[STYLE] 7th Asian Film Awards Red Carpet Fashions

The 7th Asian Film Awards held on March 18 was dotted with big stars and rocking fashions on the red carpet. Several plunging necklines and barely there fashions pushed Asian red carpet fashions to more daring heights, while many actresses opted for more conservative cuts.


AFA 2013 Jessic C 37th Asian Film Awards

Model Jessica C. left the most memorable impression with her plunging sequined top and pants ensemble. The sequin detail is exquisite, and the sheer insets provide a tantalizing side view of Jessica’s curvaceous figure. Jessica looked glamorous and sexy, outshining more traditional fashions at the 7th Asian Film Awards. For an even classier look, Jessica should have custom hemmed her pants, traded in the earrings, and swept up her hair.

AFA 2013 Miriam Yeung 4AFA 2013 Niki Chow 1

Miriam Yeung’s (楊千嬅) Viktor & Rolf gown is artfully draped. All folds flow from the bow at the neck, including the cold-shoulder sleeves, giving balance and symmetry to a look that may have otherwise been too heavy.

Niki Chow’s (周麗淇) dress is extremely light, and she may even be under-dressed for the occasion. But the beautiful color and sheerness of the dress made Niki look spring-sensational. Coupled with her impeccable makeup, Niki appeared vibrant and glowing.

AFA 2013 Annie Liu 3aAFA 2013 Annie Liu 3

The shoulder detail in Annie Liu’s (劉心悠) Chailie Ho (何裕釵) vanilla gown is beautiful. The bridal influences are a tad too strong for a red carpet event though.

7th Asian Film AwardsAFA 2013 Gwai Lun Mei 2

Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊) glittered in an Elie Saab gown with magnificent diamonds, while Kwai Lun Mei (桂綸鎂) opted for a minimalist Christian Dior gown with a tapered skirt. The black-and-white peep-toe heels were a perfect match!

AFA 2013 Gigi Leung 2AFA 2013 Gigi Leung

Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) wore two flattering Lanvin silhouettes which showcase her model figure and her never-ending limbs. The cut of the Lanvin dress on the right is beautiful, although the red-and-black combination would benefit in lighter hues.

AFA 2013 Fiona Sit 2AFA 2013 Ada Liu 2

The applique on Fiona Sit’s (薛凱琪) Gucci dress is beautiful, but the long length of the gown smothered her petite figure. Ada Liu (柳岩) and Christy Chung’s (鍾麗緹) dresses look ready to fall apart at the slightest gust of wind; fortunately no wardrobe disasters occurred.

AFA 2013 Fala Chen 3cAFA 2013 Fala Chen 2

The best view of Fala Chen’s (陳法拉) gown is from the back, in which the criss-cross black straps dip daringly low. However, the front view is disappointing as the motif, black bow and shapeless fit makes you wonder whether this is a nightgown or evening gown?


AFA 2013 Mandy Lieu Valentino 2AFA 2013 Yuan Quan 4

Mandy Lieu’s Valentino and Yuan Quan’s (袁泉) Givenchy dresses have overly busy prints that are best left in small doses or home furnishings.

This fashion review is written by Jayne  for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Am I old fashioned?
    I would have said Michelle Yeoh or Fala Chen were best dressed by a long shot and half of those women should be slapped for their dress choices being so outrageously fugly.
    Asian sense of fashion confuses the heck out of me. So few get it right, and so many get it wrong by trying too hard.

    1. I love Annie Liu’s dress.
      Also like Michelle Yeoh n Kathy Chow’s look too…

    2. For the WORST DRESSED i also want to add:
      Miriam Yeung & Gigi usually wears well but for some reason none of her above 2 choices…

    3. Panzer,
      Michelle Yeoh’s look is easy on the eyes, however it doesn’t really stand out. The dress doesn’t feature anything new that hasn’t been done before.

    4. Hum…I guess most people like Michelle Yeon’s. I do too and i also like….
      Annie Liu’s – pretty angelic looking
      Fala – looks cute too but a bit too lingerie style for me…
      Waaaaa, Miriam’s – perhaps i dislike red immensely or the dress. It looks awful. The worst dressed is indeed correct and also want to add Kwai Lun Mei. awww…scary.

    5. The ugliest I am seeing are below 3?

      Kwai Lun Mei (桂綸鎂) + Mandy Lieu’s Valentino and Yuan Quan’s (袁泉

      Where are they heading to? A grandmother’s birthday party???
      Haha LOL…

      Perhaps, they can black the designers for designing them alone? ahahah LOL..OMG…so ugly

    1. dd,
      Jessica C’s body looks like a mannequin, but her sequin outfit is beautiful and memorable among more traditional cuts.

      1. I don’t know, I guess so. I don’t know anything about fashion. What I do know is she should’ve worn something that would cover her fake boobs more

      2. I agree, I don’t know whether it’s real or fake boobs she has but she carries that dress well. Just the right touch I think. Gigi Leung has a great fit as well but she didn’t really look all that swell above. The white one was passable but the black one made her boobs look too big.

      3. I personally think Jessica’s outfit top is too revealing and if her stylist can’t get the pants hemmed, I don’t thnk that’s “best dressed”.

  2. I think Miriam’s is my favorite. I also like her hair and makeup here.

    1. I actually think there’s too much happening at the shoulders with the constant draping.
      That’s just my opinion.

      1. Same here. I think it was way too busy. For black and red dresses, it’s always better to keep it simple. IMO too of course 🙂

      2. I actually like all the draping and how it’s knotted near the neck. hehe

      3. Agree with you. the dress is not tailored appropriately for her

    2. mariam looks different, did she do something to her face or is it part of bone shift

  3. Michelle Yeoh is best dressed. The rest are either skanky (oh too much!!), boring, old, drapy, safe, usual or just uninspired. Only Michelle looked like she was ready for red carpet.

    Jessica C is worst dressed because I am not sure but looks like her breasts are supported by footballs in them (fake ahem!).

    1. Fiona Sit dresses too old for her age. There is no glamour left it seems.

      1. LOL do you mean that pink dress she’s wearing, or she usually dresses too old for her age? Fiona’s already 31, if you didn’t know. She just has a baby face.

  4. I like Michelle Yeon, Annie Liu, Fala & JESSICA C…

  5. I really liked the look of Fala’s dress from the back and from the side. But the front is really disappointing. The applique looks really haphazard and poorly sewn on.

    I like Annie’s dress, and would like to see more of Gigi’s Black & Red number. It’s a bit of a dichotomy. The top is so conservative with the extreme high neckline and squared off shoulder, but the dress sports such a daring slit up the side. Is the red material a part of the back of the skirt? Or is it in addition to the skirt?

    Christy is my worst dressed there… that dress looks ready to come apart at the seems.

    1. I adore Fala’s dress too. But she may not have the perfect breasts to pull off this dress.Maybe that’s why it looked just mediocre from the front

  6. I love what Jessica is wearing, not everybody could pull off a dress like that unless you have an incredible body like her. Fala’s dress is too simple it almost looks like a lingerie not the best pick for red carpet event. And Annie Liu have the most beautiful face I say!

    1. It’s more of a pantsuit instead of a dress. haha, the sad part is that unless you use A LOT of tape and you’re really good with your nu bra, the only people who can pull off a dress like that are those with fake boobs. Real boobs will sag cuz of gravity and well, if you got no boobs you probably shouldn’t wear something like that.

  7. The bottom half of Miriam’s dress was too heavy for me but her top half and make up worked really well.

    annie liu was the only one i had very little complaints on. it was nice but not a fan of the color hue.

  8. fala looked so pretty from the back. not from teh front.lol

  9. Glamorous star of d nite can only b Michelle Yeoh=stunning n elegant!

  10. For me, the best dressed would be Annie Liu, Niki, Fiona. For Annie, I love the style and Fala’s back view of the dress is just gorgeous. I tend to like simple dresses :/ I generally find Jessica C’s outfit to be disturbing. Jessica C is pretty, I have to say. It doesn’t seem like it was a dress. It felt like a top and some sort of pants. It doesn’t matter who wears that deep v outfit, I just hate that look.. it’s not that flattering. The color is nice though:3

    And sorry to offend anyone!

      1. Thanks for clarifying but I am not too fond of that style. It doesn’t matter who wears it though.

  11. Annie and Fala have the best looking dress and their both soooo pretty!!..

  12. Jessica C looks like a skank, and I’m not even talking about her outfit. Her make up is wayyy too heavy. Just compare her make up to the rest, who are already in thick make up for this event, yet her make up looks much thicker than theirs. Foundation is like a flat mask, too much bronzer, eyebrows overly-tweezed and hard, raccoon eyeliner and stacks of falsies… they sure know how to make a young women look old.

    Fala’s outfit’s a 10 from the side, but a 3 from the front.

    Fiona looks very sweet in that dress. The colour is very pretty on her, but definitely too long.

  13. That chick’s bossom looks artificial and her make up?! What the?!

  14. tbh, i don’t really like any of the outfits, although fala’s dress would’ve looked nice with a tighter fit around the waist, and annie’s with a longer skirt. am surprised jessica c was named best dressed. her outfit was the most unique, but doesn’t mean it was the best! miriam’s, fiona’s christy’s and the bottom two are pretty awful too.

  15. Chailie Ho’s photo is really something, lean on nothing till so tilted and never fall. Wonder how she did it.

  16. 1)Jessica’s pantsuit is actually quite glamorous and she has the right accessories but the hem is dragging a little. Unfortunately with that plunging neckline, it’s so obvious her boobs will stay upright even when she’s lying down (i.e. boob job).

    2)Miriam Yeung’s gown could have been better without that huge knot at the neck. Her upswept hair was flattering and that red suits her.

    3)Niki Chow is under-dressed….more like attending a weekend party. Not bothered with hair or accessories.

    4) I like Annie Liu’s gown, soft, feminine and that shoulder detail not overdone but just enough to catch attention.

    5)Michelle Yeoh’s gown is not that fantastic either but because she has the whole package, i.e. evening hairdo, diamonds, it transformed her tremendously.

    6)I find Kwai Lun Mei’s Dior gown rather elegant. Less is more and a pair of diamond droop earrings would have made her look more stunning.

    7) Gigi Leung should have that cream number as a gown instead of dress, it would have flattered her figure even better compared to that black number (that neckline made her boobs look odd).

    8)The applique on Fiona’s gown is indeed pretty but because she is petite, it looked like the ‘gown is wearing her’. Pity.

    9) As for Ada Lui (her boobs are the opposite of Jessica’s, saggy at such a young age) and Christy Chung’s outfit is tasteless.

    10)Everyone agree that Fala’s dress is more attractive at the back than the front (those haphazard embroidery looks cheap).

    11)I think Mandy Leiu’s Valentino (my preference) surpassed Ada, Christy and Fala’s gowns. One eye-catching accessories would have done the trick.

    12)Poor Yuan made the wrong choice.

    Overall most of the women are not dressed for red carpet. Had they paid more attention to their hair, accessories like earrings/chokers/bracelets, etc, even a simple dress will make them dazzle. Need to return to ‘fashion class’.

  17. maybe fala need to have another cosmetic surgery, she look so plain for an actress, must get it done, so many competition out there

    1. Fala plain?

      And did you just encourage plastic surgery?

  18. I find that most of the outfits the stars are wearing are not tailored appropriately for their figure, which annoys the hell outta me because the dresses have so much potential and they could’ve pulled it off so much better

  19. IMO, contrary to what the writer said, Jessica C is NOT the best dressed. It looks like some floppy jumpsuit that’s about to fall apart. And her mannequin makeup plus fake boobs, yeh not nice.

    Actually all of them are quite bad

  20. Jessica C and Miriam should have WORST dressed. Doesn’t look nice at all.

  21. I dont know why, I quite like Miriam’s dress. I think Fala’s dress (the back is nice) but the front is nothing special, it’s more like a lingerie. As for Gigi Leung, I think the cream dress looks nice on her.

  22. omg i luv niki’s dress! It so fits the springtime now 😛
    Bit biased, but I always thought Niki is radiant, but this time, im so happy to hear that other people can also see her glow now!! <3<3

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