Elva Hsiao’s “Super Girl, Fearless Love” Music Video Released

Together with the launch of her latest album, Super Girl, Fearless Love <Super Girl 愛無畏>, Elva Hsiao ( 萧亚轩) will be launching her new fashion line, Catch Me. The music video for Elva’s title dance track was released on December 18, in which she morphs into a super heroine of love.

Elva also spared no effort for her new album. In the music video, Elva morphs into a “Captain of Love” and dispenses man-chasing advice. Footage was taken from at least 10 different settings, including a scene involving a heavy-duty motorcycle and another scene shot in a futuristic city. She also pushed herself physically by holding a 8 kg dumbbell. Although it was not an easy task, Elva had to pretend lifting it was an easy task for her ‘Super Girl’ image.

Elva’s Super Girl, Fearless Love album, which will release on December 21, will include 5 new singles and 30 classics.

New Fashion Line

For her new fashion line, Catch Me, Elva employed a total of 10 designers, including several Chinese designers she poached from international brands, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen. Aside from fashion designers for her clothing lines and handbags, she also employed division heads. This gives her a great sense of control over her new fashion “empire”. Comparing herself to Empress Zhen Huan, Elva joked that she is just like the imperial concubine because she wants to oversee the entire process of her fashion line.

To tie in with the launch of her Super Girl, Fearless album, Elva spent $260 million TWD to design 10,000 crocodile-embossed clutches. She personally oversaw the birth of these bags, from designing to creation of the embossing.

Watch Elva’s “Super Girl, Fearless Love” Music Video

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  1. A humorous music video…Lesson #4 “Never give up” is funny, especially since they were ready to send the man to his death. I enjoy how the beat picks up at 3:00, gives me a rush of energy.

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