Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma to Share Kiss Scene in “The Paintings of Bureaucracy”

Despite their frequent collaborations, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) are confident that they will generate new romantic sparks in upcoming period drama The Paintings of Bureaucracy <官場浮世繪>.

Tavia and Kenneth became a top on-screen couple after the success of The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> in 2012. The positive reception created many money-making opportunities for the two, and won them recognition during awards season. They continued the hype with Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國> during the same year, and in 2013 returned to their popular physician roles in sequel The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II>.

This year, the pair will reunite once again in producer Lee Tim Shing’s (李添勝) period drama The Paintings of Bureaucracy. Set in the Qing Dynasty, Kenneth plays a righteous man whose main goal in life is to banish corruption. He attracted some unfriendly attention as a result, and hires Tavia, an orphan with a martial arts background, to be his bodyguard.

At the series’ blessing ceremony on February 18, Tavia revealed that she and Kenneth will share a kissing scene but added that it may not be very romantic. “It will take place under unusual circumstances, but it will be very beautiful.” Since Kenneth frequently jokes that he will ask TVB producers to add extra kissing scenes with his female co-stars, Tavia was asked how she would handle this request. Not at all worried, she points out that Kenneth is all talk and no action, and would probably be too gutless to proceed if she asks for the same.

Dateless on Valentine’s Day

Joining the trend of celebrating Valentine’s Day at work, Kenneth, whose birthday falls on February 13, spent both days filming nonstop for The Paintings of Bureaucracy. Speaking with the press earlier this week, Kenneth said, “Both days I started working at 6 am, and after work, I had a birthday dinner with my family. I spent Valentine’s Day with Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪).”

Kenneth also denied spending February 14 with Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) or Tracy Chu (朱千雪), laughingly stated that not everyone has to find a girl to spend Valentine’s Day with every year. Instead, the actor chose to focus on work in order to save up for an multimillion dollar house that his mother wanted.

Sources: On.cc; Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine and Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Bored with this pair. Can find another pairing for either one?

    Kissing scene, not romantic = accidental kiss (again)?

    1. Saw her interview on tv yesterday, some kind of kiss in the water.

    2. it’s an underwater kiss scene, as for whether or not it’s an accidental one, who knows

  2. Ooww… Kissing scene!!! Nice… Looking forward to this drama haha!! Love the pairing so much.

  3. I am watching that storm cocoon series and I love Steven Ma and Tavia pairing and poor Hong Wah, 1 excellent episode and dead. Anyway I wonder, why does Tavia wear so much make up? WHY?!

    1. My exact comment when I was watching the drama — why do lowly production workers wear so much make-up? So unrealistic and really took me out of the scenes!

      1. It is not only her or is it a new thing. Even back in the days, celebs were already wearing lots of make up.

      2. Maggie Shiu looks quite natural, a lot less make up compared to the others. Tavia have the heaviest make up though.

      3. She is supposed to be less make up but she wears most make up to look less. Why? And when she came out she had less make up she actually looked better

      4. Tavia did have those injections and all which I think really messed up her nose and all. Plus,she is older and who can be forever young? Of course she would need to use more make up to cover up her flaws and enhance her looks. I wonder how she looks without the make up? Very curious…

    2. It’s probably because of her plastic surgery and/or Botox. Plastic surgery leaves marks on your face so you will need extra concealer and foundation to cover it up. It’s even worst that now there’s HDTV that highlights every little thing.

      1. Oh yea, that is true how due to the HDTV now that you can see everything, not like back in the days. However, they wore a lot of make up back then too but not sure if it is as much as now.

      2. I agree that they wear a lot of makeup back then or rather they seem like they wear a lot of makeup. But that’s because the technique and quality of makeup isn’t as advanced as it is now. BB cream didn’t exist a decade ago, primers aren’t as well developed as it is now and loose powder is a lot more coarse. So even a thin layer of loose powder a decade ago could seem thick because of the coarse texture. Plus they didn’t have as much access to expensive facials that could easily cost an arm and leg to refine your pores or smooth out your complexions, etc etc.

        That being said, tavia needs to understand her skin tone color and match it instead of going 4 or 5 shades lighter on her face and ignoring her neck colour. Even if she’s wearing only one or two layers of makeup it looks like she’s wearing a white face mask.

        I think Maggie’s makeup is perfect for her character. She’s a poor low class factory worker in a small town. They should be slightly tanned, skinny and weathered. Not pale, loaded with makeup, wearing thick false eyelashes and fancy lipgloss like Tavia.

      3. True but I do not think there have been that many advances in make up is there? Make up is make up and I also do not see what the big deal is with BB cream. That is just a foundation/concealer in the form of a cream. I do not think that is anything new. But then again, maybe you guys know better than me who never wears make up.

      4. Bb cream stands for blemish balm, it’s an all in one product that is suppose to replace sunblock, serum, moisturizer and foundation. With extended use of bb creams it can minimize acne marks, smooth out your complextion and give you a glowy look. So it’s an all in one beauty/makeup product. But foundation has no added benefits for your skin, well there’s probably some sunscreen added but that’s about it.

        Makeup will always be makeup but its improved greatly from what it was let’s say 15-20 years ago. The difference would be someone looking look they wore layers of makeup (cakey) over someone who seems more ‘natural’.

      5. I’m a huge fan of BB cream. Been using it for more than 5 years. I’m too lazy with all the make up etc so it’s a one stop shop for me. I just use BB cream for a light coverage and sun protection.

      6. Can recommend a good one? All I know about BB creams is Face Shop and I want to know if there are others better for sun coverage and suitable for sensitive skin?

      7. Asia is great with many options for BB cream. If you’re in Malaysia (I guess you are), Laneige is good. I haven’t used it over the past 2 years since I can’t buy it in UK and Australia. I’m using Clinique BB at the moment, not that good compared to Laneige.

      8. By the way, I still use moisturiser and eye cream before using BB because weather in UK is cold and dry.

      9. I have heard a lot of things about BB cream and yes, I know it means blemish balm. However,it is still make up so my parents would not like me using it. Luckily, I have a pretty decent complexion so do not use it. Also, we would have remove it after wearing it and I get very very lazy to do so.

      10. @Funn,
        There is really a CC cream too? You must be kidding me. They are really trying to bank in with this BB cream trademark. I wonder how different it is from BB cream?

      11. @puff,
        You can order many various brands of BB cream online and on EBay. I see so many different and various kinds on EBay and online.

      12. Funn, there’s such a thing called cc cream – color correction. It’s basically the same thing as bb cream, just lighter coverage.

        I have used missha, skin79, laneige and Estee Lauder. For me I think missha has the best coverage and it matched my skin tone perfectly.

        I suggest you get a few samples from different brands and try it out for at least 2 hours to see how it reacts with your skin. Bb cream oxidizes and changes color to match your skin tone and some women claim to look orange from different brands.

      13. BB cream is always whiter on face than foundation. So use BB cream in day light will make face looks a bit cakey.

      14. Thanks HTS. I’m not a big fan of ordering online cosmetics because I don’t know how long they’ve been sitting in the warehouse and it might be bad for the skin as a result.

        Yes I tried CC from Clinique (free sample) but still prefer BB. The new just launch thing is DD (Dynamic Do-All), supposed to be a hybrid of BB and CC, but I haven’t tried it.

      15. So many brands, so many types. Lazy me just want 1 type to RULE THEM ALL. Now I am confused. I suppose AA is already taken (batteries) so they had to start with BB and even before I got to know more, there’s CC and now you’re telling me there’s DD. Some people will end up using BB, CC and DD and I can’t imagine how the face will look like. As smooth as mannequin? Thanks for the recommendation. I am looking into few brands other than Facebook, but all rather expensive.

      16. @puff,
        You are welcome but I can tell you that I buy/order most of my skincare products online on EBay and Amazon because they are a lot cheaper than buying in the stores. They all have expiration dates too so you do not need to worry about being overdue or anything like that. I have bought my products for years and my skin is fine. But I cannot tell you about BB or CC creams since I never wear make up nor have I used those and use minimal skin care. Also,I get the cheapest items that seem to work well because many expensive products are a rip off and do not do much.

      17. Thanks HTS. I have sensitive skin, so I try not to get from internet. But I might try missha BB (thanks Nyn). It’s got good review, but I can only get it from amazon or eBay in UK.

      18. @puff,
        You are welcome and sorry that I did not know you had sensitive skin. I tend to forget that we all have different types of skin. I guess I am lucky that my skin is normal so I can use pretty much anything for the most part but try to be careful since my mom says it is bad to use too much skin care or make up due to all of the chemicals and stuff.

  4. travia had her face done long ago before her nose job, best to go natural

  5. I think tavia’s makeup is ok
    /she can cut back on the gloss tho! Her lips are way too shiny.

    However loving storm in a cocoon so far!! Love love love stevias chemistry!

    Kinda sad tho, although with a pretty huge cast there is not much of a promotion from tvb.

    1. I’ve always had the impression that Tavia is always reluctant to do kissing scenes with Kenneth, or any real intimate scenes with him for that matter lol.

      1. Why? Are his lis crusty and dry? I personally would not kiss a guy with dry and cracked lips.

      2. You’re asking me and how would I know? lol Perhaps you should personally figure it out by giving kenneth a pash. But Mandy Wong did say in an OnCall interview that Kenneth’s kisses were ‘dry’ (Go figure LOLOL)

      3. You are so funny Clementine. I thought that you knew. I wish I can give his lips a try but I know that I cannot get that chance. Maybe he us not an experienced kisser? I thought he kissed ok, but some of the kiss scenes that I have seen him in seemed a bit forced.

      4. Kenneth’s kisses were dry doesn’t mean he has dry lips, just means that he’s a lousy kisser so the girl got “no feel”. Is he by any chance, i wonder……

  6. not advisable for an actor to have plastic surgery cos ps and botox will kill face expressions.. miss 620 lok has been giving a lot of people wrong advice

  7. Tavia looks like she has a lot of make up because she is tanned .. her skin tone is not as fair as others, thus more obvious. She’s still a fine actress to me. I like her on screen. You haters stop being so jealous …

    1. So she wears inches of powder to achieve the fair look? But even her lip gloss to make her lips look moist but natural seems too thick. Someone she is just wearing too much when MAggie, who is years older surprisingly seems to be wearing so little

    2. I’m jealous with those that has perfect complexion without any makeup, I have only seen it twice in my life and Tavia isn’t one of them. Anyone can wear layers of makeup should they choose, what’s to be jealous of?

      1. I agree that if you can have a nice complexion with no form of make up on then maybe people are jealous. However, if you have to achieve that in layers and layers of make up then what is there to be jealous of? Make up is like a mask and once you take mask off,that is really how you look.

    3. I’m no haters, I generally give good comments about Tavia, I like her as an actress and loving this pairing with Steven. But her make up is too thick in this show. It’s not suitable for her character. Maggie Shiu on the other hand is wearing light natural make up to suit the role.

  8. Looking forward to their acting performances in this series. Despite their many collaborations, the plot and their characters do seem refreshing and interesting to me.

    1. Tavia the actress the brings the best out in ma Ming like no other actress has

  9. Loving the storyline of Storm in A Cocoon so far! Every episode keeps me at interest to make me chase after the next episode. As pointed out by a commenter here, doesnt seem like tbb is putting much promotion for this series, but oh welps! Still watching it nevertheless 🙂

  10. Gotta say it tavia like Jessica and flora Ada tavia better then sheh.. Sheh thinks she’s better then everyone sheh not that good

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