Raymond Lam and Joey Yung Win JSG Most Popular Singer Awards

TVB’s JSG 2012 Best 10 Awards Presentation, also known as the 30th annual JSG Awards, was held on Sunday, January 13. Hosted by Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Amigo Choi (崔建邦), and Luisa Maria Leitão (黎芷珊), 43 award categories were presented that night.

Due to TVB’s copyright management issues with the Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance (HKRIA), artists and songs produced by Universal, Warner, Sony, EMI, and BMA were not nominated in any of the 43 award categories.

EEG’s Raymond Lam (林峯) and Joey Yung (容祖兒) were the biggest winners of the night, sweeping top categories, including Most Popular Male and Female Singer. Raymond Lam’s “End of Innocence” <幼稚完> and Joey Yung’s “Wallpaper” <牆紙> were also winners in the Best Ten Golden Song Award category. This year is Joey’s 8th year in winning Most Popular Female Singer in a row.

Ivana Wong (王菀之), however, took home that night’s biggest award, the Best Golden Song Award – or JSG’s Song of the Year – for her electro song, “Leave Blank” <留白>.

Taiwan’s Lollipop F (棒棒堂F) was also prominently featured at last night’s award ceremony. The popular Mandopop boy band won Most Popular Chinese-language Song – Silver, as well as Asia Pacific’s Most Popular Male Singer.

Check out the rest of the winners below:

Best Golden Song Award / JSG’s Song of the Year:
“Leave Blank” <留白> – performed by Ivana Wong

Best Producer:
Johnny Yim for “Vaccine” <預防針> performed by Linda Chung

Best Composer:
Tang Chi Wai for “End of Innocence” <幼稚完> performed by Raymond Lam

Best Arrangement:
Chan Fai Young for “Goodbye, My Lovers” <告別我的戀人們> performed by Leo Ku

Best Lyricist:
Albert Leung for “Stone” <頑石> performed by Raymond Lam

Best 10 Golden Song Awards:
“What Have U Done” by G.E.M.
“Grow Again” <重新長大> by Alfred Hui
“Forever and Always” <白頭到老> by Charlene Choi
“End of Innocence” <幼稚完> by Raymond Lam
“A Song” <一首歌> by Terence Siufay
“Wallpaper” <牆紙> by Joey Yung
“Vaccine” <預防針> by Linda Chung
“Tree Vines” <樹藤> by Mag Lam
“The Philosophy of Lovelorn” <失戀哲理> by Jade Kwan
“Leave Blank” <失戀哲理> by Ivana Wong

Most Popular Duet:
“The Kite That Chases Kites” <追風箏的風箏> by Joey Yung and Mag Lam

Most Popular Cover:
“Mask” <面具> by Alfred Hui

Most Popular Chinese-language Song  Awards:
Gold – “Flowers in the Fog” <霧裡看花> by Joey Yung
Silver – “Trophy” <戰利品> by Lollipop F
Bronze – “Nodding Stone” <頑石點頭> by Raymond Lam

Most Popular Commercial Song:
“Passing Hokkaido” <途經北海道> by Joey Yung

Most Popular Male Singer:
Raymond Lam

Most Popular Female Singer:
Joey Yung

Most Popular Group:
Gold – RubberBand
Silver – C AllStar
Bronze – Sugar Club

Most Popular Singer-Songwriter:
Gold – Endy Chow
Silver – G.E.M.
Bronze – RubberBand

New Recommended Singer:
Fala Chen

Most Popular Newcomer – Male:
Gold – Hubert Wu
Silver – Jay Fung
Bronze – Adason Lo

Most Popular Newcomer – Female:
Gold – Sita Chan
Silver – Super Girls
Bronze – Rainky Wai

2012’s Outstanding Performance Award:
Gold – Joyce Cheng
Silver – Hanjin Tan
Bronze – Gin Lee

Asia Pacific’s Most Popular Male Singer:
Lollipop F

Asia Pacific’s Most Popular Female Singer:


Raymond Lam Accepts the Most Popular Singer Award

[vsw id=”EtlCvxbVSUw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Linda Chung Accepts the Top Ten Golden Song Award

[vsw id=”Mk0ASrRBn4Q” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


“Twins” Accept the Asia Pacific Most Popular Singer

[vsw id=”dW3qTnTvSdk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

JSG 2012 Linda Chung  JSG 2012 Fala Chen

Source: On.cc, On.cc, On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. congratulations…Raymond…BEST Show on your concert!!! Support you!


    1. Nice performance……..”nice” really impress me. I thought he would grab both favourite and asia pacific singer.

      1. i wish that too…but, if that happen, more hater will compliant….that okay la…he got asia pacific singer twice before…less negative noice is good for Raymond tooo 🙂 still pretty happy with this result!

      2. Nice performance?!!?? He totally screwed up the HAL song. Do you guys just focus on his CHOK look or do you actually hear his live singing and look at his performance! He went off key somewhere in the HAL song and he just totally screwed up that song whithout messing up the lyrics though. And his song Nice! is waaaaaaaaaay too computerized for the live version. Too much background singing.

      3. @YanYanKong:
        Yes, you’re right. I noticed too that he went off key on a few notes while he was singing the HAL song and that’s actually unusual for him as I have personally heard him sing live twice at his concerts and his live singing was always very good.

    2. LOL it was so obvious ‘cus Ray Lam already had his mic thing on him.

      1. LF definately deserve JSG Most Popular HK Male Singer Award in two years time.But luck is on his side, HKRIA dispute and leo ku’s demised popularity is helping LF to achieve his dream. I believe his popularity either based on positive or negative tabloids had surpassed many legendary artists in the industry whom make him what is he today.

    3. Haha, seriously i never heard of lolipop before although i searched google that they quite popular. If really popular how come never heard b4? wakaka. LF should have gotten asia pacific as well ler. hehe. So far only andy lau got both awards at the same year before.

  3. Congratulations to everyone! 😀 Wish they’d have let more singers perform their songs.

    Most Popular Duet was actually taken by Ivana Wong & Louis Cheung.

    1. I loved that duet and thought that either that duet or the one by Joey and Adason Lo should win the duet award! Yeah! 1 award catagory result that actually made sense!

  4. anybody find it awkward how fala got the award even though she ended her contract…her speech was a little awkward haha

    1. I actually really love the song Flower of Life or Life’s Flower by Ivana and Louis. Joey’s Paper Wall is very original as well.

      1. Loved the 2 songs mentioned, but how did Joey’s song from 2011 win a 2012 award?

        I also liked Ray’s song, but preffered his song Stone to win top ten, but of course, inorder for him to win the most amount of awards, his Stone song had to win the mando song award. Too bad he didn’t sing it, but that might have been a good thing cause he’ll prob just screw up that song too!=(

      2. Please don’t pretend to be LF’s fan if you are not. You double head snake.

    1. Currently, they are my most fave singers for male and female. course I like other singers too, but these are the only 2 that I will really listen to and watch their concerts.

  5. The list of winners look more like a joke. JSG no longer represents the Hk music industry.

  6. haha, iwana wong that song won gold song? what a joke. I just listened to it hurt my ear. haha. Should be raymond tat song won it so nice.zz

    1. was “tong lam” by ray lam on the nomination list or was it considered JSG 2013? cus that was a really good song.

  7. I’m extremely prejudiced against HK artists for some reason, I love Western singers so much better, probably because they are actually more talented..in HK you can randomly switch from being one occupation to singing since their idea of singing is just speaking to a rhythm without actual vocal range. Singers like Christina Aguilera and Adele on the other hand = actual talent.

    1. Actually the viewers & audience has to share a big part of the blame.
      Those who cant sing still have tons of adoring fans!!!As long as you look good, that’s enough! Plus marketing of course!

      1. Its a different market in U.S , you can be fulltime singer in US.But in hong kong , you need to be all rounder artist (singer/actor/stage performer) to survive in the niche market

      2. I agree with loooooooo because in the US, if you are a successful singer, you can survive as just being a singer in the US. However, in HK, you have to do a lot more than just sing or else you can’t survive. UNLESS, you sing really really well then you can but that is more rare. Otherwise, you need to be an all rounder in order to survive…

      3. Although we may find many talented singers in the U.S. you must admit they do not last long in the spotlight. Many talented singers were one hit wanders, the u.s. market recycles one song over and over again till it becomes a classical hit and when the singer releases a new album, he/she is almost guaranteed to not achieve the same amount of success. In the past, Christina Aguilera was highly talented and successful after her classical hits, but she vanished after. Now as for Adele made it with rolling in the deep but her songs after was no where near the same amount of success. Leona lewis with bleeding love shared the same fate after.

        Now when you compare rihanna, justin beiber and the likes to adele, leona lewis, why are the formers still making millions while the others revenues will continue to diminish? Fans, marketing, viewerships, are the biggest contributions to these stars successes.

      4. Adele was already popular several years ago with her debut album here in the UK. Didn’t she win a Grammy as well? Her second album just happened to propel her to greater heights; I think her performance at the Brits with Someone Like You was what kick-started it all and her album sales were still going strong even a year after its release. It’s a bit premature to say her star is falling…

      5. “Now as for Adele made it with rolling in the deep but her songs after was no where near the same amount of success. ”

        So I suppose you missed the part where she won the Golden Globes for best song and will soon win the Oscars for best song, and also the news that her album 21 was the best selling album I believe of 2012 (again apparently) and that she is actually from UK so she doesn’t depend on US market alone but European market which is also as difficult to break in. Or the news that she might since the next Bond movie’s theme again. Or that she is not just Rolling In The Deep 1 hit number and she is not Rihanna or Beiber but a solid performer/singer/songwriter so she doesn’t need to be super famous but she has her own fanbase? And also the fact that she is a fantastic singer who writes her own song?

        How do you judge success? Album sales alone? Nowadays that is almost impossible with illegal download. Her star is not falling. Westerners do not churn out 5 albums a year like-ers thus making their albums like cookie cutter sort of thing. They may churn out 1 album every 5 years. Do you call Rolling Stone’s fame slipping?

        Adele’s star is hardly falling. She has just joined the A-list with her Bond theme. It has just begun. And if an untalented Taylor Swift who famously can’t sing live and writes trashy songs about her ex boyfriends and now is sorta booed/is a joke amongst the A-listers in movie kingdom can be that successful till now, why not someone like Adele who doesn’t fit into the Rihanna trashy sexy kitten image but that of her own?

        I wouldn’t even say Britney Spears’ stars is falling as well. Or maybe she is. Since only the has beens do talent shows and Mariah Carey just became one.

      6. Funn,

        I am in no way taking away Adele’s or any of the talented singers’ successes. I am aware of her awards and how large of a fanbase she has in the UK, the same goes for Leona Lewis. I never denied her talent as a singer or a song writer or a composer. I also have no care for rihanna or beiber but I was simply saying that the u.s. market doesnt always value talented singers over artists who are simply entertainers thats why I mentioned beiber and rihanna as examples. I apologize if I was not clear and caused confusion.

    2. the peak of cantopop lies in the ’80 and ’90 with many talents that can match with western singers,but now its a pity so say that the real stars with charisma and style are gone,and what left are mostly kelefe’s(if you compare it with what ever has been)

    3. so true. man if linda or fala can sign record deals and win awards, than so can i. seriously their level singing is so bad that it can be compared to an amateur karaoke singer. so if they can then so can i.

      1. couldn’t agree more sushiroll.
        even an amateur karaoke singer can do better but because they have been backed up by people backstage they can win allsorts….

      2. linda still have stage fright .surprising she had released four albums and still sings like amateur

      3. I can’t believe Linda won a top ten gold song award. I know TVB JSG has lost credibility a long time ago but this is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong. I like Linda’s voice. Is it good enough for a singing award? No way.

    4. I enjoy American music more but I also think there are some talented singers in HK such as GEM and Mag Lam. Also, there are tons of singers here in the US that can’t sing and have no range, yet they’re the most popular such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, etc.

    5. You mentioned 2 american singers out of the few good american singers. But I hear a lot of really bad american singers every day.(forced to hear it at work) Some of them can’t even sing and rely on auto tune. i think HK singers are much better than american singers. But I know that there are a lot of normal americans who can sing really well, but just not a famous singer.

  8. Is Raymond singing a new song? Havent heard it before, if so, its a single or from a new album?

  9. I wish Raymond would have a better hairstyle! This is too retro???

  10. New Recommended Singer?? Really TVB? What kind of category is that?! Oo free marketing for Fala Chen AND she gets an award! Got it TVB.

  11. Holding JSG is such as joke.. TVB should just call it TVB music award (like how they name their annual anniversary show). Just giving awards to those who are favour in them (their own artiste)…. Raymond got the Most popular award?? Personally think he don’t deserve it! Let compete fairly with all the singers (Eason, Hacken, Leo), don’t think he is in the list of being the top 3 popular singers!!! Got the award because no one is there!! What a shame!! Don’t feel proud/happy that you got it Raymond, because it is not a fair game!!

    1. Must be an ignorant to say raymond popularity is lesser. facepalm…

      1. Tris,did you mentioned most popular male singer award 2012?
        Based on popularity,no one is even a mile close to LF including leo, hacken & eason .

        We already knew JSG top ten awards are mearly popularity awards and the number one rule to get JSG award are based on commercial value and popular of the respective singer/artist since alam tam’s era.

        During 80s , if alan tam did not retired from receiving JSG Best Male singer, there wouldn’t be leslie cheung or 4 heavenly King.

        Why would some artist so emotional/cried when they won the JSG award but not in metrohit award or chik chak award?

    2. Tris knows ntg. He thought eason hacken lee leo has better singing skill= many fans than LF.

      but 3 of them cannot dance a sht out. LOL

    3. i FIVE u on this TRIS!
      LF can sing but to compare with other REAL singers??!!
      The comparison is not just SKY and LAND but HEAVEN and HELL!!

  12. any pig or dog can get an award these days, where are the real singers at? and for fala to win an award well that says it all for the award ceremony itself.

  13. Congratulations to Linda Chung , she really deserved it , she improved so much in her singing this year , BRAVO !

  14. Congrats to LF for winning most popular male singer!!! Once again a great performance by him when he performed his new song, Nice. Wonder if the song title was inspired by his Happy Sir role since he was known to say “nice” during the first half of the series.

    1. Raymond got to perform a new song? That’s new, can’t wait to hear it.

  15. lol @ these awards being divided like pork. What the hell is best recommended singer? Sympathy award for Ray Ray as usual.

    1. No surprise at all! Luckily he didn’t burst out some fake tears.

    1. nole. seriously the gals very pretty and make me feel like hugging them.ehehehe

    1. how about you see how the fans excited in raymond’s concert better ler. Try observe the fans emotion in raymond’s concert and eason’s concert. Eason’s concert better close the eyes because his face make me wanna poke. haha.

  16. Just finishing watching GEM and Justin Lo’s duet at the award show and it was pretty good to be honest. I’ve always enjoyed Justin’s singing as I felt he puts a lot of emotions into it. His songs are great to listen to as well. My favourite is still the one called “Good Person”. Does anyone know if he’s back to continue his music career in HK or was this only a guest appearance for him on the JSG award show? I hope he has decided to return to the HK music scene.

    1. Indeed, Justin is a rare talent from being a composer to his singing abilities. Do you have any idea what happened to him as I have not heard any news about him?

      1. According to Wikipedia, he left HK to pursue a music career in Beijing in January 2011.

  17. Linda Chung+Fala Chen won awards in what??!! SINGING awards?!!!

    1. Fala performs better than I expected in this award nite. Haha, must see the shaky hand of Linda. Now I’m so looking forward to her mini concert.

  18. Congrats to all!

    Guess I won’t ever leave home without my “vaccine” 😉

  19. Nice!, is not Nice! at all! I think it’s his worst canto song ever! Hopefully the concert version won’t have so much background computerized sounds to support him. Him singing this song totally makes him sound like he can’t sing, that’s why require so much back up. But he can sing really well!

    1. i guess he will dance a lot on the up coming concert…so this song is one of them for dancing…well….i prefer his slower songs too…but don’t mind of a few of this type of songs… 🙂

      1. I like some of his fast songs too and I DID like his song CHOK, but Nice!? I really can’t stand how computerized and american style it is.

    2. The more I listen to this song, the more I find it’s catchy. It sounds lala in first hear but its melody is nice to dance.

      Seem like you don’t like autotune, me too but this one is ok when you listen to it more than 1. Chok is better but less catchy. You might don’t know but I think Chok is treated too unfair just because its name. Like Chok more than Liu Bak.

      1. “nice” -consist of euro-wave techno elements , melody and chorus are quite catchy! good for beach wave party!!

  20. Well deserved for everyone I suppose, especially Raymond.

  21. I’m so happy for Alfred Hui 🙂
    His songs are amazing !

  22. If you look at the JSG awards this way though and only count the singers from the 2 music companies, then Raymond will be the only singer that deserves the most popular male singer award. What other male singers are there from the 2 companies that can sing and dance at the same time as well as Ray can? Plus, it’s the MOST POPULAR male singer. You can totally see how popular he is with his fan base.

    *comment repost from an earlier news article*

    1. Recorrections, JSG award presentations are filled with singers from Shine Records, EEG Music , Media Asia , gold typhoon , hummingbird music,syncstudios ,snaz music , tvbmusic and neway music

      1. Ok, so just count the singers from the companies you mentioned and see which male singer really deserves or is worthy of the popular male singer award.

  23. If i was LF, and lost most popular male singer, to the other 2 ‘top 10’ males singers ala ‘Siu Fei’ and Alfed, i would quit TVB for good. They are simply not in the same level (yet).

    As for Linda winning a top 10 song – OMG – this woman makes female contestants on “THE VOICE” sound like superstars.

  24. Funny how they allowed ‘other’ singers sing William So’s last year hit song – Nah So – but William never got an award for his own work haha TOTAL JOKE

    1. For your information, the hit song “na sui” is written by the blonde specky pianist beside kay tse.His name is cousin fung .He formed a duo named golden

  25. Tsang Chi Wai should have kept his fat mouth shut! It is not the time nor place to give LF advice during the live award show! By talking about the rumors and half truths, Chi Wai is not being fair to LF, who by the way behaved impeccably by not rebuffing him. LF was the perfect, humble gentleman. 
    All his Honeys know that LF had given himself, in the beginning of his career, until age 30 to see if there was success in his career. He always stresses the importance of his family and says that he will heed the call of his father if LF is needed in the family business. The timing of those stories after the other award program was sensationalize to sell the papers. Even Ms Cha Sui Yan came out to defend LF.
    In the meantime, let’s celebrate each award, each new CD, each movie etc with LF. Enjoy all his talents as much and as long as we can! Counting down to his new CD and three days of partying with LF! NICE! NICE! NICE!!! LF Love FUNG!

      1. January 25, one day before his concert. There will new songs such as Nice, theme songs from Highs and Lows (幼稚完), Return to Three Kingdom (等你回來), from the mini movie (同林) plus some of his greatest hits!

      1. 峯 also sounds like 蜂 which means bee, so LF fans are his Honeys, which he often lovingly calls his fans. 🙂



      1. and how credible is sina? i heard its the last year that they will do this ceremony. Eason wins the mosst of the amle side in the three hk music awards this year. Plus he has taiwan golden melody awards…he got professional regonition from his music like the grammys. raymon will get that? i dont think so

  28. does he really have talent as a singer? b/c i feel like his voice is just ok but he seems to be getting very popular in the music biz as well…does his rich mainland dad have anything w/his connections to the singer world as well?

    1. to tell you the truth! moneys talk… I don’t think LF is handsome and his sing isn’t good!
      Fans are blinded by him@@

      1. @Cherry,
        i thought so too…. he was actually quite cute when he debuted but now aaahh just ok…
        i pretty much think hes just an OK actor n singer but he seems to be getting awards more on singing too. thats why cant help thinking if his rich dad has connections to him being so successful in showbiz.

    2. why u keep asking? why and why? why people so rich but why u so poor and useless? LOL

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