2011 TVB Anniversary Gala

The 2011 TVB Anniversary Gala was held last night. At the star-studded event, Fala Chen (陳法拉), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Samantha Ko (高海寧), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Tracy Ip (葉翠翠), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Moses Chan (陳豪), and other artists shone brightly in their carefully chosen attire.

Hot favorites to win the TV Queen title this year, Myolie Wu and Fala Chen, battled their sexiness at last night’s 2011 TVB Anniversary Gala. Myolie wore a plunging neckline, while Fala revealed her bare back. However, both women were overly thin and displayed only a skeletal beauty. Due to the thigh-high split in her dress, Sharon Chan accidentally revealed the shorts beneath her dress. Vivien Yeo (楊秀惠), Tracy Ip (葉翠翠), and Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) wore  low-cut dresses which revealed their cleavage lines.  In contrast, “sex goddess” Samantha Ko (高海寧) eased on the competition and did not display any pleasant surprises in her outfit.

Although lottery drawings for a car and house were not distributed at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Gala, bonus prizes valued at over $1 million were distributed. Stephen Huynh, Chin Ka Lok, Nancy Sit, and other artists were the lucky winners during the prize drawing segment.

Anniversary Performances

One of the segments included a magic show performance by the Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III> cast, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Maggie Cheung (張可頤), Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊). Through the use of cloaks, Wayne and Maggie made other cast members disappear and reappear in different positions. Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) also used magic to make Kate Tsui appear. When Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Jess Sum (沈卓盈) inserted knives into the box in which Sire Ma (馬賽) was hiding, the performance went slightly askew and was almost revealed!

A hot favorite for the Best Actor Award, Michael Tse (謝天華), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), and Fala Chen (陳法拉) performed a motorcycle stunt barging past three obstacles. The full blast and gunfire visual effects were handled well. Bosco faced his opponents alone  and deliberately broke the light to demonstrate his power.


Excerpt from Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: What did everyone think of the 2011 TVB Anniversary Gala? The program segments did not seem “grand” at all, as the entertainment value is similar to regular variety program. The entire “chok” segment seemed a little silly for the Anniversary Gala. Um…there were no other talents or stunts that would display the artists skills better? Such as Andy Lau used to write calligraphy on a lot of the shows…couldn’t they make Fala show off her ballet skills or Raymond perform an erotic dance? A rap battle between artists would be more interesting; even Eric Tsang appeared courteous this year. I think it would have been better to put together a mini-skit, with some dance and dialogue component.

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  1. I don’t find it interesting at all except for the FH3 magic section with the help of a real magician. Raymond Lam only appears very briefly at the beginning and the chok session just to show off his ‘King-of-Chok’ title (how pathetic is that!). The rest of the segments are so boring till I’ve to yawn thru the entire show! Even Eric Tsang is no help either. Seriously what happened to the grand TVB Anniversary? Talk about lost talent and it’s so true.

    1. I thought the magic section was fair and that’s just because I think Wayne put a lot of effort to perform all the tricks in a timely manner.
      Funny thing is, I didn’t even find Raymond to be that chok in the segment, yet he’s the suppose chok king.

      1. His cute expression reminded me of his “duk duk dei” f/ HoG.

      2. Jayne, wise words! True! Even when he is smiling he is just chok. Botox perhaps? But Ray was a good sport. I thought however Moses was darn funny. That man is always so much livelier off screen than on screen.

      3. @Funn,

        That’s how girls in TVB are all queuving for Moses when he was declared single.

        Even Aimee is crazy for him.

        But I agreed that Moses is a funny guy.

      4. I laughed everytime I thought of moses smiling and waving his hand in a friendly way to when the word “CHOK” was said, he immediately gave the model pout. I tell you he has such a likeable personality off screen but none translates to on screen

        Kenneth Ma also except his CHOK look looks like he is in pain.

      5. I think Ron is seriously Chok when he pertends to be Raymond choking. Just watch him on the JSG eps with Ray, Ron, and Kate during the talking part.
        I know Moses is funny especially when he does the chok look, but I don’t think he’s chok, not even good looking. Dunno why do many girls like him. I don’t like his acting either. He’s only good funny, but you can’t film funny dramas forever. He’s just not good at acting.

      6. @Veejay: Didn’t Moses announce that he chased Aimee for love, not Aimee chased him?

      7. I like Moses a lot. I think he is a gentleman and he gives me an impression he is a nice guy. After this show, I do like him with Aimee, though I wouldn’t like them as onscreen lovers. Neither are above competent actors so to speak. But off screen they’re sweet, especially how she listens to him. I am expecting wedding bells.

      8. This thing has to ask Moses :P. When looking at Aimee in the rehearsal ytd, in a second I thought she is Bernice. So maybe Moses’s taste is quite loyal.

      9. I don’t like Aimee at first. But, after watching Super Snoops and FH3, I find that she has a very sweet smile. I think it’s her eyes. Her eyes droop in such a way when she smiles that makes her look very sweet. No wonder Moses likes her. TVB should let her do more sweet roles instead of the tomboyish fierce character. Also, Aimee should grow her hair. She looks very nice with her shoulder length hair in Super Snoops.

    2. I think the TVB Anniversary show has become worse and worse every year. Where did all their creativity and imagination go? The magic show was good cause everything went buy fast moving. The Fuk Luk Sau vs The 4 guys was really funny, so I liked it cause I was laughing really hard and The 3 Fuk Luk Sau aren’t pertending to be girls again. The singing part was not that great. Eric Tsang’s part was not bad. Kinda funny.

      1. hahaha agreed! I was so relieved that the 3 Fuk Luk Sau didn’t dress themselves as women this year!

    3. ”I thought the Gala were not as the Gala before, got worst evey year many had suggest. the chok were cheap and tacky, more night club hostesses and trans-sexuals in high heels. Flora’s cantonese were not her at her usual on screen, just as a beginner learning mandarin. TVB seems to be moving the north with lot more made in China Cast, will Hongkies soon be out off work taken over be the northern masters? the Gala most of the best Presenters, there were only 2 and half good presenters that were professional, ex DJ and ZiChin (forgotten her name, and Sharon (the half, needs lot more experience and opportunity), the sponsor prizes were such a joke, TVB should give one of there stuff a pay rise instead of selective winners it seemed to us, and Patrick doesn’t deserve 100,000 and the charity org. do. TVB shows lack quality time, series lack research, and scripts are poor althought better than the average mainland scripts. could tvb cut down on series set in the Qing Period, just because they now have Qing robes and dresses, we are bored dead and had enough of it. Try Ming or Song instead, han or tang, not Qing pigtail!! sak the script directots coz they lack knowledge of the periods, atention show be paid on small details and events that doesn’t add up. too much rubbish from tvb, those leading man and lady just ain’t cool and does need top up, and tvb show pay them more to dress up and hire them designers and dressers, just not up to standards, freeky hair styling is’nt enough. Sex should be kept private unless they want to follow perverted Eddison Chen’s mistakes”

  2. “However, both women were overly thin and displayed only a skeletal beauty”

    ROFL agreed with this.

  3. I didn’t enjoy the gala that much. The Lives of Omission skit made nonsense at all and the chok dance thing was rather long. I believe it was meant to he comedic but I barely smiled throughout that whole ordeal. The only part I found enjoyable was FLS and the grand prize drawing.
    TVB really needs to seek some new talent for their artistic direction. The show seemed like it was put together rather fast. I didn’t even mind that it was a rather small production without many major stars but at least put more effort into it.
    Lastly, TVB needs better time management. In every live show they produce, the artistes are always rushed to finish. It seemed rather unfair to me that they rescinded Johnson Lee’s prize because he couldn’t make it out fast enough. For once I like to see a live show where there is no reference to the directors telling the artistes to speed up. The rushed aspect of the show undermines to status of the production and is also disrespectful to all the people involved in it.

    1. Btw sorry for the typos. The auto-correction never works the way I want it to lol

  4. The most memorable segments of the show was the one with Johnson Lee, WCL, and Louis Yuen. It was hilarious! 😀

    The second best segment was when Moses was asked to identify Aimee’s ear and Kate was asked to identify Bosco’s tongue. I also noticed that the MCs made a lot of references to the real life couples, Bosco and Myolie, Chin Ka Lok and Angela Tong, Moses and Aimee, etc. 😛

    The Chok Chok Chok song was also funny although I find the word overused and it was pretty lame. It was funny to see everyone’s faces and what they did. Some obviously seemed like they didn’t care, lol. 😛

    Wayne’s magician tricks segment were boring although I was impressed with him taking off his Pro Sir tuxedo and into a magician outfit in a blink of an eye. 🙂

    1. Wayne’s segment is boring. I wish TVB bring back the funny Wayne from before he become 2 times award winner.

    2. @Vivien,

      I don’t think Wayne himself is boring. He was funny during the show and tried to match the anniversary spirit. However, I would agree that Pro Sir can have a bit more of personality other than being pro pro pro, haha.

      1. Chriselle I agree. In fact Wayne was rather good at making quips and funny retorts. As for the magic show, gotta admit the team was first and first to show there was any sort of practise done. I also like the was it 5 guys doing past acrobatic shows and then sing? Should have just asked them to sing the past years’ songs rather than the new awful singers.

  5. I thought it was a mixed show. There were some good parts and some slow parts. The best segments were the fake Mr. HK pageant and the part with the couples.

    1. I agree. I wished there was some singing and dancing like Jayne said.

  6. Why was Linda Chung absent yesterday? Filming? We didn’t see her at the Gala show.

    1. There was news where she said she’d be on holiday (Canada) so would not attend this show, but will be there for the awards ceremony.

  7. In the old Anniversaries, different teams were split up to compete for the grand trophy. The older programs featured more physical stunts, such as multiple men banding together to use their muscle strength to lift each other up or toss each other in the air. I liked this team spirit. At the same time, the competition between the teams were stronger and made it more exciting as to who won.

    In terms of the creative program strength, you know things have degenerated when the artists are asked to pop balloons in their evening gowns.

    All the artists appear to wish to carry a humble image and may be too polite to each other. Wayne Lai came across as the one most at ease in tossing punch lines.

    The funniest segment was the pseudo Mr. Hong Kong competition due to Johnson Li’s performance.

    I felt Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, and Kevin Cheng were underutilized in the Anniversary program. They barely had anything to say. Michael Tse had more references thrown his way.

    A lot of the focus was on Wayne Lai, as he was unafraid to show his sarcastic side, while participating in numerous game segments. Everyone else seemed to wish to shrink away from the limelight, for fear of being labeled “arrogant.”

    1. ROFL I saw that coming. Michael tse got a lot of references to him because TVB is pushing him up to be the winner. All he does is just chok as usual and ride some bike but even Bosco look cooler and more defined than chok Michael in that boring LOO segment. Why dont they make it a comedy spoof instead??

    2. I hate to admit that I laughed at the Boscolie segment with Myolie unpredictable comment and Bosco mad at her. I also feel less annoyed at Moses and Aimee who still continue their flirt as usual. I’m going soft hearted!

      1. Vivien,

        I might have to slap u awake! 😛

        During the prize game, I kept thinking which couple do I hate more?
        It’s good Patrick won b/c he needs the money more than the Chan’s.

      2. @josie

        I know. I’m becoming soft hearted maybe got used to them.

      3. It was absolutely hilarious during the Bosco/Myolie/Kate scene near the end! .. Moses and Aimee has not warmed up to me!

    3. @Jayne,Like l know Raymond Lam lost his voice seen last week even couple day ago RL attended the CNTV music awards was unable to perform,maybe that reason or set up by Anniversary program..

      1. He sounded fine during interviews released the day after the Gala. I think his voice recovered by the time. Probably cause he was busy filming and all that so he couldn’t rehearse for anything to do at the Gala, so all he did was do what he usually does, Chok.

    4. yea agree. I also recon Raymond Wong didn’t appear much either.

  8. The gala was rather plain and not grand at all. I saw the few minutes of the magic show at I thought; ‘that’s it, TVB think the audience are so stupid and by doing these type of shows can attract many viewers; both locally and internationally.’ The good old days are gone…TVB is no longer sustainable.

    1. Yeah! I was already suspecting the show was gonna be horrible, but I heard that Fuk Luk Sau are gonna perform something and this is a show that usually is looked forward to each year, so I decided to watch it.
      TVB deffinately should do something. TVB is not gonna last too long if it continues to go on like this!!

  9. The gala was rather plain and not grand at all. I saw the few minutes of the magic show at I thought; ‘that’s it, TVB think the audience are so stupid and by doing these type of shows can attract many viewers; both locally and internationally.’ And I switched off my tv. The good old days are gone…TVB is no longer sustainable.

    1. unfortunately the ship is still sailing according to the course set a long time ago and the captain and the crewmembers refuse to change course even they can see an iceberg in front of them.

      Many of it’s passengers fortunately managed to jump ship and reached another one just in time avoiding being eaten by icebears or frozen to death, hehe

  10. I think it wasn’t that bad. There were some funny parts (: if you guys actually don’t complain or being too judgemental then everything will be alright . All I did , was just watch and not think of anything & guess what I think the anniversary gala wasn’t plain or thinking if it is grand or not.

    1. I agree with you….I also watched not expecting much about the show, just view it for enjoyment…some people know TVB isn’t going to deliver but yet they keep on watching expecting something to change.

  11. Jayne,

    I think ray has to save the erotic dance for his concerts. Plus there’s the danger of women fainting and/or men cursing.

    And they already did the rap battle last year w/ CBML vs NR cast. I’d rather hear the stars sing than rap anyway.

    1. LOLS Ray’s dancing was a little off and not like how it usually was for the song. I thought it was really funny when the Fuk Luk Sau tried to pertend to dance like Ray. Loved that.

  12. It’s a good thing Bernice isn’t with TVB anymore. Imagine how awkward she would’ve felt during the Moses/Aimee part! lol

    Same with the part where they pulled up Katy Kung for Patrick. I wonder what Selena Li’s reaction would be.

  13. I think the magic part is the most boring.

    The part of guys in high heels and skirt is kinda sick, for the outfits they wore. Especially Lai Lok Yi’s.

    1. Agreed. Magic part is boring. Chok part is actually ok for the guys because it quite enjoyable looking at so many siu sangs on the same stage ROFL. The ladies not much enjoyable.

    2. @Fox: Sick as in spewage? for me, that undisputed award goes to WongChoLam in the Mr HK parody.

  14. Each year is getting worse. I literally fell asleep at some parts because it was rather late for me when i watched it. So freaking boring how most of the performances are taken from different variety shows… talk about being creative. zzZZzz

  15. I enjoyed it for the better part. Was rather scared for the 2 kids and the creepy show of friendliness at the beginning. I enjoyed the I think was it 5 guys doing past anniversary stunts and they sang very very well. I enjoyed Wayne’s fast magic show, liked the Chok Chok Chok segment (good sport to the guys) and the best was the 3 gods routine of Mr HK. I was rather shocked at how brave they were and very funny. And TVB rather stingy eh this year?

    1. But yes, every year I suspect the biggest budget is given to Miss HK. Perhaps TV drama awards will be more grand. I am just glad less focus on bling this year or is that the usual focus with the awards show these days?

    2. yeah i thought the beginning with the 2 kids were creepy. I did like the glittery TV Buddy stuffed animals though….wouldn’t mind getting one of those LOL

  16. imo, only entertaining part like most of you said was the FLS segment and the anniversary “skit”.

    LOO segment was definitely a WTF moment, skipped through the FH3 part, most of the kung fung stuff and the one with mc jin & hanjin.

    i really like what they did 2 years ago with the singing and dancing, that was definitely one of the best anniversary segments they have done in recent times.

    1. LOO is a WTF moment TVB make so that Michael can show off his chok. Fala look haggard than usual what happen to pretty glowing Fala? I can’t believe I can accept Bosco’s moustache and think it’s quite cool now but still a WTF segment.

    2. Nancy Sit singing is trainwreck disaster. FLS is ok but some parts I think too funny in a crude way.

  17. I actually like this years tvb anniversary because it was more refreshing. It was versuses so that was different from previous.
    Anniversary has changed every since separating the awards from the birthday (2005) It is mostly about the fashion

  18. TVB Anniversary Gala has been dull & boring for almost a decade now & it doesn’t seems to be getting any better. I was really disappointed cos I used to like watching it when I was a child (oops, now I feel old).

    1. No, its actually is 44th birthday. 4, 4 in chinese means die! die!. TVB must have changed it because its unlucky.

  19. I like Louise Yuen and Johnson Lee’s segment best. These guys have been saving the anniversary show every year…

    The “chok” part was entertaining too, and Eric Tsang finished it well 😛

    Other than that, this year’s gala was absolutely boring. Nancy Sit’s make-up and singing freaked me out. Magic show was so fast I didn’t even know who disappeared and who appeared.

    But it was nice to see Wayne Lai so relaxed this year. He’s a funny guy, a natural in the showbiz.

    I think they should just stick to very local, unpretentious, no-frills but funny skits, throw in some decent singing by the actors and actresses themselves (not Nat Chan though) and that’s it. Please do away with those cringe-inducing mass dances and clapping. Well, they actually deserve some credit for having very little of that in this year’s show. So, well done, TVB! I can’t believe I am saying that.

    1. I enjoy watching Johnson.. lots of talent from him.. but not too keen on seeing his 2 ‘fook luk sau’ partners lol.. Eric’s finish for the Chok part made me laugh! Was really good to see them have fun and not be all too serious 🙂

  20. I think the gala this year is ok, I think it was better than last year due to more jokes. Fashion was nice, and there were some entertaining parts here and there. There are segments that are hits and misses every year. I think the Fuk Luk Sau trio is overrated, and I’m really puzzled by their popularity.

    Its so interesting that people find the gala boring/stupid/not grand/ blah blah yet they would waste time watching it, finishing it, and then post their opinions about it afterwards LOL

    1. Fuk Low Show is really not that popularity. TVB just hire some off the street cheerleaders to cheer them.

    2. lol, your comment is pretty contradictory. How are people suppose to know it’s not interesting/stupid/not grand etc. if they haven’t seen it?
      It is only right to comment on things you’ve heard/seen/tried, no?

      Just like what you’re doing. I can say : It’s interesting that people find the comments appalling yet they would waste time reading it, finishing it, and then post their opinions bout people’s opinions afterwards LOL!

  21. I like the LOO part when Bosco breaking the neon tubes he looked so fierce and the “Matching” part when Myolie said “I know its Him!” pointing to the tonge of Bosco!

  22. Did anyone notice that Kevin’s expression look so different when the Lee See Kit of Fook Look Sau said Michael Tse has better acting skill and should win this year best actor??? Kevin was like “yeah right?” expression?

    1. No lar!! He did looked a bit like he didn’t quite like it when his fee per episode was announced but no no Kevin is too gentlemanly to give the death stare or yeah right expression. They all just looked HUH when the choice was made. Now Myolie was the one who looked “You’re in so much trouble!” when Kate pulled her out during the identify the tongue session. As usual TVB just can’t help but be crass.

    1. Haha, it’s so cute! I think Ron and Bosco has the most fun personalities of the bunch. I really think Raymond is pretty boring despite his popularity. 😛

      1. Chriselle, I haven’t seen the clip, but they look like they’re having a genuinely fun moment..at least a break from those stressing acting life..hahah

      2. He had to have the look of a gentleman. Ron is a bad boy, that we know. Bosco is crazy fun that we know. I suspect all 3 of them together will be the life of a party.

      3. Dunno wat happen in the SC :P. LF’s face is covered by Wayne and WHY 2R is split :P.

      4. That’s why 2R are such good brothers. One has what the other doesn’t. I’d like to see them pair together more.

    2. Scrolling down the photos from the above link.

      What’s with almost if not all the siu sangs wearing a diamond stud earring? And what’s with Ruco Chan’s and Wayne’s pants and footwear? If this is the latest men fashion style, then I’m so out.

      1. Diamond earrings has been worn by some TVB men for years.

        Bosco for example had one given to him by Myolie 3-4 years ago, but lost recently during filming and it seems he got himself a new one.

      2. I think some men do wear earrings in the past due to some superstition thing but now this is fashion. Moses especially didn’t he?

      3. I notice that some TVB men have worn stud earring for years like Bosco, Moses, Matthew, etc but looking at the screencaps, it seems like all the tvb siu sangs, even Wayne, wear earring.

      4. Sorry to say, while some siu sangs look fine with the stud earring, Wayne just looks weird with his, especially with his too-short pants and boots.

      5. And then there was Chris Lai prancing in his high heels.

        I watched some video clips on youtube.

        Chok, chok segment was ok. Just to watch the siu sangs’ chok look.

      6. Claimine, the women’s Chok Chok wasn’t as fun?

        I think I made up my mind to watch these:
        -Fuk Look Sau
        -Men’s Chok Chok
        -Couple’s skit
        -LOO skit(yummylicous moustache :P)

        and FFW the others or just find cuts for the above..hahaha <- evil laugh (tell me if there's anything "fun" that I'll miss)

      7. Wearing earring on left ear been in fashion in Taiwan entertainment industry for quite some time already. I saw quite a number of male idols wear it.

      8. For guys to wear earrings has been a fashion trend for so long now. It’s not just male artistes, but normal people too. I know many guys who have their ears pierced, it’s almost as common as girls now.

      9. Ladies,I know that some male idols have been wearing stud earrings for many years, I was just taken aback to see almost if not all (can’t tell if all) the siu sangs in the pix were wearing one too, even Wayne. Esp. Wayne. Why? Wayne, why? Why blindly follow the fashion trend that is not for you.

      10. Masaharu: Didn’t enjoy the ladies’ chok segment as much. A bit too restrained?

      11. I actually thought that the stud earring looks good on Wayne. No, it doesn’t make him look fashionable, but it brings out the gangster-ness in him. He has always been more convincing as a ruffian than a “professional”.

      12. As long as they don’t wear the earring in wrong side, it’s ok. On the right side, it means the guy is a gay. On the left side, it means the guy is a straight. Men’ earring started in Japan years ago.

      13. Wayne looked horrible with earings, it does make him look more like a bad boy(or man) but maybe he could save that for when he needs to act as a bad guy cause the earing just looks misplaced on him. To me, the earing looks fake, like a magnetic one. Can anyone tell?

        Not all the guys wore earings. Ray, Ron, Laughing, and Edwin or whatever his name is, didn’t wear one. Good for them unless they don’t do it cause scared of the pain to punch the hole.

  23. I haven’t watched this. Perhaps I’ll just watched cut out clips uploaded by others 😛

  24. I love the part when Myolie had to pick who is Bosco by looking at their tongues. Then she accidentally reveal something that kind of embarrassed Bosco. LOL

  25. I actually didn’t understand any of the “chok” catwalk. Were they trying to be funny or were they trying to compete for a charisma award? Anyways, I just thought that they could’ve delivered a better “chok” session if the actors and actresses came out portraying each other’s nominated character roles, ie. Kevin Cheng as “Laughing Gor” and Michael Tse as “Law Lik-ah.” That may have actually been funny and really demonstrate the performer’s acting skills.

    1. @vcn, I like your impersonator choke idea. Instead of just plain strutting looking chok, or failing that, looking choked.

    2. Chok is simply playing fun at the way they take pictures. I actually really like this part; many of them rather good naturedly played along. Moses is a prime example; he was friendly as he walked out and then he put on his chok look, as most stars do in many public events. No need to impersonate one another; that would be in bad taste as in poking fun at other people. I rather they poke fun at themselves at their own expense; like Michael did.

    3. Chok Chok Chok is a gameshow, watch this gameshow and the Chok part in the anni is a version of this one on stage. It’s like the FLS show. If you watch the Chok Chok Chok gameshow, you will know that they have to dance/sing/act lady/etc. and show Chok face.

      I think it’s damn boring for the actors and actresses to portray their characters again because it isn’t funny at all. Last year they did something like that, but change the dialogue and with Nat Chan.

  26. I hate raymond in here. Such a show off and thnks hes better than all the other artists.. Trying to do dance moves and stand out. I dont like him at all!!! Anyone agree?? Its not HIS show…

    1. I disagree. He was simply doing what an entertainer does. He was in fact rather good natured when we all know he is being poked fun at.

    2. Eventhough I have no special feeling for LF but I also don’t think he’s showing off that night, he seems “joking around” being Chok. I think everyone was ok very playful, but Ron NG really need to show some expression, he has this ‘wood’ face for a while already..

      1. Facial paralysis perhaps? Or a better explanation; he can’t even play chok when he is asked to?

      2. I think like someone here mentioned before, Ron has a camera phobia sickness…everytime he’s to face camera, his face will become so dead looking..

      3. Isn’t that like the worst thing for AN ACTOR? So that’s why his acting is bad? Because he has a phobia towards cameras?!?!?!

      4. Ron and Kenneth “posed” the twin expression – “do nothing” face to the camera on this day.

      5. But did anyone watch the JSG eps where Raymond, Ron, and Kate were guests? Ron was so chok pertending to be raymond during the talking or interview part. I loved that part.

    3. Then I can say I hate EVERYONE perform in this day :P. Overall, I hate TVB to hold a show this day. Lol. It’s a variety show and their work is: ENTERTAIN the audience. Relax. Chill out.

    4. He was just dancing to his own song. the Fuk Luk Sau danced too during their turn to chok. And I think he was probably told what he was suppose to do during his turn, so he just did as he was told and pulled out the word Chok. Also thought that Raya acted kinda naturally like what he usually is.

  27. Unlike the past years, this time I watched the gala without much expectations. I thought it was refreshing… Perhaps because I don’t watch much TVB variety shows. Am I the only one who thinks that Liza Wang’s part in the lucky draw was rigged? >_<

    1. I didn’t think it was rigged although someone I know said Nancy Sit’s part was rigged. For once I do not believe. It was just pure coincidence.

    1. That’s nothing if we compare to those pics taken by the papparazi at Bosco’s home.. with his “ehem showing his bro” waiting for Myolie to be home… everybody knows about their underground relationship despite they still deny about it..surprisingly!

    2. I was too busy looking at Bosco and Ron at the back acting like some naughty schoolkids. Claimine instead was looking at diamond studs on Wayne’s ears. DC instead was looking at Myolie looking at the back.

      The phenomenon of “you see what you want to see”? 😛

      1. Masaharu:Re:stud earring. Actually, when I click on your pix link, enlarged it; the 1st thing that struck me was what a nice pix of a group of beautiful,smiling people. Actually, what first drawn my eyes was the happy,handsome, smiling faces of both Ron and Bosco cos’ that’s the reason for my clicking on your link.

        But then something blinked at me — what’s that? Tis Ruco’s sparkling diamond earring, and looking closer, woah, even Wayne had one too, and holly molly, apparently so did the other siu sangs,too. Admittedly, I was momentarily truly taken aback by this ‘phenomenon’ of tvb siu sangs ‘succumbing’ to this fashion trend. Repeat: Men with earring are not strange to me, even my male colleagues and friends wear them outside work, what prompted my statement is that et tu, (you too) Wayne? And Ruco, too? and most/all of the siu sangs in the pix. This is my last post on this blasted studs’ (pun intended) earring subject.

        And so I scrolled down the pix, and immediately burst into laughter when I saw the lower half of Ruco and Wayne? Incongruous much? What in the world possessed them to dress like that to a supposedly classy anniversary gala?

        I was just referring to the pix I viewed, because I couldn’t remember how they looked standing up.

  28. How come no one comment about those 2nd line actors dancing during the “chok chok chok” session before the 1st line leading actor came out? Maybe its jsut me..I think they danced pretty horribly. Saw Chris Lai there and he looked too stiff like a robot.

    1. Ppl are too shock with their outfits :P. I think Carlo Ng looks the best among them. Stephen is ok. And I feel kinda sick for Lai Lok Yi’s outfit.

      1. Frankly I didn’t notice at all. Since everyone was moving left and right and everywhere. I just noticed Kenneth Ma looking yummy until he gave his “I am in pain” chok look.

    2. Fox, “her”? 😛

      Hrm I thought Chris was the winner of HunanTV dancing competition once. Surely he’s had some dancing skills, no?

  29. Ok there is one thing we can tell from the Anniversary last nite..that T-VB is heavily promoting Fala over TY… When the FLS esp Wong Cho LUm announced that there 2 hot contesters this year one is Myo and the other one is Fala…i was like why Fala??? instead of TY in term seniority?

    1. Fala is the hot cake in HK now. She share lead in the polls with Myolie. Hot contesters of this year are Myolie and Fala, for sure. Linda ranked a little lower. They are top 3.

      1. Veejay, I have always said, will continue to say and is always saying TY is very easy to be overshadowed. Oh just admit it!! ADMIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I screamed so much I think now I myself have facial paralysis. Oh lord forgive me for that tasteless joke. Fala, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

    2. Might have something to do with the rumor that Fala is about to get married and TVB wants to keep rich man happy for future business dealings? lol.. kidding ;P

    3. Might have something to do with the rumor that Fala is about to get married and TVB wants to keep rich man happy for future business dealings? lol.. kidding.. but I agree, TY over Fala by far.

  30. How come nobody really mention about the FASHION during the anniversary nite?
    Would love to know who is the BEST DRESS and WORST STRESS for the nite 🙂

  31. Watched the gala last night with the better half. We both really enjoyed it. Very entertaining.

    Myolie was stunning in that dress. Outshone all around her.

    And the Mr HK bit? lolz all around 🙂

    Didn’t see the old owner of TVB this year in the audience, is he still around?

  32. i don’t find anything special in all actresses dress:
    – myolie dress was good but wasn’t something very special
    – fala looked elegant but the dress didn’t fit her well, she’s too skinny, her backless dress was a little spacious for her size now
    – tavia… oh my… what the hell happened to her, she needs a new stylist
    – kate dress reminded me on linda dress in sales presentation night (maybe it was the colour),it’s quite typical
    – sharon was predictable, she wore “the showing legs” dress as usual
    – leanne li dress was surprisingly elegant :), but not stunning.
    – samantha koo’s dress was quite boring (very typical)
    – liza wang, she looked like she was going to sing in 1930’s shanghai’s night club :p(ps. please wear something fit for your age)
    – dodo jie, i like her neckless, fitted her dress really well, but i dont like the hand part of her dress, very weird
    – aimee chan… the worst!

  33. Best parts of the show where FLS’s Mr Hong Kong segment, the Male chok chok chok segment, and the skit, well, not really a skit, but I thought it was cute.
    I kind of knew that show itself wasn’t going to be anything grand like the MHK productions. A lot of the actors don’t have time to rehearse or prepare anything. The ones that did the most singing or dancing performances are the 2nd, 3rd line actors and actresses or newbies from the Voice or kung fu competitions. The magic show and performance by the FH3 and LOO casts repectively, were boring to me. Wayne probably had to practice the most. Edwin and Jesse seemed like they are such amateurs, and I know they are, but if you’re performing it, you should make it like you are not amateurs.
    Fashion is always my favorite part of the show! (Jayne, are you going to do a review on your style site? 🙂 ) Dresses this year were typical, no real standouts. But I like Myolie and Fala’s dresses the most. They were revealing in a clsssy and stylish way. I also thought Janet Chow looked very nice as well, and I think Sharon and Natalie Tong’s dress was nice, but Natalie doesn’t quite have the figure to carry it well?
    Worst? I would have to say Aimee Chan and Liza Wang. Tavia? Don’t like her dress either. And oh god, Nancy Sit’s makeup, costume, and singing was horrendous.

    1. Aly,
      I will try to post critiques of the TVB Anniversary Gala and upcoming Anniversary Awards soon. 🙂

  34. Dont you like Kate’s dress, it has a sexy net back, quite special. I think Tavia would look heaps better without the necklace. and Aimee, although with that thingy.. her figure could carry it pretty well and as always she is showing her nice legs

  35. Anyone of you familiar with Vivian Yeo? I mean from her accent I could tell she’s definitely is Hokkien descendant. Sometimes all these people really have to learn to grasp their cantonese pronounciation.

    1. Vivien Yeo is Malaysian born in Johore. Many Johorean speaks Hokkien. Wikipedia said her ancestry is Fujian. So, you are right about the Hokkien descent.

      Malaysian Chinese in Northern and Southern Malaysia like Johore and Penang speak Hokkien , but, the Chinese in the middle part like KL and Ipoh speaks Cantonese. I always find this interesting.

    2. Agreed, but then the likes of Shu Qi and gang never really spoke good cantonese and managed to carve a career in HK. Some don’t even speak Cantonese. I think her accent is lesser but Kidd is right; she is probably a mandarin speaker.

  36. I found the chok segment to be really funny courtesy of Moses who is such a comedian out of camera. And Ray’s introduction was the best, and ironic considering that the song is actually Ray’s song ‘Chok’ (I couldn’t finish the MTV because it was SO BAD in that unintentionally funny way).

    Of course the Boscolie moment was the highlight of the night, I DIED laughing especially watching the post-show interview where Bosco was joking about punishing Myolie at home afterwards. Link here: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/JeFDV1dWSNo/

  37. I laughed 4 times:

    1. Moses’ Chok (HILARIOUS!)
    2. Mr. HK segment- specifically Louis Yuen’s part.
    3. When Moses looks for Aimee’s ear
    4. Myolie’s comment about Bosco’s tongue.

    I’m getting tired of Wong Cho Lum’s acts.

  38. Only watched the Couple skit, which was enjoyable. I found the Boscolie bit super duper cute. Fashion wise, I think I liked

    Myolie’s choice of dress as it is elegant and really highlighted her figure + made her look super tall. Admittedly though, I wish she carried a bit more weight to fill the dress.

    Fala looked alright, though not the best that I’ve seen her. Colour and pattern looked outdated.

    Tavia looks rather horrible. Her dress looks kind of meh and the hairpiece made it look tacky.

    Sharon looks nice, but I think if the slit wasn’t so high it would’ve looked classier.

    Kate’s dress’ back detail was a turn off for me, because it was too stand-outy and fave off a lingerie effect in my opinion.

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