“Triumph in the Skies” Movie Holds Blessing Ceremony

The cast and crew of the movie version of Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄> gathered together on August 3 to attend a blessing ceremony. The film, a co-production between TVB, Media Asia Films, and Shaw Studios, is the big screen adaptation of the popular TVB drama series of the same name, which starred Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) in the central role.

The first part of Triumph in the Skies premiered in 2003 to nearly record-breaking ratings and critical reception. Its sequel aired in 2013.

The film version of the pilot drama sees Francis return as Hong Kong’s first Chinese pilot, Captain Sam Tong. Chilam Cheung (張智霖), who starred as Skylette Airline’s senior pilot Jayden Koo in Triumph in the Skies 2, also appears in the film. Elena Kong (江美儀) reprises her role as Skylette Airline’s senior stewardess Heather Fong. Oceane Zhu (朱璇), who made a guest appearance in the first two episodes of Triumph in the Skies 2, also has a supporting role in the film.

Keeping the franchise fresh, the movie also underwent a few new cast additions. Louis Koo (古天樂) has joined the cast to star as the owner of an airline. Singer-songwriter Jun Kung (恭碩良) also stars in a prominent role. Taiwanese actress Amber Kuo (郭采潔), who was absent at the press conference, will star as Louis’ girlfriend.

Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) star as the film’s two female leads. Sammi appeared in a short-sleeved pilot outfit, which showed off the tattoos etched around her neck and arm. Sammi’s unique appearance garnered the most attention at the press conference, but the Cantopop diva denied revealing what kind of character she portrays, insisting everyone should watch the film to find out. Rumored to portray  Fala Chen‘s (陳法拉) Holiday Ho earlier, Sammi will instead portray an entirely new character.

Charmaine, on the other hand, portrays a stewardess – a first in Charmaine’s acting career. Charmaine revealed that her character will share an interesting relationship with Louis’ role.

Triumph in the Skies is produced by Tommy Leung (梁家樹) and co-directed by Wilson Yip (葉偉信) and Matt Chow (鄒凱光).

Triumph in the Skies movie  Triumph in the Skies movie 3  Triumph in the Skies movie 4

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy  for JayneStars.com.

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  1. is the show really that great?! sequel then movie? i think it was okay ja wo~

      1. Its a movie, so glad that Myolie is out and sweet Charmaine is in, pairing with Louis, awaiting to watch intimate scenes by them….Oolalala

      2. Wasn’t it supposed to be Kate? Regardless I am also glad that Charmaine is in it instead!

      3. What about Flora Chan? Why couldn’t they bring her back to this film?

    1. I LOVED the first series. Had too many expectations for the second series which was a huge disappointment…then again, I should have expected that…

    2. It was a great show only if you enjoy watching old guys hooking up with younger women and speaking in bad pidgin English.

    3. I loved Nancy’s storyline and acting in it as the surrogate mother and loyal self aacrificing friend. I also love the sibling relationship between Nancy, Ron and Francis.

    4. Part one is awesome. I still remember Francis, Myolie, Flora and Joe and the F4 then Ron, Sammuel, Bosco and Kenneth.. Bosco and Kenneth weren’t as big then.. really miss the old tvb series, they have heart..

      1. Indeed… Really miss the glory days of TVB series… Still good! Nowadays I haven’t watch the series at all this year… Except M Club

      2. Yeah! I do agreed with you Part One is still the best. I really missed and enjoyed the the Part One as they are really a good actors and actresses. I have watched the Part One more than 5 times and I don’t feel bored.

      3. Me too I used to see part I for many time especially Sam and Zoe I really love them, only part i take my heart on it, I miss Sam and Zoe role , I hate part ii replace Zoe to holiday and I will not see part ii, only part one that good memory for me Sam and Zoe .,, I want Sam an Zoe back in part iii and live married life together with kid , if tvb can rewrite again, thank

    5. Yes, the show was really that great- just season 1. But the recent one, season 2, sucked. They didnt bring back Michelle, Flora, Bosco, and Sammul. At the very least, they could have made use of Myolie- put her as Zoe again. TVB probably just killed her cus they didn’t know how to continue the series, but they wanted to make $$ off of season 1’s success

  2. Well, it’s better than the current TVB series.

    Btw, Raymond Lam is now officially leaving TVB.

    1. “Raymond Lam is now officially leaving TVB.”

      Yes!!! Crack open a bottle of champagne. It’s time to celebrate. LF’s PS face won’t be on my TV screen as often now. 🙂

      1. It’s sad that raymond lam is leaving I want eliza Sam to leave so bad she can’t act ugly then is always rumored with other ppl like if some1 is really popular at e certain time she’s rumored with them. For example when on call was on air she was rumored with Kenneth am and him law etc.. More ppl when triumph in the skies was in air

    2. no true at all,maybe the ratings is better but it doesnt mean the quality too,i think the currently airing drama black heart white soul is a good one and better than tits2.

  3. what’s the point of this movie? the series wasn’t that good..

  4. I wish they cast Ada! i want to see Ada and Louis again!

      1. It will be a miracle to see them pair up again! THis would’ve of been a great opportunity! Ada , chi lam, louis! A super movie for me! heh

  5. I wonder if they will give Francis a new lover…

    1. yeah they will sammi will be his new love interest ;(

    1. Yes wish Ron reprise his role. His scenes with Francis help to somewhat salvage the second series train wreck!

      1. Yes! Some people didn’t like him in the second series. I honestly didn’t really like him and Myolie’s story, but I loved the scenes of him and Francis!

    2. I doubt he will be in the movie which just sucks cause he is quite an important character who affects his brother Francis Ng. Loved the 2 together. A lot of chemistry and he makes the whole atmosphere more lively.

    3. To take them back doesnt bring more viewers to the cinema. They are basically do not have much value in movie field.

    4. Agree. Even though I don’t like Ron, he and Francis have this sibling chemistry.

  6. Hope they won’t dissapoint on the movie soundtrack like TITS 2. Wish to see a duet between Chilam and Sammi. 🙂

  7. So Charmaine is paired with Louis and not Chilam? Aww… 🙁

  8. No Ron or Kenneth? Since the focus is on the trio, there’s probably no use of others.

  9. Are they gonna have Sam break up with Holiday? Or are they gonna kill her off? I hate how he keeps getting a new love interest like Ron in The Academy trilogy!

    1. OMG. I totally agree. Ron’s changing love interest was so annoying! It’s so typical of TVB T_______T

      1. Agreed. Out of the ten major characters from TITSII, only Francis, Chilam & Elena joins for the film.

  10. Why do they include outsider Charmaine but leave out original casts Ron, Myolie and Kenneth out? I understand Sammi movie star appeal but Charmaine is a TV face too.

    1. because charmaine has a damn good popularity in HK 🙂 duh ? maybe not in movies but in television and commercials 🙂

    2. Charmaine totally not in the movies standard yet! Why have to be her, huh?

  11. So we won’t be seeing Lousis in pilot uniform in movie since he is the owner?

  12. Unfortunately for TVB, they moved too far away from the original series. Where the fans were left with a good feeling from the first series and then to cut Moyolie’s character with Francis, then to recreate Moyolie to another character was pointless. If they kept to the original storyline, they would know that Francis character would never give up what he had with Moyolie, so to think he ends up in a love triangle in the second series was just stupid! I think the second series should have either been all different story, cast and character, which would have meant no Francis … but I didn’t think the second series worked, even though Chilam featured in it. So it will be interesting how they will turn this movie out as most of the second series cast are not in the movie! Must admit TVB are not very good with sequels because they moved too far away from the original storyline.

    1. Two thumbs up! LOVE LOVE Sam and Zoe!!!! I didn’t even bother to watch Triumph in the Skies II because they killed off Zoey to add in that new character, Holiday. Really liked Sam’s parents and Ron (as his younger brother) in the first series too. They love Zoey so much that whenever she comes over to their house, they always treat her as their daughter and soon-to-be daughter-in-law.


    2. I so agree with you. Glad to know that it wasnt just me who felt this way. I really liked the Sam and Zoe storyline in part one. Their love was so meant to be and strong that it left viewers with a satisfied and happy memory of the series. But making part 2 was huge disappointment when they killed off Zoe along with the purpose of the series. Even Francis thought that it was weird and unbelievable that his character was able to have another relationship. So i question this movie but hoping that Francis and Chilam can salvage it with their better costars – Louis, Charmaine and Sammi. Lets hope the plot wont disappoint again. Fingers X

      1. I am really glad too to talk with you guy as I am a new comer, I happy that is not me that feel disappointed with t triumph in the sky ii, tvb should not kill Zoe . Zoe and Sam are very interesting in part I and I believe the audience really wanna see Sam and Zoe stay married live forever, tvb should rewrite for Sam and Zoe live together in part ii, u know when I knew part ii Zoe die and sam broken heart I’m not watch because really disappointed and sad drama, and I hope tvb will rewrite again for Sam and Zoe live married life forever, please

  13. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.. but I prefer TITS2 anytime over TITS1. Also, I totally loved the theme song for TITS2.

  14. Seeing Sammi in the pilot outfit the others usually wear is weird.

    1. I prefer Louis with Charmaine, Chilam is stale… Haha

      1. i know lol but i kinda miss them together in Point of No Return lol

  15. I wonder who is Captain Cool’s love interest in the movie?!?! Hmm…. hope its not with Sammi, that would be just weird…… yeah I thought would be with Charmaine..?!?!?!

      1. It is obvious the focus will be on Louis n Charmaine.

    1. Nah… they wouldn’t pair Chilam and Charmaine esp if Anita Yeun has a say in it hahaha! Although I don’t think Anita has that power. Still Louis and Charmaine’s pairing is new and fresh… looking forward to it. 🙂

      1. Yes! Louis n Charmaine both are single will create more sparks, something new n interesting to look forward…Cheers! Anita can have Chilam all her life…Haha

  16. wow….i hope is going awesome as the one that has done in TVB !!!!!!! lest year!!!!!-triumph in the skies 2!!!!! and can’t wait to watch this movie version!!!!

  17. Cant stand ugly, wierd Sammi’s face, good to look at sweet, dainty n lovely Charmaine, its a bonus….Cheers! Louis and Charmaine pairing, they are perfect hot couple, cant wait to see the hot kisses by them…Woohoo!

    1. I think Sammi is prettier than Charmaine. Always liked her movies too. I hope Charmaine gets paired with Francis, Sammi with Chilam, that would be fresh.

      1. Yes…Sammi more prettier and a diva! Charmaine just normal tv actress!!

  18. Just Francis Ng and Louis Koo would have been enough to draw the audience in. They had such great chemistry in Bullets over Summer I wanna see them acting together again! Can’t believe it’s been 15 years since that movie was released…how I miss HK movies of those days 🙁

  19. TITS 1 = bad
    TITS 2 = worse
    TITS Movie = worst!

    Never watched any of those, though.

  20. oh, doesn’t Francis look great in his age?
    handsome man

  21. All in all I think it’s wise to have the heavy weights like Sammi & charmaine to lead the movie rather than kate Tsui.

    1. Heavy weights for Charmaine? No way…not even there yet!

  22. I am thinking twice about watching because of Charmaine. She definitely is not my favourite. Diva with an attitude.

    1. Totally agreed with what you said…tvb lover! Not going to watch the movie at all!!

  23. only Francis as original… sad stuff would have perhaps love to see Flora return or even Ron and Nancy since their family related to Francis and their all part of the original one.

  24. Honestly without most of the original cast it isn’t Triumph In The Skies anymore. How can you not have Ron, Nancy, Myolie, Kenneth they were one of the main people who made Triumph In The Skies a success. This movie is pretty stupid to be honest, don’t even know if ill watch. Anyone else agree?

    1. Disagree. The point of the movie is the few main cast and the aviation industry. My concern is less about unimportant walk on roles for the original cast and the fact that TVB is choosing to make an expensive movie about aviation industry in a year where aviation is hardest hit, it seems TVB is out of sync with public and the world. And I can’t see how a 2 hours movie about pilot falling in and out of love will make for a good movie. But if it was action packed, TVB may be accused of being incredibly insensitive. Point is they should have shelved this movie and make something else.

      1. “can’t see how a 2 hours movie about pilot falling in and out of love will make for a good movie. But if it was action packed, …”

        I would much prefer an action packed TITS movie and get rid of that squeaky “chalk on white board” voice diva queen Charmaine Sheh/佘詩曼.

      2. you are the only one who is offended by this TITS movie. Deal with it.

      3. You’re the one who is out of sync, funn. I think one of the tv broadcast distributors is still airing tits2.

    2. Well, with that cast the movie wont attract viewers to cinema because they are TV stars. Through it is still related to the TV series but they know TV seelais doesnt come cinema often.

  25. I now remember that in fact a TITS movie was made with Ken Hung. Wonder where it is.

  26. BTW, they actually should cast Nong Poy as the love interest of Louis. It will attract a lot of audiences to cinema especially now.

      1. Im not sure that he has admitted the relationship (and she hinted) but even if it is fake, pairing Nong Poy and Louis will gather a lot of attention.

    1. Not Nong Poy again, make love with a girl is appropriate, Charmaine is a good choice for Louis

      1. Moreover, Louis wont have any love feelings/kicks kissing a 人妖, would you?

  27. I really became obsessed with the serie. Especially part 2. But i don’t see the point of making a movie of it with mostly a different cast? It will be confusing and I think most of us now are kinda used to the cast of part 2 of triumph in the skies. So I think it’s kinda ridiculous for making a movie of the series

  28. Also reading most of you guys comments, why do most of u guys dislike like part 2 of triumph in the skies? ( just wondering)

    1. …… because they did not like Fala Chen and her character. They could not take Francis Ng and Fala Chen together as a couple. People wanted Captain Tong (Francis’ character) to stay loyal to Zoe forever and ever.

    2. If you watch truimp in the sky part I first , Sam and Zoe are deep relationship with strong love they make watcher great memorable , and now tvb created part two and kill Zoe away from Sam left same with broken heart and start love whit other girl not Zoe , it a hug disappointed not good feel to watch part two again , so regreat why tvb write to kill Zoe in part ii, I think most of us that see part I feel huge disappointed with part ii like me?

  29. I used to watch triumph in the sky part I for many times not boring and especially sam and zoe scenes they amazing there scenes really awesome and memorable, i love sam and zoe miss there love scenes i want them back as couple love forever in other series triumph on the sky, but tvb give me hopeless for triumph in the sky part II was kill zoe 🙁 if part II like this should not have better than,I want sam and zoe back for love scenes forever and ever.Anyone wish like me?

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