For the celebs to actually mock him, why are they so offended? Unless they are the ones who actually take the drugs. Shame on Hilary Tsui and Pae for cyber bullying.

    1. As a Mother and a wife, Hilary’s actions is downright disgraceful and immature. Such a horrible role-model for her kids.

      1. i kinda understand people gets upset but somehow you still need to act mature.
        i kinda pity eason for his wifes behavior…

  2. They behave like some high schoolers. Some people don’t grow up. Just clean up your acts and stop using drugs altogether. If you didn’t do drugs, then just let the police handle the issue, there’s no need to post a picture of the guy and mock him.

    1. exactly my thoughts. my reposting pictures of kenny and mocking him in such a disgraceful manner, it seems that they’ve indirectly pronounced their own guilt

  3. If this was my restaurant, I would also contact the police immediately. As the owner, you could be liable for the patrons’ mis-behaviors, especially if you have knowledge about them using drugs.

    1. LOL, it’s not a big deal w/drugs but they sure are acting like human scumbags.


      bad rolemodels, hurting friends and families that don’t do drugs.

      1. LOL was just saying that because they have the gut to call ppl human trash when they forgot about their bad attitude in the public lol.. some ppl are just too conceited.

      2. I got you. I was thinking abt their behavior as well and not for taking drugs 🙂

  4. Thumbs up to Kenny for doing the right thing! No one should be afraid to standup for what is right in this world!

  5. Sometimes these people are too rich they don’t know how to use their monies so these extra monies they prefer to use it for drugs to comfort themselves lol, not even generous enough to give it out for the charity…

      1. Apple,
        “Sometimes these people are too rich they don’t know how to use their monies”

        More like the rich has tried too many things money can buy and in order to seek new thrills, turn to drugs.

        Due to its “recreational” use at parties, it has become the equal of offering someone a drink in some circles. Some people are okay with the use of “soft drugs”, similar to accepting a cigarette although it’s not your usual preference. I think it’s best to just avoid such social circles if they have habits you prefer not to pick up.

      2. If these people replace cigarette to” soft drug” that show that they think using drug is upper class I guess..

  6. hillary and sam already look like road sweeper yet they want to be involved in drugs, come on a lot of college students look far better than those two, hongkong don’t have any beautiful and talented ppl?

  7. I don’t know why they would post it in the first place since it is basically admitting that it was them in the video. lol
    Also, aren’t the actors a little to old to be partying with drugs?

    1. Yes I think so too. If Hilary are friends with Edison, more fool her!!!
      Kenny did the right thing to inform police. Restaurant is a public place after all.

    2. The source said Edison… with photo of Hillary standing next to Edison.

    3. Eason would not be so bored to post around weibo. It’s edison.

  8. this is stupid, it’s their fault to take drugs. even though there isn’t LEGIT evidence is hilary and sam among the people taking it, being little kids and cyberbullying him won’t change anything.
    and edison is just stupid to even join in. fanning flames!

  9. BTW, who even cares what Edison actually says? Human trash? That’s rich, coming from him….

  10. Err, now there is a video? Wasn’t Kenny Wong was being blackmailed over a year ago allegedly substance incident?

  11. sam lee taking drugs? lol….look at him, look like someone who takes drug..no surprising…

  12. Wow. People in this world do lack self-awareness, don’t they…

  13. Wow. They don’t have anything better to do with their lives, do they?

  14. hilary always look drugged. I wonder her so called fashion just look trashy. Mismatch everything and give yourself messy and ridiculous look called fashion. Bring shame to fashion design. =P.

  15. I always think Eason’s voice is unique and he definitely can sing, but i think he is just away too cocky sometimes.

  16. It shocked me when I saw Sam Lee, I have always admired him for his talent, never knew he would go this pat by taking drugs.

  17. It is wrong to get involved in drug. Even children know about it. Is it because your life is too empty and too rich? Please. If yes, then get involved in charity. Spend your life wisely and help others. Set good roles to the public especially if one has the media force.

  18. Seriously who is Edison to talk…what has he done himself and he thinks he has the right to talk about others like that! He is a walking trash right there..he’s the perfect example! And seriously what he did was way worse and not even comparable…i bet the only reason he would like to take part in talking about this is because it has video cameras involved and we all know that’s his favorite toy to play with all times!! Why is he even commenting in the HK industry when he said to everyone he will leave the entertainment industry! Such a hypocrite!

  19. i support kenny! right thing deserve winning over the devil 😛

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