Former Actor, Andy Tai, Cheats in Marriage?

Now an insurance agent, he was spotted holding hands with a female colleague.

Former TVB actor Andy Tai (戴志偉), who has switched careers to become an insurance agent, was spotted holding hands with a colleague named Candy and admiring the scenery together at Repulse Bay. The married man and Candy were spotted holding hands and enjoying a romantic time. While many people were around, Andy kept up his vigilance, and the two would unlock their hands swiftly whenever he spotted anyone nearby, and resume hand-holding when the environment was deemed “safe”.

“No Comments,” Said the Former Actor

When it got dark, the two left and parted ways. Sources say that both work in the same company and date frequently, though they would always be careful not to raise the suspicion of colleagues, and would have meals at a location further from their office to decrease chances of being spotted. After the meal, they would also enter the office at different times. Andy was approached after the scandal surfaced, but he responded that he had no comments.

Andy, a familiar face on TVB who often played villainous roles, will be turning 60 years old this July. His iconic roles in his 30-year-long onscreen career include performances in Police Cadet ‘84
<新紮師兄> and At The Threshold of an Era <創世紀>. In 2011, he starred in When Heaven Burns <天與地>, his final drama series at the station.

Changing tracks to work in the insurance industry, he was later promoted to senior manager in his district. A father of two, Andy’s sons are both university graduates who have already entered the workforce.

Screams at Reporters

After the news surfaced of Andy’s alleged cheating, reporters drove to his residential parking lot to confront the former actor. Andy flew into a rage and cursed at the reporters, citing that his privacy was violated. He took out his cell phone and started filming the reporters, “I’m calling the police! Why are you following me?… Who are you? Why are you harassing me? Show me your press badges. I’m going to sue you for harassing me.”


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Veteran Actor Andy Tai Comments on TVB’s Decline: “It Hurts”

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  1. The video is brilliant! Andy Tai is 60 but it’s such a waste he isn’t acting. Voice still powerful. A great villain…

  2. He’s no longer an artiste so why are paparazzis still hounding him?

    1. @rika
      Sadly once you enter the circle you never truly leave. Look at Yammie Lam who had a hard life and stopped acting for years but the media would never stop harassing her until her final days.

  3. If a new and much younger celebrity cheats, people on this site be judging and condemning them hard, but when it’s a veteran actor, not even any form of condemnation. Double standard much

    1. @joojin
      Maybe it is because he is no longer active in the circle, while the younger celebrities are still active in the circle?But cheating at any time is bad.

    2. @joojin
      What are you talking about? This TVB veteran has ‘retired’! What he does in his personal life if not our business and he does not depend on viewers like us to make a living. Would you go around condemning a random guy in the street you know who may have cheated? Also we haven’t a clue what happened. This veteran and his wife may have already broken up or have an understanding. We know nothing…

      1. @jimmyszeto
        Good point and maybe his wife and him have already separated or divorced so he has the right to date others. But he is no longer active in the circle so they should leave him alone. However, sadly once you entered the circle you never truly can leave.

      2. @hetieshou
        Yeh it’s terrible. Andy’s job which is totally unrelated to his personal life maybe be affected if clients lose their trust on him due to this news published. TVB just idiotic to use Andy as a extra in final years of his acting career. You can see the firepower and presence when he shouts at reporters. Reminds me of a scene which involves him shouting in a prior series. Might be detective investigation files but can’t remember exactly…

      3. @jimmyszeto
        I agree and Andy was a great actor but sadly TVB does not know how to use and appreciate talent. But Andy has left so the media should leave him alone. I hope this bad report does not affect his current work.

    3. @joojin Coz younger generation wouldn’t know who he is nor interested in him. But why are you so salty over it? lolz

  4. I think I’m more surprised by the fact that the papz still pay attention to him. He wasn’t even a first-rate star when he was in TVB, always a supporting role (not that there’s no value in that.) And he’s been out of the limelight for a long time. How they keep tabs on him inspite everything else happening is frankly, kind of impressive. Either they’re so out of news that they decided to dig up dirt on him or they just never stop keeping track of everyone. The latter is what’s so scary…

  5. Oooh nice set of wheels. Woman must be after his dough. Cheating dog will definitely get mad for being exposed. Dont want dirt to get digged up? Then behave and be faithful to his wife (unless he’s divorced).

    1. @pisces2019
      What if he is divorced already? Then he is not cheating. Since he is out of the limelight, no one is allowed to condemn him for anything without proof. He should be able to enjoy his life in peace without anyone bothering him.

  6. This article shows what a moron Kevin Cheng is. Andy’s actions are justified but Kevin’s isn’t at all. I hate people who have to have everything in their favour…

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