Benjamin Yuen will Not Give Up his Singing Dream

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) has possessed long-time dreams of becoming a singer. With TVB’s new reality-singing competition Voice of Stars <星夢傳奇>, Benjamin thought that his opportunity has finally arrived.

Benjamin’s heart has never left the entertainment industry since winning Yes! Magazine’s School Grass Contest in 1997 when he was 17 years old. Soon after, he signed with a modeling agency and acted in several movies. Benjamin said, “At that time, the world was beautiful to me. I was sure I would be famous and if I was not cast in a movie, it was their loss. Even with veterans by my side, my head was always high. Thinking back, I was so conceited then.”

Luck was not always on Benjamin’s side as his popularity slowly decreased, forcing him to leave the industry in order to make ends meet. Bejamin did not think that he was without talent, and believed that he had yet to encounter the right opportunity.

Another Chance

Benjamin hoped to give the entertainment industry another try by joining the 2007 Mr. Hong Kong competition. Benjamin managed to win the title in a close victory. With Kenny Chung (鍾鎮濤) as a friend and mentor, Benjamin restarted his career as an actor with TVB.

Benjamin’s dream does not end with acting, and hopes to become a singer. In the first episode of Voice of Stars, though he was praised for his good voice, the judges also felt that Benjamin lacked emotion in his singing. Yet, he managed to stay in the competition. In the second episode, Benjamin was eliminated, with the judges asking him to stay with acting and forget his singing dream.

Although Benjamin’s singing skills were criticized, he understands that to fulfill his dream, he needs to continue to work hard.


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  1. The judges really asked him to forget about his dream of becoming a singer and stay with acting?? That’s kinda harsh… Lol

  2. he wasnt great but he was 100 times better than Oscar.

  3. He sang without emotions? Guess his singing style is similar to his acting style then. Honestly, he’s a decent looking guy but his acting needs all the work he can give so why divide your time like this? FOCUS on one thing at a time.

    1. my mum told me that benjamin acts without emotion too and wear the same deadpan face and talk in almost the same tone when he’s sad, angry, happy, sexually aroused, maybe it’s his style. he can’t sing his singing deadpan and weak nothing to shout about. he wasted his deep voice.

  4. Judges basically told him that he sounds bored and it seemed as if he was reciting words out of a book. Lol.

  5. This is the third Benjamin Yuen article in 2 weeks. Diversity of news in this site is sorely lacking.

    1. Primrose,
      Benjamin Yuen is a rising actor; wouldn’t hurt to promote him a bit in the news. It may be the third article in two weeks, but counting back two years, there were nearly no interviews about him. He’s in the spotlight because of “A Change of Heart” and “Voice of Stars”.

      1. No harm promoting him. But news on other stars would be good too.

  6. benjamin is hot-looking guy with good looks and body to boast his popularity… he has the “notti” handsome look which can last long in entertainment career for him…

    1. this hair doesn’t suit benjamin make him look old and he need to do something to his eyes there are wrinkles! he looks better in on call 1!

  7. Maybe because I’m a guy so I have this opinion but I don’t think this guy is as good looking as others say he is. I don’t see much physical attractive traits in him.

    As for his singing, it seemed like he just sang through his deep voice. I wouldn’t necessarily call that good singing.

    1. I feel the same way about his looks. He’s not plain or ugly but just an average looking guy. But he doesn’t come off as some arrogant s.o.b. at least…

  8. Benjamin is indeed a handsome man ..noticed his attractiveness when he star in flora chan joe ma mandy and him law suspect of love…also noticed his attractive when in on call 1… he is manly n cool…

  9. Oh Benjamin, don’t worry. As long as you become TVB’s a-list actor you can become a singer no matter how terrible you are as a singer. Just look at Linda and Bosco.

  10. Didn’t hear his singing, but having dreams is a good thing ! Wish Benjamin all the luck pursuing his dream !

  11. Just watched his performance. The look on his face when singing When I Fall in Love was the same from the first note to the last. His voice was equalky monotonous. And he was certainly not looking too amused when one of the judges mentioned that he should strip (in reference to his past news of striping for a certain millionaire photographer) when Sally commented he has a nice body.

  12. There is noticeably a bundle to know about this. I assume you made specific nice items in characteristics also.

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