Eason Chan and Hilary Tsui Clear Drug Rumors at Press Conference

Rumors that Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) is a drug addict quickly turned into a divorce drama over the last two weeks.

In a press conference held on December 7, Eason Chan (陳奕迅) and Hilary Tsui presented their loving side and united against a common enemy: Kenny Wee (黃浩). The couple slammed the restaurateur for spreading false rumors that Hilary was one of five celebrities who were taped taking drugs at Kenny’s restaurant. “All the rumors are false,” Eason said sternly.

Hilary produced photos of the party held in October 2011, which included the attendance of Sam Lee (李璨琛) and Grace Ip (葉佩雯). From the photos, it was clear that there were no security cameras set up in the VIP room, which proved Kenny’s claim of the taped drug incident to be a lie.

In the press statement, Hilary denied that she had a habit of taking drugs. Eason and Hilary said they did not have any arguments over the drug scandal, refuting rumors that the couple was on the brink of martial collapse.

Eason and Hilary were extremely angry that the drug scandal implicated their 8-year-old daughter, Constance. The couple was used to the compromise of their own privacy since they were celebrities, but they asked the press to not push boundaries by harassing their family members, especially their young daughter. “This will severely impact a child emotionally and physically.” The paparazzi’s tactics had scared Constance, who had to undergo counseling.

Hilary added, “With the incident blowing up to such proportions, I feel very helpless. Although I did not respond to the fabricated rumors, that does not mean that I have done it!”

Asked why she had to circulate a mocking comment on Kenny Wee as “a human piece of trash” on Instagram, Hilary said, “Why did I post it? Actually it was my friends who posted it. It’s not my fault. And that was my private account. You have to go ask Edison Chen (陳冠希).”

Will Press Charges Against Kenny Wee

After consulting with their lawyer, Eason Chan and Hilary Tsui have issued legal action and filed a complaint at the Press Council of Hong Kong for libel. The couple went to the police station to file the following charges against Kenny Wee:

1) Suspicion that a certain restaurant was guilty of overcharging

2) Suspicion that someone had used so-called “evidence” for extortion.

Eason Chan and Hilary Tsui’s Press Statement:

1. (a) Hilary Tsui never participated in any “psychedelic dinner”. As for the dinner held in October 2011 at Wan chai’s Huadiao Chicken restaurant, she was there to celebrate her friend’s birthday. Virginia Chan (陳維尊) was the organizer of the event, inviting Hilary Tsui, Grace Ip, Sam Lee (李璨琛), Josie Ho (何超儀), Conroy Chan (陳子聰) Kevin Li (李健宏) and others to attend. Many attendees took photos of the event.

(b) Hilary Tsui does not have a habit of taking drugs, and did not take any drugs, hug, nor kiss anyone at the dinner.

2. When the dinner check arrived, Virginia Chan complained to the restaurant about the exorbitant charges. After a round of dispute, the billing issue was not resolved, but the bill was nevertheless paid for and the party left.

3. Hilary Tsui did not contact Kenny Wee directly nor through a third party. Hilary Tsui has not been called by the Hong Kong police to aid the investigation.

4. We did not have any disputes over anything. Until now, our family is still living a normal family life.

5. (a) Eason Chan has never “cursed at Hilary”.

(b) Hilary Tsui did not “run away from home”.

(c) Our daughter, Constance, has never been dissatisfied with us.

Eason and Hilary at News Conference

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Source: ihktv.com

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  1. Gee, so much drama. So Kenny Wee is a liar in all of this?

    HK celebrities stand united against Kenny, who has yet to produce the tape of the drug party.

    Still interested why Hilary had to go to Tokyo…maybe just a coincidence in timing.

    1. surprise with hillary no wierdo look or make up in the press conf. Whenever something bad happen, actress/actor always come out with the plainest look ever. Actually i think there is some marriage problem between Hillary and Eason, i remember he kinda mention it last year in Kang Xi or somekind of talk show.

      1. Precisely.

        This to me is a deliberate clean-up. Faking it.

        ie psychological clean up for image (ie pyschological alteration for audience).

        Bec anyone ever recall seeing Hillary dressed like that … ever?

        It’s so artificial, but it effectively sends the msg:
        “Hey, I am just an ordinary mother and wife.” Very ‘see-lai’ image. they might as well add some Lam Ah-chan glasses and permed curly hair with a basket to ‘mai-sung’ (marketing)(NOT! so very UN-natural to Hilary).

        Some powerful unity going on behind the scenes. NOT that I think that Kenny dude is that innocent either, but neither are the rest involved.

        I didn’t get the happy families vibe between Hilary and Eason – they both seem to lead quite seperate lives.

        And Hilary is quite the social queen, always out with her pals.
        I commented sometime back that this couple should not be considering having a second child (as they were), just for the sake of having a Dragon child … as they may not even be spending that much time with their one and only child.

    2. Seriously, if he has the tape, hand it over. Otherwise, he’s causing unnecessary drama and seeking publicity.

      1. I’m not sure if they took drug or not but the police are under investigation, I’m sure Kenny handed the tape in, or else the police wouldn’t have been involve! If they handed the tape into the police there is no chance of people gonna be able to see that tape!

    3. If the video were seized by the police as potential evidence against these guys, it will never be shown in public.

      I am very amused by the so-called united front against Kenny Wee. It makes the HK e-circle looks like the extension of the triad who is engaging in witness intimidation.

      What a cesspool.

    4. The HK entertainment world never ceases to amaze me with all the fabricated and at times true stories of the rich and famous.

      1. True. It happened to Nicholas Tse in the past. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens to Hilary Tsui, Eric Tsang, etc.. Celebrities seem to be able to do anything these days in Hong Kong if they have a name.

    5. lol it reminds me of the scandal of Edison Chen, they just like to deny…HK stars are all virgins and drug free

      1. Lol…the sad part is a lot of their fanatic fans believe in this fairy tale lol

  2. It’s still kind of sketchy don’t you think? I mean even if she wasn’t a user. . that doesn’t mean that world doesn’t exist in the entertainment industry. Now she serves as a warning for those hardcore celebrity druggies.

  3. So according to THEIR photos no hidden camera can be seen; therefore there was no hidden camera in the room.

    There is a reason for calling it a HIDDEN camera. Duh!

    1. come on, ugly than a c-lie haha… c-lie at least have some excuse, this one is married to this rich dude, keep yourself presentable please haha lol…but she will alway be weird thou no matter what she wears.

  4. I can’t wait until this drama is over. If Kenny is a liar, you are a b**tard!!

  5. is it just me or this couple has gotten UGLIER n UGLIER by the day ahhaah lol…makes millionaire and yet cant make themselves more presentable than this?? awwww…

    1. The wife is fugly. She’s weird. It’s okay for guys to look ugly cuz they don’t wear makeup. But the girl, she needs makeup badly.

      1. hahahahah LOL…OK, good point. well, i have to admit at one point in a long ago TVB series, she was actually NORMAL looking but she is not even 1% famous for anything except marrying this dude. and in all functions she looks weird but she’s self proclaiming how fashionable and stylish she is. AWWW, there is a diff bet trendy fashion and tasteless haha….

      2. I Iike that tv series with Bobby, Roger, and her. She good. She should focus on acting again.

  6. Hard to believe Kenny would do something so idiotic but if Eason has come out to deny the whole story and so many other artists who are not even implicated in this have done the same, I’m inclined to believe Kenny made the whole thing up. Why? I have no idea but I doubt so many people would come out against him if he was a nice guy.

    1. but u know since it involves that eric shortie super trio show host, it’s even more weirdness added together. that dude think has some popularity and i think most ppl suck up to him whether he can be right or wrong. but who really knows until later whether the police will reveal whoever’s on the tape. but this kenny dude is not even a celeb, i mean would you really fabricate such stories just for publicity what like ppl will patronize his restaurant more? i mean who would be his motive for fabricating this kind of crap if he has 0% proof?

      1. Eric Tsang is head of the artiste organisation. I don’t htink he’s UN-aware of the drug-scene. It exists and been around – so there’s no need to drag names through the mud. Ther’es too much dirt to dig up.

        I see his point. It’s their own private matter. And even if these names are known in the industry, the public doesn’t have to know.

        Also consider Josie Ho has a lot of clout.
        And the Emperor Albert Yeung (and even Eric Tsang doesn’t go against Albert Yeung).

        The way Eason and his wife has come out to deny is just weird. It’s so against their normal style. (not to mention the dressing = trying too hard to prove something, and it’s UN-natural).

      2. he’s boss? no wonder he is still around, eric is not actor material.. short, not good looking, cannot act or perform well

    2. @ ric cos they are all in the same boat so defend eric tsang, if everything untrue, why did eric slap kenny a few times? also why are eason and hillary dressed out of the norm? they have something to hide.. that’s why, i would rather have them admit they were wrong, hillary and eason go rehab than this crap, ppl won’t believe what they say now, being rich and famous does not mean they are any smarter, ppl can see and everybody understands what eric tsang’s and the entertainment world is all about, wouldn’t want to waste my time and money going concerts to see those fools

  7. If I were Kenny Wee, I would definitely give the tape to the police in Hong Kong and let them investigate. Otherwise, everyone, especially those celebrities involved and others as well, would declare that Kenny Wee is a big liar and wants to have publicity.

    1. I am sure that Kenny Wee would have other channels to get famous and become a public figure than to get involved with some drug crimes involving those celebrities. He wouldn’t be that stupid!

  8. Their smiles in the above photos were soooooo fake! Can’t believe them.

    1. Agree. The press should not harass their 8-year-old daughter. She is too young to really understand anything.

  9. Hiliary only said she didn’t take drugs AT the restaurant. She didn’t say she NEVER took drugs. And how many drug addicts would admit to be a drub addict?? So fake!

    1. Of course, especially those celebrities. They will never admit unless they are caught by the police with solid evidence.

  10. “1) Suspicion that a certain restaurant was guilty of overcharging”

    What kind of crap is that? I am surprise they are going to press charge on that.

    Hey Eason… DROP DEAD!

    1. Lol I know…I was laughing so hard when I read that part. You know your guilty if you have to come up with some sad sh&! Like that lol

    2. 500,000 shopping trip is ok, but restaurants that overcharge is a big no-no…. Can’t they just STOP going to that restaurant? Unless that overcharging restaurant provides ‘extras’ that they cannot do without?

    3. An obvious witness intimidation tactic. What bunch of scums!

  11. “Hilary produced photos of the party held in October 2011, which included the attendance of Sam Lee (李璨琛) and Grace Ip (葉佩雯). From the photos, it was clear that there were no security cameras set up in the VIP room, which proved Kenny’s claim of the taped drug incident to be a lie.”

    Did they take the 4 top corners of the room? Security cameras were usually installed at the top cover of a room and when you take pictures of a group of fans having fun, you point the camera at the people, not the top corner. So, how can the reporters be sure there were no cameras just from looking at the photos?

  12. 1) Suspicion that a certain restaurant was guilty of overcharging

    What does this have to do with the drug party case?

    2) Suspicion that someone had used so-called “evidence” for extortion.

    One can only extort someone when one has real evidence.

    1. Kidd,

      I was thinking the same thing. You have to wonder how smart are these celebs at times. What they’re saying just doesn’t add up.

  13. If the alleged drug taking incident never happened, why didn’t they just ‘rubbish’ it and laugh it off right at the start? By not doing so, they allowed it to snowball and implicate even more people. Also, is this press statement a joke? Eason wants to press charges against the restaurant for overcharging? I’m pretty sure the police doesn’t handle such cases.

    1. I wonder. Can they sue the restaurant for overcharging when they were not the one paying the bill? It’s that Virginia Chan lady who paid.

  14. I remember Eason years back with the weird personality and baggy pants, never understood his popularity, saying he rivaled jacky cheung so arrogant. psshhh…what a fake couple up there smiling and thinking were all stupid.

  15. Something about their story just doesn’t add up. The only thing I agree with is leave their daughter alone, other that they are not making much sense….actually sound quite suspicious and stupid.

    1. Agree with you. I like listening to some of Eason’s songs even though he’s well known for his ‘rudeness’ disguised as ‘straightforwardness’. Now i pity him for having to defend his wife and his daughter for having parents like that 🙁

  16. so fake….though both of them use to be actor but now not even know how to lie …huh ! Get a better scripts before press conference then .

  17. Losers with no styles.
    Just rich with money, copying style.
    More like fashion victim than style icons

  18. I call this BS. If they didn’t take any drugs that night, why would Eric Tsang slapped Kenny and asked him not to hand over the tape?

  19. i think hilary and gang are probably into the drug scene, but i find the whole restaurant/drug scenario a bit suss. as someone who has experimented with drugs in the past, i can tell you the last thing on your mind when you’re doing drugs is food. it kills your appetite. josie and hilary did look kinda scary though in those restaurant pics with their crazy eyes.

  20. i stand corrected. report says they were allegedly smoking marijuana. that does increase your appetite.

  21. thry are so RUDE, hilary smoked marijuana in k wee’s restaurautant in the first place and now they are sueing him instead of giving him an apology? is this how they want their child to behave in the future?

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