TVB Actress Jacquelin Ch’ng is Getting Married

It’s been revealed that TVB actress Jacquelin Ch’ng (莊思敏) has officially applied for a marriage license with her boyfriend Brian Yang (楊秉逸), who is from Taiwan.

Last September, the 39-year-old actress announced on social media that she has been dating 40-year-old Brian, the owner of a bubble tea spot in Taiwan. Within six months of dating, Brian proposed to Jacquelin while they were on vacation in Phuket. Of course, Jacquelin immediately said yes.

Daughter of a wealthy Malaysian family, Jacquelin was raised in Hong Kong. With dreams of being a celebrity, Jacquelin worked as a model while studying at Chu Hai College of Higher Education, and debuted in 2000. In 2006, she started dating Deep Ng (吳浩康), and was rumored to be the third party in Deep’s relationship with Nancy Wu (胡定欣). The pair broke up in August 2011.

Jacquelin was also rumored to have dated businessman Alistair Lam (林忠豪), actor Sammy Sum (沈震軒), and director Patrick Kong (葉念琛), though she did admit that she never had a serious relationship after breaking up with Deep. In an autobiography, Jacquelin admitted that her first five relationships were with women.

Her younger sister Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明) is also an actress, and is currently dating Mat Yeung (楊明).


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  1. She looks so different in the pic above. Either she’s been getting things done or just using these apps to de-age her. Hate these apps now u have no idea what people really look like

  2. I actually spoke to her this morning and gave her quick congrats. Suggested her to just register first and deal with celebrations and banquet after all this coronavirus hoopla clears up just to satisfy the family. I asked her something else but got too drowsy to wait for her reply.

  3. I actually thought her guy looks younger than her didn’t know it’s the other way round. She reminds me of Sire Ma? Both are bisexual?

      1. @cutie777 Yup, esp the g/f of Matt Yeung. Think Julia Roberts – when she was young in that Pretty Woman film she already looked way older than her real age. Fast forward many years later and she looks almost the same. Pros & Cons. haha lol…. This Jacquelin Ch’ng the only thing I remember of her is supporting roles and does not shy away from sexy or kissing/intimate scenes. I don’t find any of her roles or face memorable either. haha lol…

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