Episodic Thoughts: Ghetto Justice (Episode 8)

Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>
TVB Series 2011

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Sam Lee, Eddie Kwan, Mandy Wong, Jazz Lam, Joyce Tang, Shek Shau, and others.


Remarks : This is a watch-as-I-write-from-memory episodic thought (a combination of episode summaries, reviews & critical analysis episode per episode) and therefore please take note that this write-up will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for this particular episode and some creative license was used when recreating certain scenes or dialogue. Please refrain from revealing future SPOILERS in this episode.

Two cases in this one episode, first The illegal frisk of Ho Lei Jing which will have a very amicable end today and some very startling discoveries about Ho Lei Jing and Law Ba themselves.

First, RECAP! 

Jing pulled Law Ba into her apartment and as they chatted she massaged his back and Jing was surprised at the change of Law Ba in mere 7 years. “You’re not who I remember back then” and Law Ba just smiled. Then Law Ba asked “Didn’t you always said you wanted to open a French restaurant?” and Jing said “Yes I do… do you want to see something?” and Law Ba chuckled at the “something” since he might be thinking of something else as she pulled her to the back of the apartment, he opened a door and it was a room with a bed but she closed it and said “That’s for business. I mean here…” and another door, another room and it was more personal, warmer with posters of anything French on the wall and he smiled at what he saw and they chatted and she said “I am still pursuing my dream, I am saving money now and learning French and how to cook French food” and Law Ba was happy for her. And then conversation turned serious as Law Ba asked “You sure you want to complain against that cop?” and Jing said “Yes I am sure but I don’t have anyone willing to testify” and Law Ba said “There is one; Wong Si Fu” but Jing said “Look, she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t believe me so I rather not force her, no one will help me…” as Law Ba said “I will help you, remember what I promised? I will help you” as Jing smiled sadly “This was what Si Fu said in the past, that she will always help me but in the end…” but Law Ba assured her “I am on your side” and Jing looked at Law Ba appreciatively.

Law Ba at home, the 3 guys were very nice to him, giving him drinks, massaging him and such and they were curious; “So… how was the Sok Tui Tin Hao? As good as the rumours go?” as Law Ba laughed and said “How would I know? We just chatted” and the guys didn’t believe Law Ba as he confirmed “True, nothing happened! I mean we lawyers have to sometimes entertain clients so I went to nightclubs and met her” and George said “Papa always looked down upon such practices. He always said two reasons why lawyers are often being held hostage; for money and for women”, Chik said “You’re sure? Oh come on, do tell!!” and Law Ba said “You have a girlfriend! Don’t be such a lusty guy!” and Chik said “Well who says a guy with a girlfriend can’t be curious. Moreover, you have been single for the part 7 years, surely you didn’t pass up the opportunity?” and Law Ba said “I didn’t do anything with her of that sort!” and suddenly they all moved away, switched off the TV (which was showing football game) and all. And Law Ba said to Chik “Anyway she will pursue her complaint against your partner” as Chik stood up and said “I believe my partner. He is a good cop, he wouldn’t do such a thing, he said he only frisked her, he did not grope her!” as Law Ba countered, now standing up “He knew better not to frisk her. All he wanted to do was to humiliate her in public!” as Chik shouted “She’s a prostitute! You trust a prostitute with an agenda and not a clean cop who did his job as he should?! He will lose his chance to a promotion because of this slander!” and now Law Ba was shouting back “No wonder Shum Shui Po has so many criminals! Even police isn’t bothered to investigate and just jump to a verdict!!” and Chik shouted “Who said we didn’t investigate?! My partner was telling the truth!! The prostitute is lying!!” as Law Ba shouted even louder (yes it became a shoutfest at the end) “I know Ho Lei Jing, I know her personality, I BELIEVE HER! You’re a police! You’re supposed to protect the weak, and here you’re, calling her prostitute this and prostitute that, you’re prejudiced against her! No wonder she has no chance at all! NONE!!” and they would have gone on further if Teng didn’t hand Chik’s handphone to Chik and said “I forgot! Your girlfriend just called, said you must call back!” and Chik being someone forever preoccupied with his girlfriend calmed down and quickly said “Really? Oh I must call her back! Phone!” and he immediately went to a corner and called his girlfriend whilst George grabbed Law Ba and switched on the TV and said “Cousin, look! The game…” and Law Ba’s attention immediately shifted to the TV and became engrossed in the game.

Pause here.

Very funny scene as these 2 old friends’ first rather friendly argument escalated to all out war of words. And how the other 2 diffused the situation. For once, Chik has more than 2 lines in a scene. Anyway, what is the nature of relationship between Jing and Law Ba? We shall know later.

Chik with that partner who groped Jing, didn’t catch his name were walking and the guy was complaining about debts and all and Chik gave him some cash and advised him not to gamble so much when the guy grumbled “Maybe when I was frisking her I got stained by her period, and you know how gamblers see that as bad luck. Maybe that whore transferred that bad luck to me!!” and Chik suddenly stopped, faced his partner and angrily asked “I thought you said you just frisked her, you didn’t grope her?” and he said “I didn’t at first, but she was damn rude, so I thought I will teach her a lesson!’ and Chik punched the guy and he was like “Why didya do that forrrrrr?” and Chik said “You bastard! I trusted you! You’re a cop! You’re supposed to set an example, not to treat others like that!” and he took back the money and angrily said “You are on your own from now on!!” and left.

Pause here.

Chik is also a good guy. He really believed his partner didn’t grope Jing. And what he did next confirms Chik is also a fair dude.

Kris and her constant “lover”, Silvia (yes she does look like NNadia Chan, including the crooked smile) in a car and Kris angrily said “She wanted me to be her witness! I was like.. what? I didn’t see anything inappropriate! I swear I didn’t, I just saw him frisking her, and he didn’t grope her from what I saw!” and Silvia was very quiet as Kris asked “What? You don’t believe me?” and Silvia said “If she was just another woman, you would have jumped to her defence. But because she is a prostitute…” and Kris countered “Which has nothing to do with what I am saying! I didn’t see anything inappropriate!” as Silvia wisely said “Maybe it is not because you didn’t see anything inappropriate but merely because you refused to acknowledge what you saw, you see her as a prostitute unworthy of your professional help, and so your inner senses blocked off what you actually saw and reinterpret it as something not serious. You’re very prejudiced against her” and Kris was thinking of what Silvia said when she saw her sister against the wall, and her body being frisked by a guy. Immediately she rushed to her sister and scolded the guy “Who the hell you are to frisk my sister? What did she do?! Hands off!!!!” and it was Chik and Kris shocked said “Butt Sir?” and Chik said “I saw her taking some ecstasy pill and so I am searching her body for the pills” and Kris scolded “What? My sister, pills? Nonsense! And even if it was true, you should have followed procedure! Take her to the station and let a female officer search her body!!” and Law Ba’s voice ran out “CORRECT!! ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!! Barrister Wong is absolutely correct!” and Kris looked at Law Ba, confused “What the hell are you doing here?” and she looked at her sister and then Chik who demonstrated how he frisked her without touching her body and Kris said to her sister “You conspire with them to lie to me?” and her sister said “I was walking by when Barrister Law asked me for my help so I did” and Silvia quickly said “Come come, we go and have a drink shall we?” and pulled the sister away as Chik said “Ok, my part is over! I am going back to the station!” and he left as Law Ba and Kris were left standing there and Law Ba said “Can we talk?” and scene shifted to Kris having tea at a roadside stall and Law Ba paying a mechanic for fixing his van at a very cheap price and then Kris ordered a cup of tea and she interrupted when Law Ba was about to order as she said “He won’t be having any. He will be here for a short time only” much to Law Ba’s chagrin. Anyway Law Ba said “You said what you said just now, and do you not admit you’re prejudiced?” as Kris said “My sister is different. She is a decent girl” and Law Ba said “And Jing isn’t, merely because of her profession? You’re very very prejudiced against Jing. You saw the humiliation she endured and yet you denied that was what happened. You justified it all by saying she is a prostitute, therefore she is undeserving of our protection, our trust. She is still a person who deserves some respect whatever her profession may be. You’re in a profession that should be helping her sort and not look down on her. Who are we to judge her choice at a career? I believe Jing, I know her well enough to know she will not lie about such things. The question now is what will you do about what you saw. Will you stand by her?” as Kris pondered and Law Ba took her cup of tea and drank it.

Kris drove to Jing’s place, went up and heard some guys wanting to engage her services and she couldn’t walk up and quickly ran back down when she bumped into Jing. Jing shocked said “Si Fu, are you looking for me?” and Kris said “Yes… can we go somewhere and talk?” and so they did, to some higher ground. Why is it everytime talk is at some deserted hillside area?

Kris looked at Jing and said “I would like to apologise for my treatment towards you. I shouldn’t have judged you so harshly” and Jing smiled and said “Si Fu, it is ok. Even if you don’t want to be my witness, I am fine with that. I won’t force you to do something you don’t want to do” and Kris looked guilty and said “I have promised to help you always and I failed at that” and again Jing refused to let Kris apologise for that when I think Kris asked “But why Jing? Why did you end up like this? I don’t understand…I mean I always wanted to go overseas to study, but it was all talk only. My family never had the means to send me overseas so when I heard you have that chance, your family migrating overseas, I was truly very happy for you!” and Jing …

Now here is the SHOCKING part.

Jing sadly said “Si Fu, I lied. I didn’t migrate. My mother was not some rich businesswoman, she was a nightclub hostess (note : GRO) and she was addicted to drugs…”

And Kris, SHOCKED as we see flashback…

Her mom was addicted to drugs and owed a lot of money and one time the loan sharks came to find her mom and not only she didn’t pay (and couldn’t) she even asked for more drugs so they beat her up and Jing after school in school uniform ran to her mom and they saw how pretty she was and dragged Jing away and they threw her mom a pack of drugs and the mom was so drugged she ignored Jing’s pleas and took the drugs and immediately well.. took the drugs. Jing held onto the door as long as she could, crying “Mother! Mother! Help me! Help me!!” but she was carried away and thrown into one of those club rooms and the leader grabbed her and tore her clothes. Later her mom woke up and saw her textbook and realised her daughter was here and she rushed into the room and saw Jing, clothes torn, crying after she was raped. Her mom cried and took a bottle, smashed it and wanted to kill herself but Jing stopped her.

“And from thereon, I gave up on myself. Not long later I joined the nightclub and later I became a prostitute. My mother died 2 years ago of complications to her health…” and Kris engrossed by her story said “I am so sorry for your loss… but at least it is a release for you. You don’t need to be a prostitute anymore” as Jing said “What can I do? I mean I don’t have the qualifications, who will hire me? I tried Si Fu, once I worked at a departmental store (I think…) and when my colleagues knew of my past when I came across my old clients, I was forced out. But I can’t blame anyone for my choice; I chose to walk in this path so I shall bear the responsibility for who I became” and Kris said something I was thinking also “But still.. you didn’t have to come to Shum Shui Po and become a prostitute there”

Meaning why SSP and become such a lowly prostitute? Something even Teng was wondering. No answer.

Jing said “You still can’t accept my profession, I am ok with that. I still treat you as my best friend, no matter what” as she turned to leave when Kris stopped her and said “Jing, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. You’re my best friend and no matter what, I shall honour my promise to you; no matter what I will always help you” and Jing smiled appreciatively as Kris.

At the station, Law Ba, George and that police dude guy and Law Ba said Jing only wants him to apologise which he refused saying why should he apologise to a whore and Law Ba said he has got a witness and he said no judge will believe other whores but Law Ba said the witness is a barrister and the dude said so what and he said he will ne-ver, e-ver apologise and he left.


Why, is it… that barrister is like some auto immune/auto protect/auto super shield for everything? I mean like flashing your bar council member card and you’re suddenly the best of the lot? This is the few reason why I could dislike this series. But maybe in HK a lawyer is much respected and well loved. Everywhere else from what I can see no one ever respect a lawyer, unless a criminal case lawyer and he wins a difficult case for an innocent accused.


Jing in super hot pants…


My god! Sharon Chan in a tiny super tight beige coloured HOT PANTS!!! She does have long legs. Very sexy.


and she met up with the Mainland China prostitute that she beaten up and scratched and gave her a huge tube of some cream and said “Nah! Here!Cream for that scratch on your face” and they didn’t believe she would be so nice and all until she reminded them “Look, we have to protect one another and play nice, if not we will be bullied forever”. Just then a thief ran by and the same police dude was chasing him and Jing immediately pushed a cart towards that thief, stopped him in his tracks whilst she herself fell down and hurt her back. Police dude caught the guy, prostitutes asked Jing why she helped the same dude who humiliated her and she said loudly “Yes he humiliated me but he is still a cop doing a dangerous job to protect the people. Of course I must help him, he is in a noble profession, no matter his ignorance towards my profession” and suddenly the police dude looked at her and said “Hey you!” and she looked at him and he said “I am sorry, for what I did” and he walked away. The others looked at Jing, shocked and said “Wow, a police apologising to a prostitute! Wow!” and from thereon Jing became like a folk hero amongst the prostitutes.

Which doesn’t explain WHY is she a prostitute in SSP?

At night, Jing and Kris chit chatting after Jing cooked Kris a French meal and Jing was happy that the police apologised and she thanked Kris and then conversation turned to Jing and her ambition as Jing said “I will open that French restaurant. I feel I can achieve that. I mean life was hard on me but recently things seem to have changed. The police apologised, I met you again and then I saw Barrister Law again. I am very happy at the way things are going”. Kris curious asked “Do you know LA well?” and Jing said “Very well, he was my constant customer when I was at the nightclub” and Kris said “Your… customer?” and Jing said “No no! Not that sort! He never once asked me out for dinner or anything. In fact he would come to entertain clients, always asked for me. He said he trusts me, and often people will try to find some things to hold him hostage to do some cases so he would always find me and use me as a shield. He was always a perfect gentleman. I just never thought he would become the Barrister Law that I know now, very different person” and Kris curiously asked “Did you know what happened to him?” and Jing said “All I know was 7 years ago he dropped by one night…”


Law Ba, face shaven, looking mighty handsome in a nice vest/tie/suit in grey and drinking heavily as Jing narrated he rarely drink that much, he was always clear minded but that night he looked upset and Jing said “Barrister Law, what is it? What is bothering you? Tell me, maybe I can help…” and she said it with concern. I wonder was Law Ba ever in love with her she with him or just merely professional but on a very personal level? She seems to know his inner feelings, privy to his inner emotions. Anyway Law Ba cried very very hard and kept saying “I killed someone! I killed someone!” and Jing shocked as Law Ba rest his head on her lap and cried his heart out.

“Thereafter, I never saw him again, until recently in your mother’s shop and he changed so much I was shocked”.

Kris mumbled “He killed someone?” and Jing said “That was what he said but you know, I don’t believe that at all. Barrister Law wouldn’t have killed anyone. I don’t believe that” and Kris asked “So… when you met with him again, did he explain what he did for these 7 years?” and Jing said “Why would I? I am just happy to see him again” and the conversation shifted to Jing’s ambition but Kris was curious, very curious.

Anyway, NEW CASE!

The Prosecutor vs Ko Wing Leung

The case : The murder of Yam Yuen Yuen, stepsister of Ko Wing Leung

Counsel for the state : The prosecutor, name probably unknown

Defense : Law Ba (Lead counsel), Kris Wong 

I was right! 2 of them together on a case. Anyway, Ko Wing Leung is in deep deep trouble. He’s the mechanic who charged Law Ba very cheaply for fixing his van.

Anyway, not there yet, first a short scene of Jing and Mrs Leung and Teng bonding at an old woman’s place as they helped deliver items to the poor and Mrs Leung looked at Jing differently whilst Teng was beginning to fall for the kind hearted Jing.

Law Ba back at the centre and Teng asked where was Jing and Jing everyone said was doing business. Sigh… can’t they hire her? Can’t Kris hire her? Can’t anyone hire her?

Anyway Teng received a call and asked for Law Ba and Law Ba received it and over the phone we hear a man panicking asking “Barrister Law you must help me! I only know you as a barrister! Help!” and we hear Law Ba reminding him not to say anything to the police until he is there and off Law Ba went but George said “I have a few matters to attend to…” and Law Ba asked Teng “Anyone I can borrow to assist me?” and Teng pointed to Mrs Leung and Mrs Leung shocked said “But I don’t know what to do?!” and Law Ba dragged her with him.

Big mansion, rich dude, a mechanic??? Did I make a mistake on the mechanic?

Mrs Leung was scared to enter and see dead body but Law Ba warned her “I can’t interview alone; I need a legal assistant or an assistant. You will do” but she refused and Law Ba warned “If you don’t come in with me, you don’t need to go back to the Centre!” and so she followed. After all Law Ba is paying her salary.

Anyway the accused, Ko Wing Leung at the table being interviewed and Law Ba arrived and the police was asking him what happened and Law Ba told Ko not to answer and asked to see Ko privately. All the while Mrs Leung was busy taking notes.

Back at the station, interview with Law Ba continues and Law Ba asked “Did you kill her?” and he said “NO I DIDN’T! I DIDN’T!!” and Ko Wing Leung narrates with flashback;

He is the stepbrother of the deceased, a young girl by the name of Yam Yuen Yuen (what a name!). She found Yam Yuen Yuen on the phone with her no good boyfriend who wanted only her money and he scolded her for wanting to see that guy and Yuen Yuen retorted “If you are so concerned, it means you love me! You love me don’t you? Don’t you?! Why won’t you admit it?!” and Ko Wing Leung was frustrated and said “When my mother married your father, I already accepted and treat you as my sister and I will protect you no matter what!” and the girl cried “Like you said, you’re just my stepbrother! You have no right to dictate who I meet and who I date if you’re such a coward not to love me back!!” and Ko became so angry with the argument, took a vase and smashed it to the ground and left and walked for 10 minutes by the poolside, came back and saw Yuen Yuen on the floor, bleeding and dead with a huge piece of glass (from the vase) on her neck.

Law Ba asked “Could it be that no good boyfriend?” and Ko said “Couldn’t be. I was just outside for 10 minutes, not enough time” and Law Ba asked “What do you think happened?” and Ko thought for a while and said “I know it sounds impossible… but I think it was an accident and this was what happened…”

and FLASHBACK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He threw the vase to the floor, rushed out and we see the girl in shock as she felt her neck and the piece of huge glass there. So what he meant is the piece of glass flew to her neck, accidentally.

Now even lottery can’t be that accurate! So he did kill her, BUT accidentally.

Outside, Law Ba saw Kris and Mrs Leung rushed to Kris and said “Barrister Wong! What are you doing here?” and we saw Kris with another man, who introduced himself as the stepfather of the accused, name is Yam Ho Tin and believe me when I say Savio Tsang looks good for his age even if he was a bit bloated. Not sure of believable as the father of a university going daughter. Anyway Mr Yam said to Law Ba to wait a while and he walked into interview room with Kris and the moment he saw Ko, he slapped Ko very hard and Kris was shocked and tried to stop him and Ko was crying as Mr Yam said emotionally “You may not have killed her, but you were nonetheless the cause of her death!!!! ”

Outside, Mr Yam wiped his tears and walked up to Law Ba and said “I believe my son is innocent. I have hired Barrister Wong and I know my son has hired you. I hope the both of you will do all you can to secure my son’s acquittal” and he left.

Law Ba and Kris looked at one another, sat down to discuss the case and Law Ba said he believed Ko that it was purely an accident and Kris said “That sounds probably but yet impossible. For an acquittal, we will need to show a theory; put doubts into the prosecution’s case” but Law Ba rightfully disagreed and said “Why don’t we just clear his name? Instead of putting doubts, why not present his explanation which is a possibility? Clearing his name is better than dragging some unknown suspect into this case..” and none can agree and so Silvia said “Why don’t we go back to office and discuss instead of here?” which is the lockup and both said “My office!” and then they started to argue about each other’s offices and all Silvia said to Mrs Leung “Is this your first case?” and Mrs Leung smiled and said “Yes! Barrister Law said he will train me into an assistant” and Silvia looked at the 2 who were still arguing and she sighed “Well…I wish you luck…”

Next episode, prosecution will bring up incest! Murder! Jealous lover! Yeah!

Story, I have said what I wanna say. My favourite bit tonight is Jing’s opinion on Law Ba and Law Ba’s defence of Jing in front of Chik. Like they just understood one another. Am still annoyed with holier than thou Kris.

Performance wise, no comment except Sharon Chan did very well. I mean she can act, she is brave for dressing that way and I feel she give Jing a streak of independence and you look at Jing and you wonder maybe she may have been more successful than Kris if she had an opportunity. I feel her back story was very sad and shocking too. Never expected that her mother was a GRO. I thought maybe her mother became bankrupt, etc. A nice twist.

More on Eddie Kwan tonight and again I think I quite like the guys at the Legal Advise Centre. Chik is a nice guy, George is a gentleman, Teng is a decent fellow and Law Ba is Law Ba.

Kevin… simply very handsome in that flashback scene but dear dear, crying is errrrr… not good. Like I said anything serious, and I find him lacking. Of course in Bu Bu Jing Xin he cried A LOT but do remember, his voice was dubbed and the voice actor was a better actor in terms of voice acting than our dear Kevin. But damn it, he is handsome.

Everybody else, including Myolie, no comment. I mean ok some comment on Myolie. I find her strangely annoying eventhough she can act but somehow I feel her acting is rather… pretending acting rather than my heart is in it sort of acting. Anyway let me watch a few more episodes and let me gather my thoughts. Frankly when she was gone from a scene, I didn’t miss her one bit.

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at Point2e.com.

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