10 Rising Chinese Actresses

On top of the growing list of young hot actors, there is also a beautiful group of new mainland Chinese actresses on their way to becoming the next generation of top stars. Most of them gained recognition through their historical roles, as period costumes and makeup can highlight one’s graceful beauty.

Here are the following 10 rising actresses:

1. Zhao Lusi (趙露思)

Breaking out with The Romance of Tiger and Rose <传闻中的陈芊芊>, Lusi is receiving love calls from both drama and variety shows. Well-versed in playing historical roles, Lusi is leveraging her experience and busily filming three highly-anticipated upcoming dramas, including A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College <國子監來了個女弟子>, The Long Ballad <長歌行 >, and Who Rules the World <且試天下>. If Lusi excels in all three high-budgeted dramas, it will put her on the path of becoming the next A-list actress, following Yang Mi (杨幂) and Zhao Liying (赵丽颖).

2. Guan Xiaotong (关晓彤)

Known as the Nation’s daughter, Xiaotong has held a special place in viewers’ hearts since her child star days. Although she previously received criticism for her performance in Untouchable Lovers <鳳囚凰> and does not have any representative work, netizens still see her potential and expect her to prosper in upcoming years with her stable acting. Currently, her historical rom-com drama I Am Just This Type of Girl <我就是这般女子> with co-star Hou Minghao (侯明昊) is waiting to premiere.

3. Song Zuer (宋祖兒)

The public also deemed the former child star to have potential as her past historical dramas, The Dark Lord <夜天子> and Novoland: Eagle Flag <九州·缥缈录>, garnered considerable ratings and reviews. Despite the negative feedback that her wuxia drama Guardians of the Ancient Oath <山海经之上古密约> amassed this year, it was largely due to the poor production quality and not her acting. Viewers believe that there is a role out there that would bring her greater prominence.

4. Ren Min (任敏)

With successful results as a film actress, Ren Min is recognized for her natural and realistic acting. Venturing into the TV industry with Serenade of Peaceful Joy <清平乐>, her Princess Fukang character left a deep impression on audiences as she became the topic of discussion rather than the heroine Jiang Shuying (江疏影). Currently participating in the acting competition show Everybody Stand By 2 <演员请就位2>, she has been greatly acknowledged for her skills by directors in every round.

5. Zhang Xueying (張雪迎)

Her first historical drama, Princess Silver <白髮>, garnered considerable attention as she displayed her capabilities in playing the female lead. Her beauty and intelligence shone in her performance, successfully ridding her child star image. She is often compared with Xiaotong as they are the same age and were both child actresses.

6. Wang Churan (王楚然)

Gaining recognition with her performance in Serenade of Peaceful Joy, Churan is praised for her elegant beauty and ethereal disposition. Positively noted for having looks highly suited for historical roles, her recent costume appearance for her reenactment of the Painted Skin <畫皮> on Everybody Stand By 2 even went viral as netizens showered her with compliments. She will be starring alongside Wu Jinyan (吳謹言) in the upcoming drama Royal Feast <尚食>.

7. Sun Anke (孫安可)

Leaving a memorable impression in Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre <倚天屠龍記> last year, Anke was recognized for her beauty. There are high anticipations for her performance in upcoming historical dramas Winner is King <杀破狼> and Truth or Dare <花好月又圓>.

8. Teresa Li Gengxi (李庚希)

Playing different characters in youth dramas A Little Reunion <小歡喜> and Twenty Your Life On <二十不惑>, Teresa shows to have a bright future with her diverse potential. This is likely the reason she got cast for the high-budgeted and mature historical drama Sword Snow Stride <雪中悍刀行> despite her young age. Either way, it is expected she will display a refreshing performance with her upcoming historical dramas, including Truth or Dare.

9. Cheng Xiao (程瀟)

While Cheng Xiao is an idol-turned-actress, netizens regard her highly as her acting skills show great possibilities. Emitting sweet charms in historical costumes, she has been busily filming period dramas. Legend of Awakening <天醒之路> had already aired this year, while The World of Fantasy <灵域> and My Heart <卿卿我心> are waiting for a release date.

10. Zhou Ye (周也)

Previously trended for her bully role in Better Days <少年的你>, Zhou Ye gained popularity for being more than just a pretty face. Her delicate beauty makes a striking contrast with her antagonist character, so her performance garnered considerable praises. She received multiple dramas offers afterward, and there are anticipations for her first historical role in A Tale of the Wanderers <天涯客>.

Source: Beauty321

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Lol so many of these include disclosures of, “despie negative criticism” or “receiving negative feedback”, I think this site is being paid by the agencies representing these actors. There is no waymany of these actresses are rising stars. There a few who are meant to be “second tier”, for obvious reasons.

  2. Very beautiful young actresses …but I am not sure any of them in this list will repricate YangMi or Zhou Liying star power… Nothing personal, just a opinion.

  3. Honest question, how do people keep up with the Chinese entertainment industry? So many new people all the time! The only show/person I have watched from this list is Zhao Lusi’s The Romance of Tiger and Rose

    1. @linda LOL, I have seen 4 of the list….but you are right, too many are debuting each month. No point keeping up.
      The ones I enjoy watching are not even in the list.

  4. Zhao Lusi is definitely the current IT girl. No doubt she’ll continue her trajectory towards Zhao Liying’s level if her acting continues to draw crowds and ratings.

    Zhang Xueying is AMAZEBALLS. I was fascinated with her portrayal in Princess Silver; dude, she looked like she lived the role. Her acting was so natural. I had a hard time believing she was a newb, because she was so fresh, so good and so convincing. IMO I think she surpasses Yang Mi and Zhao Liying in acting.

    I haven’t really seen anyone else on this list, but I am surprised Peng Xiaoran from Goodbye My Princess isn’t on here. I heard she was really popular after the series.

    1. @coralie I agree that Zhang Xueying is great in acting in princess silver, she does seem very natural at it. However, she has no chemistry with her co-stars :/ with the main ML anyway. I don’t feel anything between those 2. Might feel something between her and the second ML but that’s more because Jing Chao was a great actor. Not so much between her and Luo YunXi either :/ so for her to be surpassing YM and ZLY, she will need to work on actually feeling it? Atm, she’s a natural pretty actress in her role but not a superb selling it kinda actress if you know what I mean.

      1. @littlefish that might have to do with her costar and main lead aarif rather than her acting itself. Aarif tends to not have much chemistry with his acting partners and his role in this drama turned me off, too. I also didn’t feel much for him when he was acting alongside fan binging.

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