Sam Lee: “I Did Not Do Drugs at Kenny Wee’s Restaurant!”

Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> star, Sam Lee (李璨琛), was accused of being drug mates with Eason Chan’s (陳奕迅) wife, Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈).  Regarding the drug rumors, Sam raised 3 fingers and swore, “I’m innocent!”

The purported drug scandal, which has become the hottest story in recent Hong Kong tabloids, took place on January 15, 2011 at Suki Chui’s (徐淑敏) husband, Kenny Wee’s (黃浩) restaurant. On that night, 23 people partied in a VIP room. Kenny claimed that he has video footage in which 5 celebrities appeared to be downing pills, which were suspected to be drug substances. The Hong Kong police has become involved in the case.

As people are beginning to believe that Sam Lee is indeed a drug addict, he finally clarified his own innocence after two weeks of silence. Not wanting to fuel the tabloids’ irrational reports, Sam chose not to respond earlier. At a promotional event yesterday, Sam admitted that he was one of the 23 party attendees at Kenny’s restaurant last year. He did not know how the drug rumors started and cried his innocence.

“I swear that we did not do what Kenny claimed. If there is real evidence, there is no need to skirt around the issue. Real gold is not afraid of the crucible’s fire! I have done nothing wrong and I agree with alerting the police, to clear my innocence!” Sam said.

Questioning why the drug scandal is now being blown out of proportion after it supposedly took place one year ago, Sam said that the police has no solid evidence against him, since the authorities have not even contacted him in the investigation.

Sam also slammed Kenny for being a troublemaker who frequently called the police at a moment’s notice. “The year alone, he has involved the police many times. He intentionally alerted the police; I don’t know what his intentions are.”

Regarding his wife, Pae Leung (梁志瑩) calling Kenny “a human piece of trash out to hurt people” and the subsequent uproar, Sam supported Pae fully. Sam did not believe that the drug scandal would have affected Eason Chan  and Hilary Tsui’s marriage and denounced the press’ harassment of the couple’s innocent 8-year-old daughter.


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  1. ““I Did Not Do Drugs at Kenny Wee’s Restaurant!””

    Indeed! Probably at another restaurant?

    Can’t say he is a drug user since he has always been skinny.

  2. If a drug user, they will look skinny, don’t want to eat, lack of sleep, bad skin, in deinal and lose their teeth.

    American celebrities do drugs too., yet ppl don’t look at them differently. They understand that being a superstar is stressful. Ppl encourage them to go to rehab. No biggie.

    Hong Kong celebrity, don’t lie if you do drugs. Just get help. After all, I feel sorry for Suki.

  3. Wait is it January 2011 or October 2011? Or are we talking about 2 different incidents here? Cause Articles regarding Hillary Tsui reference October 2011 as when the incident happened.

    1. Misssy,
      Earlier HK reports referred to the incident as Jan 2011, but the latest reported date is October 2011.

  4. “I swear that we did not do what Kenny claimed.” Probably too drugged out to remember…

    1. What’s funny to me is how they all come out with their statements at the same time.

  5. Can’t believe this is the same Sam of Ghetto Justice, Mr. Clean, but of course that was only acting. Anyway, to totally exonerate himself from this accusation he should have added, “…..and anywhere else.” Or, simply,” I do not take drugs.”

  6. Isn’t it weird that all those involved or those close to the ones involved have similar statements? ie that Kenny’s an attention-seeker etc. Well, possible, but it seems to me that they have formed an alliance to invalidate Kenny’s claims by planning what to say beforehand. A lie repeated numerous times would cause the masses to believe that it’s the truth. Also, Calling the police 5 times in 2 years isn’t as bad as they claim to be. That’s like an average of calling the police once in 146 days. I’m pretty sure lots of ppl calls the police for every minor matter.

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