South Korean BL Drama “Semantic Error” Skyrockets to Popularity

South Korea drama Semantic Error starring Park Jae Chan and Park Seo Ham is taking the BL genre by storm as it gains popularity in China and South Korea.

Based on a popular webtoon, the drama follows junior computer science student Chu Sang Woo (Park Jae Chan) as he approaches the world with reason and logic. One day, Chu Sang Woo gets assigned to a group project and finds that he left to finish all the work himself. Fed up with the arrangement, Chu Sang Woo takes credit for the entire project and effectively fails popular yet arrogant senior student Jang Jae Young (Park Seo Ham). Jang Jae Young is out to get revenge but he finds himself increasingly attracted to Chu Sang Woo.

Although the plot appears to be cheesy for using cliché rom-com formulas, Semantic Error shines in its delivery. The leading stars Park Jae Chan and Park Seo Ham are praised for their strong acting skills and their strong chemistry. Many fans credit the stars for building up the tension and rewarding fans with kisses and fanservice.

Aside from the cast, the drama’s sophistically-crafted set does not go unnoticed as each scene is filled with beautiful costumes, props and lighting. With only eight episodes, Semantic Error keeps the plotline light yet attractive for new fans of the genre.

Source: World Journal

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  1. Thailand and SKorean are currently the 2 Countries that produced lots of BL dramas… No Gov control… Not a genre I watch…But there are increasingly more who do enjoy them.

    1. @Hohliu , gotta agree with you there, these two countries are churning out the BL dramas at a rapid speed. It must be a sigh of relief to not have to worry about the dramas being censored and actors being brutally punished.
      However, the problem will be the fanbots deluding themselves that these two men are gay and in a sweet, cozy romantictic relationship offscreen. They remind me of addicts, stumbling arpund in an out of reality stupor looking for the next couple fix.

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