Stephen Chow and Yu WenFeng Split After 10 Years Together

Stephen Chow Sing Chi and heiress, Yu Wenfeng’s, ten year relationship may be over. The pair started dating in 1999 and Wenfeng helped Stephen manage his film company, Star Overseas.  The press dubbed Wenfeng as Stephen’s auspicious star.

Allegedly, Wenfeng may already have a new love interest in Liu Hiu Sing, the son of Chong Hing Bank’s Liu Lit Man. A representative from Stephen’s company said, “We will not respond to the personal lives of our artists.”

Yu Wenfeng is the youngest daughter of Yu Ching Po, founder of Kumagai Gumi (Hong Kong), now known as Hong Kong Construction Holdings, Ltd., one of the largest real estate developers in Asia . In 2003, Wenfeng joined Stephen’s company, Star Overseas, as head of Corporate Finance. Wenfeng advised Stephen to invest wisely in various real estate properties that resulted in millions in profits.

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Jayne: Without Yu Wenfeng, Stephen’s company, Star Ovearseas, may not have reaped such positive financial gains. I hope the news of their break-up is not true…

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  1. It could be true. I didn;t even know he was with someone! Anyway I find it interesting that Stephen Chow was always with women who are capable in their own ways, not necessarily drop dead gorgeous but independent and capable. Very interesting aspect of Stephen Chow in my opinion.

    Anyway the breakup may be amicable, she may continue to run the business. She must have a stake in the company.

  2. I know there has been a lot of negative publicity on Stephen Chow but for some reason, none of this affected me. I’m still waiting patiently for his next film.

  3. Pandamao, Stephen’s new proect, “Tai Chi” is a remake of Bruce Lee’s “Return of the Dragon”. It will star Jack Black and Anne Hathaway. He met with Ethan Ruan earler as well. This is a high profile project for Chow…remake of Bruce Lee movie may not be the best material though.

  4. Remaking the movie with westerners in it? I didn’t know about this. Will he star in it?

  5. Stephen will act as a dishwasher in a restaurant possessing secret martial arts skills. I believe he is filming or will be filming this movie soon. Stephen is also acting as the director. Reportedly, the movie budget will be $60 million.

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