Thai Version of “Boys Over Flowers” Drops First Trailer

The craze is not over—Thailand’s GMM TV has dropped its first trailer on their own TV drama remake of the popular manga series Boys Over Flower.

Boys Over Flower, known in Japanese as Hana Yori Dango, was a shojo manga series serialized from 1992 to 2004. The protagonist is a teen girl who gets entangled with her school’s most popular boys, the “F4” (Flower Four), who are from wealthy and powerful families.

The manga reached international fame and recognition following the 2001 Taiwanese TV adaptation Meteor Garden <流星花園>, which produced the famous boy band F4. In 2005, Japan released its own TV adaptation, followed by South Korea’s Boys Over Flowers in 2009. In 2018 Angie Chai (柴智屏)—the original producer of Meteor Garden—re-adapted the series in China. GMM TV’s F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers will be the fifth official TV adaptation, and Thailand’s first adaptation of the series.

Newcomer Tu stars as Gorya (Makino Tsukushi), Bright as Thyme (Domyoji Tsukasa), Dew as Ren (Hanazawa Rui), Win as Kavin (Nishikado Sojiro), and Nani as M.J (Mimasaka Akira).


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  1. I am actually surprised it took them so long to film a remark of this popular manga. I am looking forward to this…I wonder which rich property will they use as the filming sets… The Thais tend to have a number of repeated properties they rent to film in. And they are all huge…. The rich in Thailand are mega rich….the poor are exteremely poor….Rather sad.

  2. i somehow thought they made one a while ago. i know taiwan, china, korea, and japan’s have had for sure.

  3. Thailand makes better dramas than TVB these days. I am old enough to still remember when TVB was leaps and bounds ahead of the Thai TV industry in every way. How the fortunes have changed. One kept declining, while the other kept progressing.

  4. I’m used to the old chinese and korean version all these remake doesn’t click with me lol

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