2012 Best of TVB Awards: Best Series

Which TVB series deserves the 2012 Best Series Award? Cast your vote!


1. Press VOTE for the series you wish to vote for.

2. Each person will only be allowed to vote once every 24 hours.

Deadline to submit all votes is Friday, December 21, 2012 at midnight Eastern Standard Time. The winner and all results will be announced after the poll ends.

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NOTEBottled Passion and When Heaven Burns were already included in our “2011 Best of TVB Awards” poll last year, so they were not included in our 2012 poll. Since Sergeant Tabloid has not been aired in Hong Kong yet, the series was not included in our 2012 poll.

The “2012 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars.com include ten awards in the following categories:

1.   Best Series
2.   Best Actor
3.   Best Actress
4.   Best Supporting Actor
5.   Best Supporting Actress
6.   Best Onscreen Couple
7.   Best Villain
8.   Most Improved Artist
9.   Star of Tomorrow
10. Best Theme Song

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      1. Bottled Passion’s air date

        6 Dec 2011 – 2 Jan 2012

        Technically, a large bulk of BP was aired in 2011. It only aired for 2 days in 2012. TVB included this series in this year’s line up because this series was aired after the award ceremony for last year. So, it was not in last years nominee list.

        Last year, we have our poll after the award ceremony. So, we included ‘When Heaven Burns’ and ‘Bottled Passion’.

    1. it very good of they best actor in Tuger clubs best action and Witeness insecurirty Highs and lows and On call it very Great

    1. No, I thought this drama was good. Especially the death of Kenneth’s brother. That really showed what Kenneth was capable of. Anonymous, you know what sucks? Master of Play, that show was basically a mind-F*** and scammed you of your time, especially Aimee Chan.

    1. Tiger Cubs all the way! That drama got me chasing every week. Love the action!

  1. I hope “On Call 36 hrs” will win again in HK after their success in Malaysia.

    1. Totally agree! They could have made the ending happier! Since Bosco died I guess there can’t be a sequel! My second choice for best series this year might be THC or Tiger Cubs! Hoping for a sequel for tiger cubs.

  2. Should have an one vote per user rule. I appreciate the effort in this event but I can see how the credibility can be an issue if one were to use two or more accounts and vote every day. But this is certainly an interesting event. Keep it up!

  3. Hello Jayne,you make a real mistake in you poll,The Greatness of a Hero
    (盛世仁傑) was show in 2009 and why you not included Sergeant Tabloid (女警愛作戰),it show in 2012 ,why?

  4. …??? Where did my comment disappeared to..??

    Oh well, *bounce back*

    I like Come Home Love drama <3
    Theme Song: hm… most is just out of harmony, not in sync, don't feel it…so the only one that I feel a bit catchy is the GH2 and the *forgot* 🙁

  5. I like tiger cubs!!!! It’s fast n a thrilling drama. So cool…haven’t seen one like this in years!!!

  6. On Call. It has an amazing script and plot, not to mention the real OT. I never thought the drama will turn out to be this good by looking at the cast previously, since only Kenneth and Tavia are ‘veterans’ (for that drama.) But that’s what made the drama even better, the fresh faces suit their roles in the drama perfectly.
    Good job! Glad to see a good drama with no poor ending and ridiculous storyline in TVB after so many years.

  7. The Confidant all the way =)
    Its an awesome show and I was seriously shocked that it did not get best drama award this year.

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