Synopsis of “Triumph In the Skies” Movie

The movie version of popular drama series, Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄> is slotted for a 2015 release. Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) resume their pilot roles, but are involved in brand new love arcs. Louis Koo <古天樂>, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), and Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) are new additions to the movie.


Pilot Branson (Louis Koo) takes over Solar Airways as its successor and attempts to reform the entire company. He invites Sam (Francis Ng) to star in the promotional video for the company, and also persuades senior pilot Jayden (Chilam Cheung) to return to the airline. There remains a lack of pilots, however, and Branson steps up to personally fill in the gap. On his first flight, Branson reunites with air stewardess, Ah Shi (Charmaine Sheh). Branson and Ah Shi were previously in love but parted due to the difference in their backgrounds. Will they successfully reconnect and get back together?

As Sam is a stickler for punctuality, his flights take off on the dot and this results in famous celebrity, TM (Sammi Cheng) missing her flight. This was Sam’s first encounter with TM, and Sam’s curiosity is further piqued after learning that TM has a phobia of flying. TM stars in the promotional video for Solar Airways alongside Sam. Despite being known as a diva, TM goes out of her way to look after Sam during the shoot. After filming ends, Sam and TM coincidentally meet each other again in a foreign country. The two share a romantic night together, and Sam tries to help TM conquer her phobia of flying.

Before re-joining Solar Airways, Jayden met young and bright-eyed Kika (Amber Kuo 郭釆潔) and his ex-girlfriend, Winnie (Oceane Zhu 朱璇) through work. A wealthy young man tries to molest Kika and is taught a lesson by Jayden. As a result, Kika develops a crush on Jayden. Jayden spends time with both Kika and Winnie, and they create many happy memories together. Under Winnie’s encouragement, Kika decides to confess her feelings to Jayden but as she is about to do so, she faints and collapses onto the ground. Realizing that Kika is suffering from a terminal illness, Jayden fulfills Kika’s wish and spends time with her.


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    1. Agree totally agree but we watch to see Louis chi lam and Francis in a movie together

    2. What plot? Just throw in some sappy love story complete with someone dying from a terminal illness and beautiful foreign scenery and hope the masses will come flocking to the cinemas.

    3. Truly a crappy plot which only focus about love…
      Is this the best TVB can come out with nowadays?How disappointing…
      Pity Louis Koo to be dragged into this movie just to pay back his still remaining contract with TVB…

    4. agree. doesn’t sound exciting. Louis Koo using the name ‘Branson’???

  1. Haha. If (Richard) branson is busy flying planes who is running the company??

    1. Imagine an airline that operates with 3 captains only! What a ridiculous plot. Why not make Charmaine the pilot with love relationship with the ceo?? That’s how forward tvb is.

    2. I was surprised at the plot too. Why would a CEO fly a plane? How does he have time to run his airline company?

      1. … There won’t be part 2 at least since his company will bankrupt without a CEO

  2. If only this plot was used for the second drama series as well as the same characters then it would’ve been a better hit. As a movie it seems to be too much story for a 1hr film. Thus i fear that it will be too rushed. But too bad TVB was unable to afford this cast for the series version lol! And created a major disappointing 2nd series instead.

  3. chi lams plot with amber is bascically similar to sams and zoe’s story from the first series

  4. ***! This is a crappy plot. I can’t believe they hired so many professional actors and actresses to play this ****** characters with some lousy love story omg.

  5. What a horrible plot. So basically just 3 mini sappy cheesy romance stories. One night stand is not Sam’s characteristic. Great, another terminal illness twist. If an ceo can’t find other pilot and has to fly himself then he’s a dimwit, has no business in doing business. Ugh, so baaaaaad. With that being said, movie goers, me include d, will most likely watch it bc of 3 male leads. Sigh, we’re settling…

    1. Smh! Knowing the plot is crap you’d still be willing to fork out your hard earned money to watch it? Smh! No wonder every other HK movie is starring Louis Koo. Dun you fellas get sick of seeing him?

      1. Yes, I still would to see it. The plot is crappy, but I can still appreciate the acing and eye candy. Just being honest. Even if you have the greatest plot, if you don’t have likable actors/tresses to pull ppl, it’ll be a flop regardless.

      2. Louis make so many movies, no film award, how sad…Lol

    2. Actually, Sam did have a one night stand with Belle in part 1. That being said, the plot is non existent, but the 3 male leads (and the success of the series) are indeed huge draws!

  6. If this is a spin-off that really has no relation to the drama storyline, ok fine… otherwise they totally ruined it TVB really pushed too far with this sequel and recycling some love story from part one.

  7. The two share a romantic night together, really? This does not fit Sam’s personality, just like how reluctant he is to accept Holiday shows that he is not those “one night stand” person. But a serious person where he would consider very seriously when going into a relationship. Unless his personality is going to change to Triumph In The Skies first series where he had “One Night Stand” with Flora. For those of you who watched the 1st series you would know what I meant, Sam in 1st and 2nd series have slightly different personality and ‘feel’. This story plot also sounds like normal drama plot…

    1. Have you not seen the first series? I think Sam had a one nigh stand in the first episode or so.

      1. Hmm…If you read my comment I said “Triumph In The Skies first series where he had “One Night Stand” with Flora.” =)

  8. Someone should suggest an intricate plot that hasn’t been said or done without it being too simple or unrealistic. I don’t think anyone could think of one…right?

  9. Doesnt Louis Koo owe Tvb some episodes? If so, this is a good way of getting rid of some of them and their stupid plots. I’m guessing he will probably cruise through this.

  10. Really like Sam and Jayden but this movie has push it way too much… their professional pilots not some ducks sleeping with everyone and dating everyone lmao 😛

  11. I think this plot should be used in Triumph In The Skies 2 instead. They should not cut off Myolie’s character as Zoe, instead they should use this plot such as later Sam found out Zoe illness has relapse…and of cause later cured with happy ending. Holiday end up with Captain Cool and maybe they can let Myolie act out 2 characters.

  12. umm… not interested in this ‘movie version” of Triumph in the skies!!!!! the poster of each Plot is just horrible and cheap i’m not gonna watch this movie version!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am expecting some action-packed scenes.

    Storyline sounds boring.

  14. Since this is a movie ,it shall have some action storyline like plane hijacking like Flight 93
    with both the captain try to stop the terrorist attack ,they shall hire Jade L
    eung,Carmen lee as action Flight attendant
    not Sammi Cheng ,hire Ekin Cheng or Davo Wong as terrorist ,not those love plot.

  15. Only attraction of this movie is Charmaine Sheh and Louis Koo kisses…Cant wait to see, really hot!

    1. If that were all you wanted to see, then save yourself some time and money by just wait for the clip on Youtube.

  16. Still going to watch the movie, however its a bit annoying with TVB focusing on these love story nowadays. Would like to expect more relating to the flying. Possibly air accidents instead of romance storys.

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