Kenneth Ma Wants to Delay Underwater Kiss With Tavia Yeung

Even though Kenneth Ma (馬國明) often jokingly asks for extra kissing scenes with his female co-stars, he actually hopes to delay filming his lip-lock with Tavia Yeung (楊怡) in director Lee Tim Shing’s (李添勝) Qing dynasty drama The Paintings of Bureaucracy <官場浮世繪>.

Kenneth has been busy juggling a tight shooting schedule and has little time left to do much else. Playing a son from a well-to-do family, his character becomes very determined to bring down corrupted officials and dedicates his life to doing so. By chance he runs into Tavia and her younger sister Cilla Kung (樂瞳), orphans found and raised by a Buddhist nun. Fearing retaliation for his vigilante effort, Kenneth hires the two sisters, who have martial arts backgrounds, to protect him. Kenneth and Tavia later develop feelings for each other on their journey to battle corruption, and Kenneth also accidentally triggers bad memories from Tavia’s past, causing her emotional breakdown.

Earlier reports revealed that they will share an underwater kiss, which Tavia described as “beautiful”. When asked about this specific scene on March 11 however, Kenneth’s only comment was that he hopes to film it at a later time as Hong Kong is currently suffering from cold, rainy weather.

Tavia was also on set on Tuesday to film an extremely emotional scene. Although she will have several action scenes in the series, she is happy that the moves are basic and none requires any special training. “Luckily I am not playing a top martial artist so I don’t have to hang on wires. I’m ready to go after doing just a basic warm-up!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I hope Cilla Kung isn’t playing the whiny, bratty, refuse to listen to anyone little sister role again.

    1. I agree she is so underrated in tvb! they make her play the same type of character over and over again only difference is in different time periods!

    2. i don’t know what other type of roles she qualified for. she kinda of the look for these types of roles. plus, she quite short, it’s difficult to think of other suitable roles for her.

  2. Is the underwater kiss the new fad? Didn’t Ruco and Linda film this type of scene for their series?

    1. yup, tvb gets one “new” idea and shoves it down our throats umpteen times till we throw up.

      1. ….very much like the accidental kisses and the dead resurrected as lookalikes or twins.

  3. Seriously, Kenneth Ma (馬國明)has to use other stunts to create some news. This is not new, getting boring and pulling down to lower level. In such competitive world, you really need more than just being slightly taller..and you are okay looking comparatively too. Grow up kid!!

  4. Kenneth, stop being a wimp. Ruco Chan did a few days of underwater scenes without a whimper of complain and those were during HK’s coldest days. Invest in a diving suit if you’re such a p-ussy.

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