Vincent Wong Suffered Depression While Shooting “Will Power”


Having starred as the incompetent Jimmy Chung in last year’s Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> and the cheating Gilbert Sun in this year’s anniversary drama Will Power <法外風雲>, Vincent Wong’s (王浩信) unlikable roles did not settle well with the audience. Though praised for his convincing performances, Vincent said he was depressed throughout the duration of shooting Will Power earlier this year.

“Not only did [my character] want Fala Chen (陳法拉), he also desired Sire Ma (馬賽). Then he was pressured to do drugs, and also raped Sire. During the times I filmed these scenes, I couldn’t really go to sleep. I wasn’t in my best mental shape, and I also started drinking. Later my wife said I wasn’t looking too good and convinced me to go see a doctor. The doctor said I was in minor depression.”

The pressure to care for his one-year-old daughter only added more stress to his already stressful career. Vincent admitted that he felt more depressed having to worry about earning money and planning for his daughter’s future, but quickly learned how to turn the pressure into motivation. “Now that I’m a father, I’ve gained more knowledge and my sense of responsibility also increased.”

Vincent Gets Slapped Again

Vincent made headlines last year after costar Damian Lau (劉松仁) threw thirteen hard slaps on Vincent’s face in a scene for Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. The intensity will increase this year with Will Power, as Vincent received twenty slaps on the face from Susan Tse (謝雪心).

“I’m getting slapped by people every year,” said Vincent with a laugh. “The audience seems to anticipate these scenes from me. It leaves a deep impression on them.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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      1. one vote for Edwin. dont know why but I’m always like ‘er.’ whenever I see Vincent onscreen

    1. Vincent should have won last year but tvb is rigged and wanted promote Oscar so they gave it to him Oscar wasn’t even good.

  1. Vincent, it is an honour to be slapped by TWO veterans. It means you are on your way up. Now tell me, how can he NOT win most improved (if he is in the category) and why Jason Chan who was blahhhh mehhhh could and is rumoured to win?

    1. better vincent than jason to win best improved,but none of the two are a good choice,in my opinion there are no one youngsters at tvb now that can meet the quality as before.louis koo,ekin cheng,that are the types that tvb should aim for.guys with character,charisma,handsomeness in one.

    2. Unless it becomes a trend and he’s just the guy for all the despicable characters.

    3. Perhaps Vincent isn’t playing his cards right. It seems like he’s not favored by the upper management. Strange.

    4. Yea Vincent is probably not favored or liked as much as Oscar Lueng and Him Law

  2. I feel so pitiful for him when he got slapped that many times by the mother. He’s actually really good in his acting unlike that **** Jason Chan.

  3. He should go see Doctor & get help. Hope he’ll be recover ASAP.

  4. Will Power is a pretty good series so far! Vincent is doing a really good job in his role too. His character is pretty despicable so he deserved to get slapped. 😛

  5. Vincent acts pretty well in “Will Power”, he deserves to get an award and promoted by TVB.

    1. Ikr but he plays it kinda to well and people believe that he is a bad person irl or just affects his image adding the rape.

      1. It’s just for the sake of acting in the drama. Character in the drama =/= Real life

        Anyway, good luck, Vincent 🙂 Hoping to see you soon in another drama 😀

    2. Agree 100%; Vincent did a good job in “Will Power”. This series is good too.

  6. I would be depressed too if I was Vincent, he has so much potential but tvb always makes him a loser rich boy. he needs some more memorable and meaty roles >:O

    1. of course there are some reasons why tvb always makes him a loser rich boy,why dont you think that tvb never make the types as wayne lai,moses,or ruco a loser rich boy? if his acting is good even a role as a loser rich boy can win a oscar.

      1. Win Oscar, possible. But such role isn’t liked by HK audience regardless acting.

      2. Why don’t they make Eliza Sam as a spoilt rich girl then? She too is a loser in acting.

  7. JESUS! Do they secretly pay him more for getting slapped and being hated or do they secretly hate him for real and just screw him over. I guess I’d be depressed if my survival and my family’s was based on people who hated me UTILIZING me for the time being.

  8. We can really go with or without him. He is a head-count and okay, the slapping scene is a repeat of 劉松仁’s Silver Spoon, it is real. His face flabs move with each movement.

  9. So now in addition to rape scenes, “heavy flavor” includes slapping scenes? Yeah, Vincent allow yourself to be slapped silly if you want to take home that award. Anyway seriously, his acting is still far from best supporting actor or most improved; however with the dearth of able supporting actors, he’s probably better than the likes of Oscar (too cocky), Him (too beefy, promoted becos of his physical attributes not his acting)and Jason (too wooden and has a really annoying way of speaking).

  10. Oh…my prediction is right. He will rape Sire in tonight’s episode!!!

  11. I hope he gets better and is his wife still acting??? If she has time, she really should act as well and help support the family or else more stress and pressure will be on him. That of course has added to his depression.

    1. You don’t make much working for TVB. Not to mention his wife plays those super supporting roles.

      1. That’s true. She is a cutie but she never portrays important or even 2nd leads. Always the same old supporting casts that’s very minor and we will forget the min we are done w/the series. I think most actors did mention unless you are a first lead in TVB, most of them probably gets paid horribly low but i guess every little bit helps. If they have side jobs for whatever function invites, probably they will get some of other source of income but shouldnt you at least have a bit of recognition in order to get those invites? :0/ SIGH…

      2. I know that you do not make much working for TVB but every little bit but helps. If acting does not work out for her then she can try other things. If she is a stay at home mom, then she should take care of her daughter. I wonder why Vincent still has to even though he works? Unless she has another job.

      3. Would they need to hire a babysitter IF both work? Yoyo occasionally films, so being a stay-at-home Mom saves them from hiring a nanny. Also, I don’t see why Vincent can’t take care of his daughter even IF his wife is a stay-at-home Mom. It’s called bonding and playing his role as a father. At least he’s not one of those fathers who depend on the wives to raise their children. She puts in 70% and he does the rest. It’s a mutual relationship.

  12. For some reason, I feel like Vincent’s acting skill in Will Power totally shines out the two main characters. So much emotion and expression..

  13. Vincent’s rape on Sire Ma is anytime more real than the stupid highly exaggerated Kate Tsui’s. Yet no one bats an eye over this. Power of dumb media.

  14. I can think of a reason why Vincent is not favored as some others cos his married it sounds silly

  15. I loved seeing Vincent get slapped. So epic & dramatic. I will sponsor a trophy and award him the “MOST SLAPPED ARTIST” award 🙂

  16. Vincent Wong better take up other roles otherwise, his stereotype will remain. He did not improve but kept repeating their hard stare look. And he has to lose his baby fats. He used to be that new hunk but now, he is being labelled as the good for nothing playboy. Not good acting but it is like again…

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