Stephen Chow in Contract Dispute with Kitty Zhang

After Eva Huang Sheng YiStephen Chow Sing Chi is entangled in yet another contractual dispute with one his “Sing Girls,” Kitty Zhang Yu Qi.  Since her acceptance to take part in  Bai Lu Yuan <白鹿原>, Stephen Chow has remained silent until now.

Per Stephen Chow, “There are several departments in my company, my only obligations are with the directing aspect.  To have a director engage in managerial issues, wouldn’t that be rather absurd?”  When asked upon his opinion on how both his recent “Sing Girls” leeched off of him and left, he helplessly replied, “I think discussing this is useless, I’m letting the lawyers handle all of this.”

When asked whether Stephen was disappointed with promoting new artists, he expressed that when directing a film, new and old artists will be used and whether the company will sign on new artists, that would be a decision the company makes.

Pandamao:  Unlike Huang Sheng Yi, I felt Kitty Zhang Yu Qi is more grateful of what Stephen Chow gave her.  I sense less of a betrayal in this exchange as compared to Huang Sheng Yi, probably because Huang Sheng Yi seemed a bit more vocal about it.  I definitely do sympathize with both since Stephen Chow takes forever to film a movie and to have them turn down great opportunities is rather selfish of Stephen Chow too.  Regardless, I respect all decisions made from each party.

On a side note, according to wikipedia, we might be seeing Kitty Zhang in Stephen Chow’s new movie,Journey to the West.

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  1. Just based on this pic, this Kitty girl kind of looks like Korean actress Song Hye Gyo. There seems to be a lot of contract issues with these new girls that Stephen Chow signed on. I would say his most memorable choice would be Cecilia Cheung? She is the most popular of all of them all and still has a good relationship with him.

  2. Journey to the west? Didn’t he did that movie years ago? Or a sequel or another version or something else?

    She’s the one in CJ7 right? Very beautiful and I can understand why they sued him.

  3. these hk companies keep their artists on such a tight leash.. maybe if they gave room for their artists to expand, they would be more grateful and loyal! The artists would gain more experience and be better actors/singers and have a better relationship with their management company!

  4. The journey to the west is probably something different from what came out in the 90s.

    These companies tend to think like this, “i created you, you should be grateful and remain loyal under any circumstances.”

    the whole customer service concept is somehow lost in china. to me, this will prevent the chinese from ever dominating as industry leaders.

  5. First it was Eva and now it is Kitty Zhang?? Boy, I wonder if it is Stephen’s fault or their fault??

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