“Triumph in the Skies 2” Cast Complains About Fala Chen?

Learning from the ratings failure of their last grand production, Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>, TVB initiated the promotional tour for Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> a month in advance. The pilot drama of 43 episodes finally premiered on Monday, July 15.

A sequel that had been 10 years in the making, Triumph in the Skies 2 is one of TVB’s most highly anticipated dramas of 2013. As one of Hong Kong’s most popularly-discussed dramas, rumors and gossip about the drama’s cast evidently came on board. According to various Hong Kong media outlets, TVB plans to hold five major promotional campaigns for Triumph in the Skies 2. The drama’s main cast is expected to attend; even lead actors Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖), both whom are not managed by TVB, are attempting to clear out their busy schedules. Leading actress Fala Chen (陳法拉), on the other hand, has been absent at the promotions. Currently studying in New York, Fala has rejected the producers’ request to return to Hong Kong to support the drama.

Fala did, however, attend the drama’s first promotion in Malaysia last month. That was the only promotional event she attended for Triumph in the Skies 2.

An insider said, “Fala came to that promotion because of money. She earned a six-figure sum for that two-day promotion.”

After ending her contract with TVB in May 2013, Fala left for New York to attend acting classes. She would only return to Hong Kong occasionally to attend scheduled modeling events or for the shooting of the Gordon Chan (陳嘉上) horror film, Tales from the Dark <李碧華鬼魅系列>. The producers of Triumph in the Skies 2 tried to get Fala to return to Hong Kong for the drama’s promotional activities, but she rejected their request. The producers reportedly gave up in convincing her to return.

Fala was also absent at the drama’s Singapore promotions on Friday, July 12. It was also noted that although Fala updated her Weibo consistently, she only talked about her life as a student and did not mention Triumph in the Skies 2 in her messages. However, she did talk about her new film, and a few days ago, she returned to Hong Kong briefly to do studio recordings for the film.

Due to Fala’s refusal to attend Triumph in the Skies 2 promotions, it has been reported that both Francis Ng and Chilam Cheung have grown impatient by the actress’ behavior. A source said, “Francis confided to Chilam, and both of them agreed that Fala does not even possess the typical integrity that is expected from an actor. As a member of the Triumph in the Skies 2 cast, she should fulfill her duties to promote the drama when it is airing. Just because she studied acting doesn’t make her a professional actress. They even mentioned that they don’t want to work with her ever again!”

The source continued, “Fala did not even try to promote the drama on her own [through social media]. She did nothing.”

Another source said, “Fala and Francis never really got along. Earlier, during the shooting of Triumph in the Skies 2, Fala would always request to have her own scenes added, pushing back Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) to the second female lead position. She was a diva and always ordered peopled around. When she disliked the storyline, she would have the producer to change the story to how she wanted it, and she would change all of the dialogue. Francis Ng had enough of her, and one day, he created some impromptu dialogue, and Fala couldn’t pick it up. The entire crew felt so good at her failure.”

Although Francis and Fala portray a couple in the drama, they reportedly did not get along. Rumors say that when they were filming overseas in Paris and London, their discord went up to another level. The source said, “Fala was never around with the group. She had many outtakes and was always late to work. Francis Ng couldn’t take it anymore, so one day, he cursed at her when they were shooting at The Louvre.”

Cast Responds

After the rumors surfaced, Triumph in the Skies 2 producer, Joe Chen (陳維冠) explained the reason for Fala’s absence from promotional events. “She is currently studying in a program. It’s not as if she will graduate after one class. She will promote the series when she returns [to Hong Kong] in August]. The company is not upset.

Contrary to the rumors, Chilam and Francis also indicated that they were not dissatisfied with Fala.

Source: Sina.com; Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Serves her right………thinking she is a Diva……..hahahahahaah………..just another dumb broad that will fade out of the limelight……..

  1. I can’t decide whether the rumors are true or just rumors.

    1. Rumours are open to interpretation and we are free to believe what we want and do not want to believe…

  2. Thank godness she realize that she needs extra acting classes and got herself enrolled in one! After watching her cry at the end of eps 3 I think I can do the same scene too by closing by face with both my palms,squint my eyes and make sobbing sounds! There you go I’m crying and I don’t need to go to acting classes 🙂

    Fala is just another pretty face and a total miscast.

  3. Fala’s crying scene is my nightmare, ever. She just CAN’T cry. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee Fala, what’s wrong with you?!

    1. We are not actress, nor has been trained by TVB in any way. But Fala is. With 7yrs of experiences in her belt, shouldn’t she be able to do it convincingly? Sleep on it, fellas!

      1. Fala has not been trained by TVB with any acting course.

  4. I’m thinking the rumors are only about half true. I don’t think she avoided going out with them as a group since she was the one who would usually help them book stuff and they (Ron, Francis, Chilam, Myolie and Nancy that I know of) all went to dinner together at least once.

    I think she was able to get along well with the above co-stars but I’m thinking she probably offended a lot of the back stage crew and one of them probably fed this story to the media.

  5. Not long ago there was a report where Fala said she would attend events the company arranged for her but they had only arranged two. Now it’s her who doesn’t want to help, lmao. It’s already been stated that she’s coming back to promote in August and it’s not like every cast member has attended every single event. Some events Myolie was missing, some Francis missed and some Chilam missed. But no news there?

    1. Oh yeah, and the “journalist” didn’t do a very good fact checking on the “source” because Fala did post about TITS2 several times on her weibo.

    2. It’s just another hate article on Fala Chen. I feel sorry for her because I also don’t completely believe all of these rumors since they are just too extreme.

  6. The rumour is not true, the news aleays makes up stories. Its pathetic!

  7. Remember that there are two sides to every story so usually the correct version is genrally in the middle. I am sure Fala is DIFFICULT to work with and the cast was DISPLEASED with her but they did NOT publicly CHASTISED her so not to make waves and anger TVB. But I am sure the crew members picked up on the negative small talk between cast members and probably added some SALT and VINEGAR to the small talk and put it out to the tabloids as cannon fodder.

    1. agree. besides this rumour has been written many times so there must be truth to it. besides didn’t fala herself said that she feel like snapping in england? this woman has high ambition and the fact that she can’t endure staying in tvb may contribute to how she feels like snapping and difficult to work with.

    2. “they did NOT publicly CHASTISED her so not to make waves and anger TVB”
      You forgot about “Miss C”.

  8. I believed some stuff up until they said Chilam and Frances doesn’t want to work with her ever again part. Like really? This piece of news is making Fala look bad which is quite normal. I mean we heard more ridiculous news such as Bobby Au Yeung is hard to work with. Ugh really?

    But anyways, aside from putting down Fala, they’re basically shading Frances and Chilam’s personalities as well. I highly doubt two established actors would say something like ‘I DON’T WANT TO WORK WITH HER EVER AGAIN’ I believe the part about them being unhappy, dissatisfied and in disbelief that she isn’t taking part in any of the promotions… that is believable everything else is like made up from some five-six year olds:

    Kid 2: I KNOW RIGHT

    1. Lol, crystal, since you brought up bobby, the latest piece of ridiculous news is about bobby calling a prostitute 😀

      1. Serious? Show me!

        I only saw the Bobby hard to work with on asianfanatics when I was doing my brief surfing. Lol.

      2. “(綜合報道)(星島日報報道)昨日歐陽震華(Bobby)現身無綫電視城,為劇集《情逆三世緣》準備宣傳工作。提到早前有指他北上尋歡,Bobby仍帶點怒氣,表示被該雜誌記者嚇到,「真係好嬲,有兩個高過我的男人跳出來,聲稱係記者。當時我拖住老婆隻手,佢成隻手都震晒!我預咗被你跟,預咗被你影,但係無預咗畀你嚇囉!」

        even his replies are hiilarious.

      3. Heres a translation.
        “There are two men who are taller than me, who jumped out of nowhere, and state that they were reporters. At that time i was holding my wife’s hand, and her hand started trembling. I expect to be followed, i expect to be photographed, but never would I have expected to be scared. ”

        About him going up north for pleasure, ” of course people go up north to look for pleasure, unless [you go] looking for revenge?”

      4. LOL. Yeah I plugged that in google translate and had the voice spit it back out in mandarin for me.

        Oh dear Bobby, how can anyone say he’s hard to work with?! AIYAH!

  9. Seriously- she’s chosen to study in New York. Being part of the production, of course the producer’s having the riht to request her to participate in promotional events, however to fly back to HK is out of the question…it’s not like she is able to drop her studies and put it on hold while she goes back a day or two for promo then fly back to NY to resume her studies…courses have scheduled classes, it’s not like classes will wait for her return. Dont know if rumours are true or not, but it sure sounds overblown and fabricated to make noise.

    1. As usual conjecture is pulled out of the *** and the sheep lab it right up.

    2. Totally overblown. Her contract ended in May. She has no obligation with tvb. So the cast expects her to shell out her own flight ticket just to do volunteer work for tvb…who in the right mind will do it!! In an average work force, NOBODY!

  10. Her acting so far in the drama has been appalling and clearly has no place to be one of the leads.

  11. TVB is desperate right now to promote anyone they can so I could understand.

  12. For christ sakes, she’s studying now, its obvious shes not got time to fly half way across the world for stupid promotions. Shes not TVBs lackey anymore.

  13. I have to clarify I’m not a hater. I do appreciate good actors/actresses in a drama. Among the TVB highly treasured fadans, I do think she is the most undeserving of the lot. She has been acting for 7yrs and yet her acting is pretty stiff and her crying scenes unconvincing. I’ve seen some newcomers that perform way better eg. Priscilla Wong, Eliza Sam, JJ Jia, Oceane Zhu. It is not the first time ppl has been complaining about her diva attitude. If there is none, then why the rumors? Nevertheless, perhaps back to acting classes is not so bad afterall. I do hope she’ll make a comeback and be a better actress acting-wise.

    1. I’ve never really fallen for the “If there is none, then why the rumors?” argument. Of course, there can be some truth to these (persistent) rumours or things can be blown out of proportion. On the other hand, we do have preconceived ideas of what these celebrities may be like and the media has a tendency to run with it, twisting and shaping every story to fit that mould.

      (Btw, I’m just rambling and not talking about Fala here.)

  14. Can’t fully blame Fala’s fault for not attending those promotional activities since her contract has ended. Her refusal doesn’t show her disrespect to this drama, “Triumph in the Skies,” since going back as a student, she has to go back to her studies so she doesn’t have time to attend them. She even said that she wanted to take acting classes which means she’s not someone who, “does not even possess the typical integrity that is expected from an actor,” but someone who is really serious for their acting career. I can understand that some may complain since the drama is, “one of Hong Kong’s popularly discussed dramas rumors and gossip,” but probably there were a lot of promotional events before that some people weren’t able to also attend because of their schedule. Fala is the same, only she has to attend classes so why pick on her only? Moreover, Fala has the right to put whatever she wants on her Weibo. Besides, Weibo is for Fala to show her fans her new updates, it’s not a place to advertise.
    Furthermore, all these complaints about Fala ordering people around sound quite odd. How can Fala, herself request her own scenes and change the story? It’s not like Fala is extremely famous so the producer doesn’t have to be oppressed by her.
    Lastly, everyone already knows that Fala and Francis don’t get along so It’s pretty stupid to complain that Fala was usually out of the group and taking outtakes. Who wants to stick to a person that you don’t get along with?
    I really hate these headlines where they make it sound as if Fala is really the bad, naughty girl. Like they’d give you a big section of complaints and a small cast respond that the company and cast do not show any dissatisfaction. Not everyone looks at every news so some may actually believe that Fala is that sort of person, ruining her reputation. So after reading the cast responds, it’s hard to tell whether all these complaints are true. If she was always late for work and with so much complaints, wouldn’t they want Fala to be out of the drama? It’s not like she’s the only person that fits this role.

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