“Xuan Yuan Sword 7” Movie Set in Modern Time

Adapted from the Chinese RPG game, Hunan TV drama, Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky <轩辕剑之天之痕> has consistently topped mainland China’s weekly TV ratings since its broadcast in July. The popularity of the drama has stirred a craze in China and many fans have called for a sequel. Recently, Hunan TV announced to take the periodic fantasy drama onto the big screen! Titled as Xuan Yuan Sword 7 <轩辕剑 7>, the movie version will interestingly be set in a modern setting of high-rise buildings.


In Xuan Yuan Sword 7, Jiang Jingfu (蒋劲夫) plays a video game addict who seeks to reach the final stage of a video game. Using 3 months to win the game, Jingfu realizes that the prize is not what he dreamt of. Instead of winning a prize or cash, there is only a mysterious girl named “Xiaoxue” (played by  Gulnazar 古力娜扎) who tells him that he is a descendant of the Chen Dynasty named Chen Jingchou. His mission is to save the world.

As Xiaoxue’s words seem bizarre and ridiculous to Jingchou, he loses his interest in the video game. He decides to leave his home and makes a living outside.

In a cloudy and stormy day, Jingchou met Xiaoxue again. As  more mysterious incidents happen to him, he begins to wonder if he is really the reincarnation of the heroic fighter. Jingchou also finds himself gradually attracted to Xiaoxue along the journey.

Jingfu: “Gulnazar Always Recalls My Fight Spirit! “

Jiang Jingfu and Gulnazar’s popularity skyrocketed after appearing in Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky. The newcomers even stole the limelight from the leading actors, Hu Ge (胡歌), Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗), and Tiffany Tang (唐嫣).

The bubbly and jovial Jingfu was usually chatty, but he refused to disclose much about the new movie. He only jokingly said, “Gulnazar always recalls my fighting spirit!”

The complicated relationship of Jingfu and Gulnazar in Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky created vigorous discussions from netizens. Netizens also hope that Jingfu and Gulnazar will reunite their romance and that the pair will eventually have a happy ending together in the movie. In response to that, Jingfu said that viewers should not dwell too much on the romance aspect. It is more important to focus on his character being dubbed as a “world saviour,” in which saviors are meant to accomplish a a higher mission, putting aside all romances.  

Jingfu said that viewers should focus on how a senseless Chen Jingchou is being re-woken by Xiaoxue after 1,500 years. Jingfu also shared that another movie highlight will be how the world savior battles against the fearsome mythical monsters in  modern high-rise buildings!

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 has just completed its final stage production and will be released on August 21, 2012.

Sources: Cjxtv.com, Sohu.com  

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  1. No more Hu Ge in Xuan yuan, right? He said that he won’t film this type of series anymore.

    1. I remember him saying that he will not film anymore Xian Jian series but not sure about this one. I guess he is just tired of video game based series and wants to film new series.

  2. Wait so there is no hu ge, cecelia Liu and Tiffany tang?

  3. I watch the drama for: Hu Ge(Handsome), Liu Shi Shi, Not the guy in the picture upfront.

    Hu Ge is right, these kind of series are sometimes boring, it must be like Chinese Paladin.

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