[Spoilers] “I’ve Got the Power” Delivers Emotional Ending

Starring Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Joel Chan (陳山聰), Sammy Sum (沈震軒), and Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇), TVB superhero drama I’ve Got the Power <超能使者> completed its run to positive reception as netizens praised its emotional message.

Finale Spoilers

In the drama, the characters played by Ruco, Natalie, Joel, Sammy and Tiffany find themselves developing superpowers. While the five friends work hard to seek justice, they come head-to-head with the show’s final antagonist played by Jimmy Au (歐瑞偉).

In the final battle, the heroes sustained heavy injuries in their fight and Sammy’s character sacrificed himself to save his friends. While the heroes ultimately defeated the final antagonist, the heroes overused their powers and dealt with the consequences.

While it appears that Ruco and Natalie’s character would get their happy ending, their relationship was cut short when Natalie’s character gets hit by a car and dies in front of Ruco. Hoping to save her, Ruco’s character used his power to turn back to the time before they got their superpowers. However, the move proved to be too much; Ruco’s character aged rapidly and died.

Tragic Ending

Although the drama closed with a sad ending, many netizens praise the drama for its messaging – “Not everything is possible even with superpowers.”  Even as the characters gain the ability to be invincible or to control time, there is a corresponding price that makes the character vulnerable.

While some netizens criticized that Natalie’s death was a stretch, they agree Ruco’s attempt to save everyone is in line with his character and fitted the ending for the series.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.


  1. Tiffany does not have super powers, it is Jazz Lam. The drama gets more and more emotional towards the end. Among the characters in this drama, Grace Wong and Sammy Shum really stood out

  2. I love the superhero, powers genre and this show hits a lot of right notes, great display of abilities and concepts. The first half of the show got me, right up my alley and the last scene was so good, well done! But in between was rough, I basically stayed for the characters. A lot of good moments dragged down by inconsistencies, plot-holes and just the way things played out… I have to point out the romance part was so lame but its such a TVB thing to do… I get the set up they were going for but gaaahhhhh kind frustrating because it was going so well!

    Overall enjoyed the show. Decent attempt by TVB and I hope they make more shows in this genre.

  3. Great series and good ending! I’m so use to crappy endings from TVB that ruin the whole series for me or cheesy endings so I had no expectations whatsoever for a good ending, but I was pleasantly surprised. Ruco reversing time and sacrificing himself was the best outcome to save everyone else, especially QE. The series was really refreshing with twists and turns in the plot and good character development. Overall, this is one of TVB’s best drama series in a long time. Ruco’s acting was superb and Natalie was really good here too. Hope Ruco wins Best Actor for this.

  4. Haven’t seen the ending, stopped watching when ruco revealed ad almost loco. I find their powers benefit themselves so for a super power story it is different, as in for themselves. If the ending is that way it is apt because ruco’s life a forfeit anyway after his wife died and all those things happened to him. I couldn’t stand how Natalie cried feeli g guilty for killing the guy who threw her sister and niece down the building. For me thro in anything the story is still same old. But granted the ending sounds good except the tone of the entire series is at first really silly turned into super tragic with message of sacrifice? What about acceptance of way things are? At least the series cheat with a happy ending I suppose where everyone is alive and well and the friendship forged forgotten? Anyway, the acting is ok except Natalie. She was shrilly and the way she tried to muster up an expression on her strangely blank face was difficult to watch. I wished she changed roles with grace. It is on ok series but since expectation is all time low let’s just call this a masterpiece amongst all lowly series. Mediocrity is the new best standard of tvb.

  5. I feel conned – one from the great reviews people left here and two, from not realizing it’s another Jazz Boon production. I’ve got to stay away from this guy. I knew something was up when I was watching and thought the style of the series was so similar to other Jazz Boon productions plus the cast. I was about 20 episodes in before I gave up. His series always start the same way – big bang, fast moving, riveting, cartoonish. Then it muddles in the middle and comes out a tragedy. Every. Fricking. Time.

    No different this time. I need to do my research before giving dramas a chance – and I especially need to stay away from any of this guys works.

  6. I actually didn’t like the ending. I wish they never introduced the turning back time ability. How can he still have superpowers if he turned back time to before the accident? How come Natalie acted like she didn’t know him when they clearly had a memorable encounter the day before the accident and she had thought he was a pervert? When they changed Natalie’s power to just moving the injuries from other people to her, how come she didn’t have a slit throat like Sammy Shum? In the end they killed off Go Lo, the guy with cancer and a young boy. Who is taking care of the child now?! Since he turned back time to before the accident, any good they did with their super powers was for nothing (Go Lo will die of cancer and his child will be an orphan, Natalie’s sister and her daughter will die, etc.). So I felt like I watched the whole thing only to end up back at the start. Nothing was accomplished. He might as well have just woken up from a dream.

  7. First TVB series that I have finished in a long time. Plot lines were actually interesting and I liked how the powers had repercussions. Romantic chemistry still lacking no matter how many times they pair these guys together, unfortunately. One day, would love to see Grace be with Ruco (although the chemistry problem may actually be on him). I thought there was an unintentional spark when they were siblings in AFWFW.

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