Kenneth Ma to Star in Jackie Chan’s New Movie

Before Kenneth Ma (馬國明) conquers the mainland Chinese television market, he will first become a movie star. Kenneth will be making his first major movie debut in the Jackie Chan (成龍) produced romantic comedy, Fate Is a Game <緣來是遊戲>.

It is reported that Kenneth will take on the lead role of a cool lawyer. In the movie, he will be surrounded by seven beauties, including rising Chinese actress, Zhang Zixuan (張子萱), who had starred in the romantic hit film, Love is Not Blind <失戀33天>. Kenneth and Zhang Zixuan will share several passionate kissing scenes.

Jackie will be inviting good friends, such as veteran actors Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Irene Wan (溫碧霞) to star. Jackie is currently considering whether he will make a cameo appearance in the movie.

The filming company confirmed that Kenneth will star in the movie, but did not reveal his filming fees. However, it is rumored that he will receive up to $3 million RMB. Filming for the movie is scheduled to begin in October this year.

Prior to landing his big filming break in Jackie Chan’s new movie, Kenneth had starred in a cameo role in 2010 comedy, 72 Tenants of Prosperity <72家租客>, as a fireman.  Kenneth’s entry into the film industry marks the growing trend of TVB artists branching into more diverse markets, such as Fala Chen (陳法拉) appearing in horror film Tales from the Dark 2 <奇幻夜> and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) starring opposite Louis Koo (古天樂) in Inferno 3D <逃出生天3D>.


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  1. TVB losing more and more talented artists by the second, but at least Kenneth is going to be with TVB for another 5 years for now….

    1. Well, perhaps now that he’s in films perhaps he no longer have to ride the HK subway? haha lol….he’s kind of underrated but good chance now since TVB favorites are heading more towards the mainland.

  2. I hope this experience will push Kenneth to his full potential…because we all know how unnatural Kenneth is with these intimate scenes.

  3. That’s awesome news. 🙂 I was actually thinking that he’ll film a mainland series after his current series, but a movie is even better (for me as a viewer).

    1. I personally would rather he film a good ancient mainland series since I don’t like watching Chinese/Asian movies. I have not seen a single one that I actually like yet.

  4. Kenneth’s haircut in this makes him look younger. It looks kind of neat to have a different look.

  5. I would rather a lead role in a serious movie about a lawyer rather than a comedy. He is just not funny. He is cute, yes but not funny. I want him to have a serious route in movie acting and it should start with a serious role, not one which he will be ridiculed.

    Anyway a good thing amongst ALL the siu sangs, he has a bona fide leading role, if this article is to be believed.

    1. Raymond Lam was the first one to have a film leading actor role in 2001’s “Stolen Love”, and later the leading actor again in The Jade & The Pearl(2010) and Perfect Wedding(2010), and continues to star among main starring ensemble in a few other films i.e. Love is Pyjamas(2012), Sorcerer & White Snake(2010), and Saving General Yang(2012). He is the lead actor in the unreleased film Baby Blues too.

      Sammul Chan had a main starring label in 1999’s “The Young Ones”, where Oscar Leung is one of the leading actors.

      Bosco was the lead actor in 2012’s “Love In Time”, although he has appeared among main ensemble roles in a few films before that i.e. The Luckiest Man and 3 of the CNY films, but carries ILHK2013 as a lead actor. He is the lead actor in an unreleased film “Buddy Cops”.

      Ron Ng was the lead actor in 2005’s movie “Moments of Love”.

      Are you defining “bona fide” as having the entire movie concentrating solely on that one actor? Then you might be right, but I forgot someone:

      Wong Cho Lam was the “bona fide” lead actor in “Short of Love”(2009). He had Kate Tsui, Angelababy, JJ Jia, Chrissie Chau and Race Wong all for himself, and the film was all about him….

      1. Kevin Cheng was the main ensemble leads in some films, for example 2007’s “Super Fan” and “Wonder Women”, and 2012’s “The Woman Night of Mirror Lake”.

      2. Yes I do mean the leading role and not just an ensemble cast so to speak.

      3. I have segregated the “leading role” and “main ensemble role” as above. Leading role almost everyone aforementioned had it – only that there is also a “female equal lead role” as their partner(Raymond: Rain Li, Miriam Yeung, Ron: Race Wong, Bosco: Stephy Tang, Kate Tsui), but “one character focused” lead role I don’t remember anyone from TVB had it in films in recent years except Wong Cho Lam as above. Therefore, if Wong Cho Lam is included since he is also a TVB contracted actor, Kenneth Ma is not the only one with a possibly “one character focused” lead role in a film among ALL the popular actors of his generation.

        I don’t remember Kevin Cheng or Sammul Chan in any “leading role”, but they might have been included as “lead in an ensemble cast”. Louis Koo excluded since he’s in a totally different generation.

      4. I don’t know what “siu sang” is defined as exactly. I’m not a TVB fan hehe, but Wong Cho Lam is a very popular TVB actor in HK and among overseas Cantonese-speaking population.

        So I can only say that if you meant only “lead role” (with a female lead with equal weight in tow), Kenneth Ma is not the only one.

        If you meant “one sole character focused lead role”, MAYBE (assuming that none of the accompanying actresses are having equal “lead role” weight and if you exclude Wong Cho Lam)

        Unrelated note: I don’t appreciate Wong Cho Lam much, but “Short of Love” was pretty enjoyable, surprisingly.

    2. I disagree. My family and I have always find Kenneth hilarious in comedies. and this includes the recent TITS 2 episode where my mum laughed till her abdomen aches over Kenneth’s antics.

  6. A jackie chan produced movie? now that’s a great start to his movie career.

    1. agree with funn and 939393! kenneth now the top over raymond and bosco now with this new jackie chan movie! so much after raymond got so much virginia lok love and dubbed to be raymond the next andy lau! my foot! now look who is most highest rated and praised and jackie chan want to promote! it’s kenneth! so happy for kenneth. this will shut up the haters who bashing him for triumph2, guess what the great jackie chan think he’s amazing and want to promote him because of roy! this is anazing movie career for kenneth. come on it’s jackie chan!

      1. Relax, the movie hasn’t even been filmed yet you don’t know how great it is. Just because Jackie excels in his acting does not mean he’s a great producer. Don’t do this to yourself. He is only casting him because of his bed skills I see no mention of Jackie praising him anywhere else besides those scenes which led me to believe this is some kind of erotic role. He should be cast as a villain, he’s not funny at all.

      2. LOL…you guys give Jackie Chan too much credit. He’s NOT an ‘amazing’ actor nor is he worth anything as a producer or director…the only reason why he’s so popular is because of his martial arts background and the fact that he puts his life on the line to do his own stunts (the latter reason is pretty much the main reason why he is even remotely ‘respected’ in the industry). Ask any of the insiders in the HK entertainment industry what Jackie Chan is known for — they definitely won’t say ‘acting’ or ‘directing/producing’!!

      3. Yeah I don’t even know what I was thinking, I meant his stunts are appreciated but a great actor? Nope

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