Elva Hsaio Electrifies Crowd in Steamy “Super Girl” Dance

Taiwanese pop diva, Elva Hsiao ( 萧亚轩), electrified crowds when she performed her new dance track, “Super Girl”, in Taipei on December 16.  In her upcoming album, Elva takes on an image of sexy super heroine!

Steamy Super Girl Dance

At an autograph signing session for new album, Super Girl, Fearless Love <Super Girl 愛無畏>, Elva made a grand entrance in a  yellow hummer with her 4 back-up dancers in a super girl costumes. Elva wore a funky costume from her own line, Carry Me.

Together, they jumped on the stage and gyrated sexily to the main track. The moves of the dance routine were not unlike those found in her previous videos, with Elva’s signature sultry moves. Visibly more toned, Elva spurred the audience to wild cheers.

The atmosphere was so steamy that a 17-year-old fan-boy rushed to the stage unexpectedly with a bouquet of flowers and proposed to Elva! He beseeched earnestly, “Please marry me! I will become your Kenny!” Elva was pleasantly surprised and not wanting to embarrass the pubescent boy, she smiled, “But I don’t know you. Let’s be friends first!”

Elva’s heart obviously belonged to singer/actor, Kai Ko (柯震東) and had no room for anyone else. Their age gap of 12 years did not extinguish their love for each other. It is a fact that 32-year-old Elva does not mind a relationship with younger men and this has prompted one of her fans to propose marriage!

Career Going Well

Super Girl, Fearless Love is Elva’s 13th album since she started her singing career in 1999. The album will include 5 new singles, including a duet with Han Geng (韓庚), “Best Listener” <最佳听众>. The album will also house 30 other hit singles.

Elva’s career has always been sailing steadily. With 13 albums and 2 movies to her belt, she has no shortage of advertising deals. Billed as one of Taiwan’s Top 5 highest paid celebrities, the hardworking Elva did not let the recent spate of gossips get to her. She continued to electrify fans across Asia with her dominating stage performances.

Aunt Agony

Elva has also recently established an official You Tube channel entitled ‘Captain Love’ <愛情學院>. She appeared as Captain Love in short films to dispense love tips in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The first episode has enjoyed high ratings. The second episode, ‘The Right Place to Find True Love’ <選對地點遇到愛> will air this Thursday.

Source: Apple Daily

Watch Elva in “Super Girl” Action!

[vsw id=”ghimAhxyeaw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  1. U can’t be super girl in that outfit -.- and her dancing is quite weak, not just the move, but the energy, and the ridiculously impractical outfit doesn’t help her moves either

    1. Totally agree with you, if HK or Taiwanese artists who can perform the Korean bubble pop choreography. Then we’re talking about dancing!

  2. Elva looks great! Still sexy at 32! Keep it up, Elva! Wishing you and Kai Ko everlasting love and romance! Age matters not between soul mates.

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