Unaired Clip Reveals Drama Behind the Scenes of “Divas Hit the Road”

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Unaired Clip Reveals Drama Behind the Scenes of “Divas Hit the Road”

The third season of Hunan TV’s Divas Hit the Road <花儿与少年> premiered last month to much fanfare, but a recent unaired clip from last year’s season is putting the show back on the trend in gossip circles.

On Friday, an unaired scene from the second season of Divas Hit the Road was leaked online, proving that there was some actual drama among the divas of our cast.

The reality show, which premiered its first season in April 2014, stars a team of idol actors and singers who travel around the world to learn about different cultures. Season two of Divas had featured Summer Qing (许晴), Amy Mo (毛阿敏), Ning Jing (宁静), Ivy Chen (陈意涵), Zheng Shuang (郑爽), Yang Yang (杨洋), and Jing Boran (井柏然).

News about the Divas cast not getting along is not brand new information, having that Ning Jing once revealed that the only person who still sends her good wishes on holidays is Yang Yang. Prior to the premiere of Divas 3 in April 2017, Ning Jing expressed an opinion about how group living can be difficult, and that it “challenges [her] acting”, hinting at her experiences on the set of Divas 2 two years ago.

Netizens have been in-tune with the behind-the-scenes drama ever since Summer Qing mentioned in a season two episode that “the people in this season are all not normal”. Summer had suffered backlash by netizens from that comment.

But with the recent leak of an unaired scene from season two, many netizens are now finally understanding where Summer was coming from.

In the original cut of the episode, which aired in 2015, the Divas female cast were discussing about where they would be sleeping for the night—in a tent or in a trailer. The girls said they had no preference, with Zheng Shuang blurting out, “Anywhere works for me.” When no one could make an unanimous decision, Summer stepped out and said, “Since no one cares, Amy and I will sleep in the tent.” Later that episode during dinner, Summer said the infamous quote, “Because the people in the last season are the normal [ones].”

Summer suffered backlash from netizens by her comment, leading to speculation that the younger cast members—namely Ivy Chen and Zheng Shuang—were being bullied by their seniors. However, the unaired clip that leaked on Friday showed that Summer may have had a reason behind the harsh comment.

The unaired scene showed Ning Jing entering the trailer where Zheng Shuang and Ivy Chen were resting. Once she stepped into the trailer, she said, “They also want the tent,” and rolled her eyes. Zheng Shuang then pursed her lips, perhaps trying to warn Ning Jing that there were cameras inside filming them.

Ivy said, “That’s why I wanted to tell you—” but Ning Jing cut her off, saying, “Let’s talk about this more outside. Put on your shoes. [Expletive].”

A while later, when Jing Boran came into their trailer to discuss about the sleeping arrangements, Ning Jing told him, “I don’t want the trailer. It’s stuffy. The air quality is bad.” She then said to Zheng Shuang, “Don’t worry about it Shuang, we won’t be staying in the trailer anyways.” Zheng Shuang, who said she finds sleeping in a car dangerous, said, “That’s the best. I don’t want to stay here.”

Summer and Amy ultimately offered the tent to Ning Jing, Ivy, and Zheng Shuang.

This discussion did not appear on the final aired clip of the show, which was edited in a way that made it seem like Ning Jing and Zheng Shuang did not have a preference on where they wanted to stay at.

The unaired clip also showed Zheng Shuang’s tendency to not communicate with the rest of the cast. When Ivy told Zheng Shuang that she felt like everyone preferred sleeping in the tent, Zheng Shuang said, “I don’t think so. It’s not true.” Ivy then suggested Zheng Shuang to ask the rest of the cast about it, but Zheng Shuang replied, “I don’t think so. Don’t think like that.”

When this clip was leaked, Ning Jing said on her Weibo, “Let the past stay in the past. This old dust is making everyone choke.” Zheng Shuang commented, “Hahahahahaha if we have to be that immature, then I will quickly stand in line. Calling Ivy Chen!” Ivy responded, “Ivy’s here! Already standing.”

Source: QQ.com, Sina.com

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Unaired Clip Reveals Drama Behind the Scenes of “Divas Hit the Road”

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