“Truth or Dare” Fails to Receive Love

Chinese historical rom-com Truth or Dare <花好月又圆> premiered on Youku on June 8. Led by Li Gengxi (李庚希) and Huang Junjie (黄俊捷), it drew interest as a remake of the classic drama Wrong Carriage, Right Groom <上错花轿嫁对郎>.

Truth or Dare tells an unexpected love story following two people coming from different backgrounds, and finding themselves caught up in a fateful mistake that ends up changing their lives forever. It begins with bright and talented street performer Xiao Wanzi (Li Gengxi) making a living with her father by showcasing their skills of breaking a huge boulder on the chest. Due to a chance encounter, she hops onto the wrong marriage carriage and suddenly sees herself being forced to marry a prince.

While low-budgeted romantic web dramas are often overlooked because of their rookie casting and cliche plot, Truth or Dare is highlighted particularly because of its poor production. As a remake, there are high expectations for it to achieve the same success as the original 2000 classic which starred Nie Yuan (聂远) and Huang Yi (黄奕) . Even if the budget is low, great acting often compensates and makes it possible to secure positive reception.

Unless viewers are fans of the cast, Truth or Dare might as well be skipped because of the poor storyline and awkwardly exaggerated acting.

“Truth or Dare” Trailer

Source: Baidu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @hohliu I ended after 2nd episode. lol haha but that’s just me thou. If people like romance w/o thinking too much it’s for them. Actually, like no thinking involved easy to predict and just stress free enjoying it which obviously isn’t my cup of tea. ahaha ..I like mine w/history, good fighting/action scenes. It’s one of those numerous sweet sweet love kind of cdramas that’s always in demand. The ML is kind of cute thou but main FL one isn’t that cute but I guess that’s always how they picked them. I do like the 2nd lead cute couple but it’s not enough to finish it til the end. I heard it’s a remake of some sort.

      1. @wm2017 Since I have not watched original, this remake will just be a new drama for me. I have a long list of dramas waiting to watch. Am considering removing this from my list as it I am not too keen on it… Thank you for your feedback.

    2. @hohliu I tried it for a few eps but don’t like it.I guess it is hard when refilming a classic as there is always a high standard to stand up to. My main problem with it is that the original series was very short yet fit a lot of plot int it. This series is very draggy and some bits don’t make sense and the leads seem more stupid (sort of like “The Promise of Changan” is very draggy). They are cute together though but nothing that will make me yearn for the next episodes. I have stopped watching so far and will catch when I have time.

      1. @elizabeth I do find many Cdrama too draggy!!! many stories can end in half the time but they just add more boring content to drag out time. They are just creating more eps to earn more sponsor fees… LOL.

  1. I am so tired of Cdrama of weak and boring storyline of romance and nothing much and poor acting from the leads. Enough of leading characters who dislike each other at first and have to bicker their way to find love, enough of brash FL, enough of main leads accidentally falling onto each other causing their lips to touch, enough of the FL being so captivated by falling flowers/snow/leaves/fireflies that she has to turn around and around in them while the ML finds her innocent beauty so captivating.
    Felt that the ML acting was bad in another drama so didn’t attempt to catch this. Guess it is permanently off the list.
    Nothing to watch these days.

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