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Francis Ng Loses His Cool While Fala Chen Keeps Hers

By on November 22, 2012

Francis Ng Loses His Cool While Fala Chen Keeps Hers thumbnail

Hong Kong actor, Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) is known for being a perfectionist, and he expects cast members to be punctual and always do the best in their parts. With his no-nonsense personality, Francis reportedly did not get along with his costar, Fala Chen (陳法拉) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> who allegedly is not a team player and has a bad habit of coming in late during filming.

Francis and Fala play a couple in the drama and they share many scenes together. Francis had already flared up once during the filming of Triumph in the Skies 2 when he scolded an assistant who was mistaken about the location of the shoot. However, an inside source revealed that Francis lost his temper again and even cursed at the crew during a location shoot in Paris.

The incident happened during an outdoor shoot at a park near the Louvre Museum when Fala was nowhere to be found after the lunch break. Francis became very impatient after waiting for Fala to come back to resume filming. He angrily shouted, “Where the [expletive] did she go? Where the [expletive] is she?” Francis then cursed at the assistant at the set, “Why are you rushing us? Why are we in such a [expletive] hurry?” His voice was so loud that even the people inside the Louvre Museum may have heard his tantrum.

The following evening, Francis lost his cool during an argument scene with Fala. Francis was reportedly upset with Fala who kept making mistakes, causing many outtakes. Francis allegedly attempted to control his anger but started kicking things around. Fala is used to this kind of situation, and she did not show any reaction to his outburst.

It was also reported that Fala had a knack of disappearing during the location shoot in Europe. As the crew was finishing up and getting ready to leave for the hotel, Fala went missing. This caused another round of cursing from Francis. “Fala Chen, the van is here, where the [expletive] are you?” Francis yelled. When the crew and the production team were done packing and ready to leave, Fala, like a magician, amazingly appeared out of nowhere.

Source: Oriental Sunday #780 via kuangaitvb.com

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  • Readers' Comments (338)

    1. GL says:

      In my opinion, both parties were behaving unprofessionally. Being punctual is a quinessential requirement in every profession not just acting, therefore Fala has no real justification for her tardiness. However, Francis has been in the industry long enough and should know better than to lose his temper in such an uncivilised manner. He had a choice to approach the situation in a more rational way but failed to do so which makes him no better than Fala.

    2. aptos says:

      Right now, Fala is in her prime and many folks are willing to overlook her indiscretions and “frankness” as other bloggers have alluded to. I would submit that if she is still in the business 20 years from now and pull the same shanigans, she will definitely get less screen time. Unfortunately, fame and fortune does spoil ones perception of reality of the world.

      • advo says:

        What exactly are her “indiscretions” that people are willing to overlook. And as if “frankness” was a character flaw. Some people, the people with low self-esteem – usually – they enjoy people kissing their *sses and sucking up. Other people actually don’t mind honesty. I did enjoy how you added “alluded to” as in not even confirmed and who are these bloggers again?

        “I would submit” If she is pulling the same shenanigans 20 years from now her screentime will be cut. LMAOLMAO. You certainly do say things that you have no idea about, quite decisively.

        • aptos says:

          If you read the previous bloggers’ comments regarding, “when in Rome, do what the Romans do”. If Fala’s “indiscretion” borders on lack of sensitivity for being late or “frankness” when speaking her mind without regard for other people’s feelings because she is a diva versus tact and political correctness which you may consider “sucking up”, more mature or grounded individuals would choose the latter for a more harmonious relationship. You would need to read between the lines and view other bloggers comments to see that you are in the minority on her behavior. I do not have an axe to grind with Fala, just her behavior. Somehow, did you read about any other female actresses being trashed for being late? Somehow, not knowing how old you are, I guess I have a few years on you and have experienced more often than not, speaking out frankly without tact does not get you anywhere but trouble.

        • advo says:

          OOOPS. I’m in minority about her behaviour? I’m sorry, first of all, I don’t need to be in consensus to speak my mind. It’s called individualism. Second, people are criticising her for her tardiness which I have AGREED is unprofessional. The allegations about her “rudeness” and “diva behaviour” however, remains to be proven. Now you however, are alluding to a her frankness constantly getting her in trouble which OMG you have no proof of. Her good friend Steven Ma said yes, she is blunt and that does insult SOME people’s sensibilities. Usually the weak ones. That is a FAR cry from her being diva. Oh, and if you read Clamine’s translation soooo carefully, I’m sure you also read that he said she had good work ethics and was diligent in her work. OOPS AGAIN. So much for those diva allegations.

          Oh, and I don’t know where you come from, but your “condescending lecturing tone” already tells me a lot. But in my parts of the world, we embrace freedom of speech, including honesty so I’m going to be just fine. Thanks for caring though!

        • advo says:

          *Clamine is probably a she

        • clamine says:

          “Fala is in her prime and many folks are willing to overlook her indiscretions and “frankness”.”

          If you read the previous bloggers’ comments regarding, “when in Rome, do what the Romans do”. If Fala’s “indiscretion” borders on lack of sensitivity for being late or “frankness” when speaking her mind without regard for other people’s feelings because she is a diva versus [..]

          The “previous bloggers’ being me, I suppose.

          My “Romans” post is a direct response to Nicole’s posts. As far as I can see in this thread, nobody is overlooking or condoning Fala’s tardiness, and has in fact denounced her lateness for being unprofessional.

          when speaking her mind without regard for other people’s feelings because she is a diva

          I don’t understand why speaking one’s mind albeit thoughtlessly is considered a diva action. Her words maybe too blunt even offensive to some people for various reasons but why pinned it down as her being diva? I have friends who are outspoken but they are no diva.

          As for her other “discretions” as you called it, specifically her outspokenness and tactlessness, she is consciously working hard in polishing up her interpersonal communication skill, and also to be more tactful in her responses and reactions, give her that much.

          Fala admits as much that she needs to work on her interpersonal communication skills and tact.

          2012 April news report:
          Fala Chen, whose personality Steven Ma says is straightforward, is full of praises for this god-brother of hers. [..] “When I acted in ‘Steps’ I was still a newbie. If he found this leng miu (youngster) lacking in anything…he would mention it, especially on how to conduct myself when handling interpersonal situations. In many situations he taught me to be patient and to control my feelings. When faced with a situation, don’t run off my mouth at the first instant. That could easily offend other people without even my knowing it. In this field, he has good affinity with people and has experienced much, so of course, I will listen to his opinions, at the same time, grateful to him for teaching me interpersonal skills.

          2010 Ghost Writer radio interview with Chai Siu Yan

          Csy: This big brother, Fala, what’s magnetic about him, this Ma Jun Wai, that you listen so much to what he said?

          Fala: I truly listen to him.

          Csy: I know sometimes he called you up directly. And told you all what he thought over the phone.

          Fala: But I believe the stuff he said. After all, he’s been in the industry than us for a much longer period. Hence he has more experiences. Like even how to get along with other people, and when encounter situation that I won’t know how to react, these I will ask him. Particularly at work on how to act, or how to portray the character, all I will ask him too. And truly, he is always willingly to help me out.

    3. Linnh says:

      hahaha…300 something messages for only a small issue, ok instead of arguing about who’s wrong in this issue, then let us blame the insider for making this public :P This way then we don’t need to battle anymore :P

    4. sandcherry says:

      I have visited this website for more than a year, and I never had people, except Nicole, “fighting” back on my posts in such an uncivilized way. I am a very civilized person, and I always respect other people’s opinions and comments. I understand that everyone of us has his/her rights to submit his/her posts as long as he/she writes it politely and reasonably.

      We cannot always expect other people to agree with us, but it is rather annoying and irritating if someone is on your back all the time. I will try to stay away from this Nicole and not to step on her tail in future.

      Honestly speaking, everyone of us does have some favours on certain artistes and some prejudices against others. Right? I enjoy coming up here to share my opinions with others, but I don’t enjoy having someone on my back all the time.

    5. sandcherry says:

      I always submitted my comments based on the articles on Jayne’s website, but I would be glad to learn about facts, rumours or gossips in the entertainment industries from people if they hear/read them elsewhere.


    6. sushiroll says:

      lolz i bet fala and fransic are posting under an alias in this website.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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