“Line Walker” Producer on Raymond Lam: “He’s TV King Material”

Leaving TVB this year and signing with EEG, Raymond Lam (林峯) was left empty-handed at the 2014 TVB Anniversary Awards. His double loss surprised and disappointed fans, as Line Walker <使徒行者> helped its cast members win many accolades. Producer Jazz Man (文偉鴻) praised Raymond’s acting and said he was already TV King material.

Although Roger Kwok (郭晉安) was the favorite to win TV King since the nominees were revealed, it came as a surprise that Line Walker co-star Benz Hui (許紹雄)) won My Favorite Male Character instead of Raymond. The TV King award was determined by viewers and professional TVB judges’ votes, while the My Favorite Male Character winner was selected wholly through viewers’ votes.

Line Walker won five awards at the TVB Anniversary, including Best Drama and TV Queen for Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼).

Absent from the awards ceremony, Raymond’s chance at TV King was rumored to have been lost. Although some expressed their disappointment, producer Jazz Man said, “Raymond is already at TV King level in my heart. I respect each competition’s results and rules. We’re brainstorming the idea [of a sequel]. The earth is round, and I’ll like to work with Raymond again if I have the chance.”

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Line Walker, but lost to Josie Ho (何超儀), who received much praise over her performance in Tomorrow Is Another Day <再戰明天>. Not feeling upset over her loss, Sharon was overjoyed when Line Walker was named Best Drama. Regarding Raymond’s absence from the awards show, Sharon expressed, “I’ll try my best to convey this message to him because he put in a lot of effort into the drama.”

Sources: On.cc; On.cc 

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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      1. Sad,sad,sad for LF , so near yet so far. He will be like Andy lau ‘s desire for winning gold of gold song in Jsg .this is the only award not in Andy ‘s closet.

      2. Similiar to LF desire on winning best actor award in tvb.

      3. @Looooo. Andy Lau has nothing to do with Raymond Lam or this topic. There are many singers who hasn’t won the gold of gold song in JSG. Even though if they did, it doesn’t mean all the gold songs or winners are the greatest. It is the TVB or music company game.

      4. There are similiarities as both award are given by tvb. LF not winning tv king is also tvb game

      5. Release a cantopop single & win jsg best male singer . Tie with Aaron kwok & Hacken lee with 3 times hk best male singer

  1. LF is always the BEST in the hearts of his Honeys! He never coveted awards. No need for them to validate his success! Wishing him joy in his life and looking forward to all his new releases. LF Love FUNG!

  2. Just my personal opinion, I do not think his acting is outstanding. Yes, his acting is fine but on the top: no.

    1. Same here I dont find his acting good i dont know why so much ppl like him…I think Ron Bosco and kenneths acting is beta lor…..

      1. Disagreed. Kenneth is better playing comical roles but he sucks at the emo scene. He only has one puppy lovelorn expression which can be quite a put-off.

      2. JJ- Agreed. Kenneth has one puppy face for emotional scenes.
        Ron’s acting is better than Raymond? Ron is still stiff as an actor. His expressions aren’t as natural. Bosco is good though

      3. Other people like him because they disagree with you to think his acting is good. Simple so.

      4. Yes, acting is still subjective to me even though some may disagree,which is why some actors are liked by some and not others. Who can be liked by everyone?

    2. benz hui’s acting is good…and in his role as crook in LW, he did a better job than Raymond.

      1. Benz is a veteran actor so is it fair to compare him to Raymond who us a lot younger and comes from a different generation?

      2. I don’t think Raymond Lam is a spring chicken himself. He’s been in the industry for 15 years and had major roles for over ten years. I think it is pretty fair to compare him to benz hui.

  3. Only cold face like Louis Koo but he is improving, he is ready for action movie, he did not know his face only good in ancient movie, modern movie maybe different acting face make him good

    1. Also his hair does not look sharp cutting on the side, actor on tvb only has good hairstyle and different looking for main character

  4. He act much better than Roger for sure. Roger is too cocky. He think he’s better than everyone, too bad he got an award. Ben Wong did a better job than he did.

    1. I used to like Roger as an actor and person but of late, I find that he’s getting too cocky and arrogant eg how he praised his own acting in BHWS in one article here. There’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence and i think he’s crossed it. He also seems to me to be perpetually wearing a smirk on his face these days.

    2. there are several male actors who deserve TV king more than roger. I never liked roger.

  5. How was raymond left empty handed when he didn’t even show up he wanted to be like dayo last year not turning up and winning

  6. Honestly, Benzz Hui, Louise Cheung and Power Chan acts so much better than RLF.

    The TV King material is someone like Ruco Chan!

    Too bad, everyone seems to forget his splendid performances in ROE!
    Stupid TVB!! Aired it too early!!!!

    1. OMG, Ruco again. “Ruca should be Bao Seed, he should be Hugo, blah blah blah”
      Give me a break!

      1. Luckily Yen’s wish doesnt turn the fact or I will miss Foon Hei Gor.

    2. i think raymonds better than Louis Cheung, his emo scene while watching the 3 mothers die even when he was not there,was really good,

  7. That “Bao Sit” character if given to Ruco, I believe ruco can do it much better.

    But RLF surely can’t give such great performance like Ruco as Carson in ROE and also Summer in GPS Reality Check!

    The only siu sangs that worth watching now at Tvb is Ruco, Bosco, Louise Cheung and Vincent Wong.

    1. Even Kenneth Ma getting worse!
      Especially his crying and also that puppy eye look! Ewww!!

      Too bad, we don’t get to watch Steven Ma 🙁

      If to say TV King material, Steven Ma deserves it so much more than RLF..

    2. There is no need to bash Ruco unfairly just becos you are angry with Yen. To be a popular superstar you need very strong connection which translates to opportunities and luck which Ruco,unfortunately, lacks in comparison with some others. We may love Ruco but it doesn’t mean we dont admire n appreciate other artistes. So pl keep your attack at the right person.

      1. I agree. Ruco lacks the connection, luck and background. Some people with more mediocre acting got better roles but messed them up.

        Roger deserved the award. He was the hot favourite all along. Besides the audience nearly all TVB artistes also supported Roger when asked by press. Obviously Jazz will say good things about Raymond because this is his series and the more award LW gets the more credits Jazz will get. That simple.

      2. So you’re saying Jazz praises the actors simply only because they were in the series? Ok, maybe. BUT you me no one really knows who he is just praising just for the sake of it, and who he is really praising from the heart. We are not him so we don’t know what he truly thinks. So it’s pretty unfair to say that Jazz is ‘obviously’ saying good things about Raymond for the sake of it..

      3. Jazz said the same thing since the first day of LW, repeated it when the series was aired, repeated it again when the series got famous and the fourth time in the award night.

        So I think he truly thought so.

        Not only Jazz Boon but Lam Chi Wah also said the same thing in 2012.

      4. Oh, come on !! Which producer would say something negative about his own production?

      5. I’m sure they would if the actor really was unprofessional and displayed a diva attitude while filming. Plus, Raymond left TVB already, so there is no need to praise him if he really did do bad.

      6. Talking about Ruco Chan. Yes. He is a class act. Tough as nails, can swim, great facial expressions, very convincing when beaten up in ROE. That undercover cop role is more convincing than those in Line Walker. Not many guy in TVB can do the tough guy roles like Ruco. Maybe Raymond Wong or Him Law. But Ruco is the most convincing. Others like Roger, Wayne, Edwin, Kenneth or even Joe Ma have that softy image. Can’t expect old timers like Wayne,Roger & Joe to do action roles convincingly. Raymond too sickly. Him Law? Still a kelefe.

      1. I am from Singapore too.
        Ruco is equally talented as an actor and singer.

        As for Charmaine, she has the quality…it is NOT easy to get 3 awards in HK, Malaysia and Singapore.

    3. I really really really look forward to see if the replacement is happened and the rating flops so badly.

    4. Raymond lam can handle Carson role he has had a lot more challenging roles such as happy sir and his roles in ancient dramas happy sir bits Carson in a more challenging role

  8. And ishhhh
    SharonChan in LW
    JosieHo in TIAD
    Acting wise is like heaven and earth!!!
    Glad that Josie won!!!
    Really unexpected but well deserved!!!

    Charmaine to me is just lucky.
    She get a good role and goshh those other contenders are all down the drain.
    It’s an easy win for her.

    Myolie. Linda. –> acting getting worse.
    Kate –> no improvement
    (actually the same as Charmaine)
    Tavia . Too too too bad! Ever since her nose alteration, it seems like whenever she is acting, the focus is on the nose than her acting =.=|||

    NancyWu can act well. Too bad, she doesn’t have the 1st lady aura.

    1. I can’t agree more with you esp the Charmaine and Nancy comments. Charmaine had some terrible dramas too like that Flower sister character and the Fall in love (?) drama with Moses. I liked Nancy better when she was supporting actress. As lead actress, i found her boring and doesn’t stand out.

    2. Yen so clever to make comments , do you really know what is good acting or just support the one you like which is not nominated ???? Charmaine , Myolie & Tavia are few of the actress who really good and Charmaine is not just lucky , she deserved the awards , if she is no good how can she got 3 best actress awards (Singapore , Malaysia & TVB HK )Open your eyes

      1. @Kim
        Didn’t u read clearly my comments or u are new to watch TVB dramas?

        Just accept the fact that Myolie, Charmaine and Tavia acting getting worse!
        Especially Myolie!
        Tavia – blame the NOSE!
        Charmaine – all the way- same acting!

        Any “supporting” and “kelefe” actress (aunties) can act better than 3 of them!

      2. @Kim
        I opened my eyes WIDELY!
        Maybe the one who isn’t is YOU!

        Like I said, it’s an EAASSYYY WIN to her!

        In LineWalker, Charmaine acting isn’t that “good” at all, it’s just that all the other contenders are poor!

      3. @kim,
        Just because any artist gets any award does not necessarily mean they are good actors or actresses. Many that get awards do not deserve it,but still get it due to,various reasons. Of course,it varies since in some cases they do deserve it. I personally never thought Charmaine is a good actress but admit that she works really hard and has come a long way. However,does she have the natural born talent to act well? I personally do not think so.

      1. If LF swap character with roger as crippled matt, I think LF will win tv king, it s is just the versatility of the character, not actor s acting ability

  9. Raymond is a decent actor and tv king material but roger own roger performance as a handicap person was amazing

    1. Agree! Is not easy to act as an handicap person and Roger did a fantastic job here.

  10. That is my last watched Line Walker because his last series. He is incredible & will always be the best.

  11. Roger deserved his ‘kingship’ and Ben Huiz his Most Favourite Male Actor. LF did well, better than in his other roles. Unfortunately, the above two did better.

    1. Totally agree roger deserved the kingship he carried BHWS played his role really well with line walker Michael mui was the man who carried line walker not Raymond

  12. I don’t really understand how Line Walker got the Best Drama award. To be fair I enjoyed the suspence and was hooked onto the music + Charmaine’s n Benz’s performance but…on the whole there were just so many plot holes and Sharon’s bad acting as a madam really stood out really badly.

    I thought Overacheivers and Storm in a Cocoon had a better story, suspense and great cast. Surprising TVB gave Overacheivers a nice ending which made sense to viewers.

    I also really liked Nancy Wu this year. On top of my head, my love of female characters goes like this:
    Charmaine > Nancy > Travia > Fala > Linda > Kate > Samantha Ko > Sharon Chan

    1. Finally someone that focuses on other important aspects because just the cast.

  13. Literally give us all a break from Ruco… that guy is mediocre. LF is basically asian Leonardo Dicapio

    1. I’m sorry but yr second statement is really lol. LdC would sue you if he read it.

  14. I have yet to see a strong performance from Raymond. When you think of him, which role of his comes to mind? None of his portrayals stand out.

    1. Alfred, Goon Ga Chai, Tuen Hiu Sing, Kau Chong, Mou Ching, Professor King, Bao Seed and my favourite – Liu Che.

  15. He has to do lots research for short films. Short film is like 30 seconds, 20 of making faces. It is not easy, not only into a character but making movie interesting and leading to the script…

  16. Am watching that empress Wei series from China. Whoever dubbed Raymond deserves an award. Sounds like him but better. So far I like what I see. Ray is less dramatic and more alive in this series. Love the scene where he had a verbal shootout with the aunt and shouting at the historians “you all write these down!!!!”


    1. Absolutely love this drama. TVB will never promote this because Raymond did so well and the producers are ex TVBians -LKH and Mui Siu Ching and broadcast by NowTV. So obvious TVB is really trying to take him out of their spotlight hence he was never meant to win anything.

      So good to see Raymond in a series spanning 30 years of his life. Wish they showed his 20+ year old daughters when he was acting his 50s. There were many good scenes showing his good acting skills and he was speaking the script throughout in Mandarin although dubbed. Very few to none, TVB TV Kings can do this (tease).

      1. This series is a hit in China, thats enough. It topped the rating of its timeslot (7:30) and ranked 8th of all Chinese series. In the second time being aired in 7:30 timeslot, it is still No.2 of rating for that timeslot. In Taiwan, it does so well, too. The most benefitted from Queen are LF and Niki who soared in China.

        I actually prefer Han Yu Di over Bao Seed :). I watched both at the same time and felt like watching two different actors because of the two different portrayal. Anyone can say anything but I still think his eyes acting is very strong.

    2. I also think he cries much nicer too. Yes, the only thing I didn’t like about Bao Seed is the way he cries in some scene. Maybe it’s a personal preference idk, but I like the subtle cries with the watery eyes that are just ready to pour all the tears out, not the screaming sort of type.

      Oh but I don’t like the dubbing.

  17. I keep hearing jess jess and I thought a woman turned out it is jazz.

  18. Of course he is TV King Material . TVB TV King is the only TV King Award he has never gotten. He’s taken Astro, Starhub, Asian TV, and even Huading Awards TV King. Yes he is not the best and can hardly compare to veterans but he is deserving. Then why would Moses deserve the award over Ha Yu? Isn’t Ha Yu a better actor.

    Isn’t Laughing Kor much much more popular than Foon Hei Kor back taking it as far as 2 drama series and 2 films? Laughing didn’t get any awards from TVB. It went to Kevin Cheng. Not even the Favourite character award. People still call Che Tin Wah Laughing but have long stopped calling Kevin Law Ba.

    It was never the true value of the awards. It’s who you like to see win or not. Raymond deserved it a long time ago, if he wasn’t there he cannot command the kind of income as top 3 earner for TVB for many years. Catherine Tsang and Sandy Yu hates him. He doesn’t stand a chance.

    Ever wondered why they didn’t reveal the top 5 nominated BAs? So we’ll never know even how Ruco fared as well? They have always revealed the top 5 but not this year. It’s not hard to guess why.

    1. I’ve also noticed that they didn’t reveal the top 5, not even the nomination videos [besides some of those minor awards] .. Indeed it isn’t hard to guess why.

    2. Not only that. I love Charmaine and so happy for her but not once she thanked Raymond or even Michael Miu for the achievement on the success of this role. Whilst Raymond acknowledges that Co stars are important to bring the character out and thanked them. Even Roger thanked Kristin in his speech.

      And Tavia whom back in Goon Ga Zai days said to Raymond not to take the Best Actor award until she takes the Best Actress and all the show in Msia Astro last year keep calling him up on stage to thank him but never once supported him. Vote Roger but not Raymond. None of his so called frens dare to openly support him and hints dropped when Amigo could tell who voted for who and they all thought voting was confidential.

      1. Haha, vote for Roger isnt as funny as in 2012 when she asked LF to ask his fans to vote for her but she voted for Ma Ming :P. Such a friend.

        I can remember that in the clip after the award in 2012, Kate is the only one who came to comfort him and hugged him openly. Actually after one artist leaves TVB, we will see clearer who are really friends, who are so-called friends, who are using the word friends.

      2. I have always felt that Tavia was fake too. She always calls Raymond her ‘friend’ but look at her reaction when Raymond’s scandal with Pan Shuangshuang broke out. She was like, oh don’t ask me anything. This is his issue so it’s better to ask him directly. And after a few artists came out to defend Raymond, she suddenly changed her tone and supported him. She said he was her ‘good friend’ and ask the press to give him space. What a fake person, just like her nose.

    3. And they only announce the total number of votes and the number of votes for the winners. Not the accounted ones as they said before the award show. :(, I did want to see the numbers.

      1. Was that the year before that? I remember that year with all the hype he got nothing.

        For Charmaine I meant on stage in receiving whether Singapore, Malaysia or HK. In Scoop after the awards when asked if she left out anyone she wanted to thank she said, no. Which interview was this?

      2. The first year when Laughing was born :).

        It was the TVB8 one if I rmb right. In Singapore, she thanked the crew of LW and was the only one who did that. The others only said of themselves.

        Btw, I feel it is quite funny when a person who left TVB like LF still can have 3 votes from the TVB artists while someone still in TVB and fans always say that that person is loved by colleagues only can have 2 votes. It must be an awkward moment.

      3. I only felt that it is as if his name is like a bad word on the awards night until Jazz acknowledged him positively I mean.

      4. It’s totally meaningless for a producer to pat himself on his own back for the actors/actresses on his own team. 🙂

        All those producers who come out to support LF have probably already been bought. Money talks !!

      5. Tsui Yu On and Johnathan Chik have never fulfilled the wish to have LF in their works. They felt pity.

        Money of course can talk, especially who is paid greatly as LF. Better than the sore losers who always wish to have idol(s) with as high price as LF, but only in their dream. Pathetic.

      6. PR manager got to earn her keep. Keep spinning harder and harder and the wheel will soon fly out of control and hit her in the face lol!

      7. Is your face ok, omg? Did you say “omg” when it hit you sp badly? I guess thats why you took the username omg this time. Poor you.

        For the PR, did you do hard to hide the fact of two votes only? And Linda voted for Joe Ma LMAO~.

      8. omg! That’s the reaction i get when i come across fanatics like a certain someone here who keeps track of every single detail of her god’s activities. Someone who’s able to pull out every single detail of his life and career at the snap of her fingers. That i take my hat off to her. I wonder if she even has a life of her own? I see her commenting here there and everywhere. She must be very lonely….:'(. By the way i notice a certain user name called Alluka. Now what kind of name is that?

      9. “I see her commenting here there and everywhere. She must be very lonely….”

        if you are able to notice her comments here and there then i think you are at least even lonely as she? i think she just shows dilligence in defending her idol and i have respect for that.

      10. Oh please, if you are complaining that Charmaine left LF out of her thank you speech, at least be fair and say LF was just as unsupportive and thankless to his cast mates BY NOT SHOWING UP.

    1. Lol, if you have seen Michael Phelps swim, you would give him the “TV King” award.

  19. From the Victor’s show with Dodo Charmaine mentioned LF wasn’t the original male artiste casted, does anyone know who was?

  20. He is definitely TV King because of the income he is generating for the producers and TV stations. I remember Wayne Lai once mentioned that getting the TV King award is only good if it generates income for them through advertising contracts. That’s reality. I believe that what Jazz meant is that Raymond, in reality, is TV King already, even without the TVB award and this is confirmed and substantiated by EEG and other entertainment companies and also advertisers! Therefore more popularity = more income = TV King! And that is what I believe should be the standard for TV King and not based on something very subjective like whether you like his acting or not!

    1. That’s great Let’s base an ACTING award on criteria that has nothing to do with ACTING.

      His income generating ability is the only reason why he last so long. His skills are very ordinary for a 15 year veteran.

  21. that why we all know he is our TV king, don;t need to care about the hater la.. beside he will only do better and better in his drama and movie 🙂

  22. Don’t judge someone’s acting because of personal reasons. Raymond did a good job in Line Walker. Sometimes success of actors and actresses and the drama depends a lot on the script. I never had problem accepting Raymond’s acting to be honest. And I’m not his fan.

    1. And, many of those actors are self-reliant and do not constantly ride on coattails of big name stars.

  23. Raymond Lam did a great job as an actor and maybe as a singer . . . . . ^_^

    No one is perfect but he is good enough in his fan’s heart. . .

    Just remember

  24. TVB is mediocrity. Quantity not quality. Work their actors to the max with little reward. Benz Hui is kelefe during Chow Yun Fatt’s early days. Sucker to stay so long. Now CYF is internationally acclaimed actor. Better off for LF to leave & go into movies. A bit too late or old to be a singer. How can you call them king or queen of TV when only TVB is monopolizing television in the region. What about other TV stations?

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