Hong Kong Celebrities Who Have Successfully Changed Careers

It is common knowledge that the Hong Kong entertainment industry is difficult to break into, let alone make a fruitful career out of it. And while many of the following artists did have a successful entertainment career, they still ultimately decided to change their career paths for their own personal reasons.

Andy Tai (戴志偉)

The 58-year-old was the king of green leafs—as a member of TVB’s graduating artiste class of 1981, Andy’s classmates included Andy Lau (劉德華) and Tony Leung Ka-fai (梁家輝). Over his 30-year career as one of Hong Kong television most prominent actors, Andy has had a handful of classic roles, including Police Cadet 84’s <新紮師兄> Cheung Ka-ming, The Duke of Mount Deer’s <鹿鼎記> Cheng Hak-song, The Condor Heroes’ <神鵰俠侶> Chiu Chi-king, and At the Threshold of an Era’s <創世紀> Hui Man-kwan. In 1999, Andy started working for an insurance company, and managed to balance both careers. It wasn’t until 2011 when Andy officially ended his relationship with TVB and dedicated all his time as an insurance agent. Andy said TVB only renewed his contract for one show per year, and Andy said he felt “disrespected.” Though Andy now lives his life comfortably behind cameras, he would occasionally make appearances with his friends to hold mini concerts.

Gigi Lai (黎珈而, formerly 黎姿)

As one of Hong Kong television’s biggest actresses, Gigi started her acting career at a young age to provide for her family. She is best known for his performances in the film franchise Young and Dangerous <古惑仔> and the TVB drama War and Beauty <金枝慾孽>, which she also won Best Actress for. In 2007, her younger brother survived a near-fatal car accident, rendering him unable to continue on with his business. Gigi quit a life of entertainment so she could take over her brother’s company. In 2009, she opened her cosmetics medical skin care business. In 2017, her company went public.

Suki Chui (徐菁遙, formerly 徐淑敏)

Suki made her debut through the 2006 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, and although she did not get placed, it was her ticket into a TVB career. Once regarded as a rising star in the industry, especially after her supporting appearance in the award-winning Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄>, Suki suddenly announced her marriage to businessman Kenny Wee (黃浩) and slowly faded out of the spotlight. Now the mother of three beautiful daughters, Suki also owns her own skin care business. In 2016, she sold her brand for eight figures, earning HK$10 million within four years. Suki has also earned a business administration degree from the International American University and have take classes in gemology and Le Cordon Bleu since starting her business.

Ellesmere Choi (蔡子健)

The former actor made his debut in 1993 through TVB’s artiste training class, and at one point was one of TVB’s most prominent supporting actor, having appeared in numerous successful television dramas. In 2010, he quit his acting career and became a financial planner. Rumors say that his sudden leave may be due to being fired by TVB after being accused of sexual harassment.

Mariane Chan (陳妙瑛)

Once one of TVB’s most successful leading actresses, avid HK television viewers were saddened when the Witness to a Prosecution <洗冤錄> star announced her retirement after filming 2002’s Love is Beautiful <無頭東宮>. Mariane is now a millionaire, owning multiple businesses, including a cosmetics school.

Oscar Siu (蕭潤邦)

Oscar used to be a member of the pop group Bliss, but an unsuccessful debut and singing career led Oscar to consider other options. Moving to Shanghai for a modeling career, Oscar also developed a love for shengjian bao, which also inspired him to learn the craft. When he returned to Hong Kong, he started his own shengjian bao business, which exploded to success. Now, Oscar owns five restaurants. He plans to open three more this year.

Erica Yuen (袁彌明)

Erica made her debut as a participant of the 2005 Miss Hong Kong Pageant contest, but life as an actress was not successful. In 2007, she left TVB for a career in the skincare industry, and succeeded. She established her first skincare store in 2009 and proceeded to open 10 more afterwards.

Cally Kwong (鄺美雲)

Cally was the runner-up of the 1982 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, which kicked started her award-winning singing career. Releasing over 30 albums, Cally eventually left the entertainment industry in 1998 for a career in the jewelry business. In 1999, she earned a diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. In 2000, she officially opened her first jewelry store. Cally has a net worth of over HK$5 billion.

Source: Yahoo

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i always thought andy dai was a great actor. too bad tvb didn’t give him the opportunity to make him shine. i do miss seeing him on screen. maraine was also a great actress too, watched her Love is Beautiful drama recently. her acting was truly convincing more so than any actress nowadays and even better than charmine.

  2. I also missed Mariane Chan she’s a great actress and I didn’t even noticed she’s now a millionaire no wonder she doesn’t need to act anymore maybe someday? Glad to know something new about her. Wished Jayne can post more articles about those actors who leave tvb from the 80’s and 90’s so we all can keep up see how they’re doing or what they’re up to these days.

    1. @cutie777 Probably never as she’s super rich now. I don’t remember much of her but I remember one of my aunt used to like her. It was rumor she has a ‘important good male friend’ who helped her started the business and more than 20 years she’s close to this married friend. One would wonder if she’s a mistress if that’s the case? Some men probably can’t divorced their wives for whatever reason and if some women don’t mind not having that piece of paper it doesn’t matter what kind of label they have for themselves.

  3. i remember watching Mariane Chan during my childhood. i do love her she is beautiful and great actress.

    Big thump up to all of them making $$ after leaving dodgy TVB lol

  4. Also miss Mariane, she’s not a normal beauty, but she’s very natural, as @m0m0 said. I love her in life for life? (Fate for fate? The one where the main guy is a hell watcher with the life and death book, and he swapped her life for someone, who he thinks deserve it more, so in the end, she got a short life). Haven’t watched love is beautiful even though I want to.

    Also miss GiGi lol, she’s my favourite 🙂 most beautiful actress along side Carmen for me 🙂

  5. Ya know, I never considered Marianne as someone good-looking, so it was difficult initially to actually like her as an actress. But I think it really says something of her talent when she was able to win me over with her roles and acting eventually. Her best works were her ancient dramas, by far. A Journey to the West, A Tough Side of a Lady, Happy Ever After and Love is Beautiful would not be the same without her. Out of all the successful retirees, I miss her the most.

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