2012 Sexiest Man Alive in China Award @ JayneStars

It’s time to vote for the male celebrity that you think deserves the title of “2012 Sexiest Man Alive in China” @ JayneStars.com!

Last year, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬 ) won the “Sexiest Man Alive in Hong Kong Award” by a landslide due to his breakout role in The Other Truth <真相>. Not only is Ruco handsome and hot, his personality and perseverance also added big bonus points.

To increase the excitement of the poll this year, male celebrities from Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan have been included. With a total of 92 nominees, you will be certain to find a sexy man to support everyday!

Voting Rules

  1. Press “VOTE” button next to the name of the male celebrity of your choice.  You will receive a confirmation message on the screen indicating your vote has been tabulated.
  2. Each person can place ONE vote per 24 hours.
  3. You can vote everyday for a different candidate.
  4. The poll will end on Monday, October 8, 2012. All votes placed before the deadline will be tabulated. The winner and complete voting results will be announced then.
Why Are the Live Voting Results Not Displayed?

Through past polls implemented at JayneStars.com, we realized that the display of live voting results affected voter psychology, resulting in a greater voting bias. As voters were aware of the leading candidates through live votes, this affected the manner in how they voted. Some voters employed “voting strategies,” resulting in votes primarily placed for the top three candidates last year.

To minimize the impact of voter psychology, JayneStars.com decided to only display the complete voting results at the conclusion of the poll instead. We assure that the results are fair and representative of the sampling population on our site.

Our site does not endorse any specific artists, as we offer news coverage on a broad range of artists in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan. Our “Sexiest Man Alive in China” poll is created to celebrate the attraction of Chinese male celebrities. Have fun! Vote everyday!

How the Candidates Were Selected

JayneStars.com’s 7-member Nomination Committee (consisting of our news writers and Advisory Committee members) drafted a preliminary list of male celebrities for the “2012 Sexiest Man Alive in China Award.” Only the male celebrities that were approved by at least 4 of our Nomination Committee members were included in the final poll, ensuring the hottest high-quality men!

Code of Conduct

You are free to leave comments supporting your favorite male celebrity.  As this poll is celebratory in nature, please refrain from posting any negative comments or hateful remarks towards other celebrities and fans. If detected, they will be deleted.

Please respect other fans’ opinions and enjoy voting in the poll!

Spread the Word

Tell friends and fans about JayneStars.com’s “2012 Sexiest Man Alive in China Award” through forums, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites! More participation equals more representative results! Have fun!

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  1. Hurray! Congratulations to Ruco Chan. He is a handsome, smart, good personality, sexy man. He deserves to win!

  2. sorry but, based on the results, i’m no longer sure what “sexy” means…

    1. i totally agree. i can’t believe that Ruco is number one on the list.He’s kind of cute but there are so many other sexy men on the list that are a lot more SEXIER than him.

  3. Congrats to Ruco!

    I must say I’m quite surprised by the margin of victory, though. I was thinking that with the large number of nominees (92), whoever won would win with a minuscule percentage of the votes.

  4. You know, Sammy Shum looks disgusting in his pictures BUT on screen, as in a few series I saw, he can do decent good guy. I am just confused about him.

    William Feng can do one look; glare.

    1. Funn,
      “You know, Sammy Shum looks disgusting in his pictures”

      Disgusting in his “Lan Kwai Fong 2” photos? Is it his platinum blond hair? IMO, he looks like a thug in that movie, but he’s the standout in the movie’s male cast. I find him to be very promising among more “gentle” types at TVB.

      1. He was quite sexy in the only drama I watched with him in (LOO). Though I can’t speak for his acting skills. But I totally get your point about TVB’s males. I think Him Law is probably the only one who has some sizzle – if you put a paper bag over his face and exclude his acting and real life personality.

        I also thought Zheng Kai was very, very sexy in Qing Shi Huang Fei, even if his acting range was seriously limited, lol.

      2. Yes I was influenced by those photos. He does clean up well.

      3. in QSHF pick any guy, whatever age, I will say they’re handsome.

      4. @ Funn

        Really, all?

        I only thought YK, Wallace and ZK were attractive. Wallace’s brother turned out OK once he got rid of his long hairstyle.

        As for sexy, YK was sexy when he was a brooding bastard, lol. Later he got too lovey-dovey. As for Wallace, he is extremely beautiful which decreases his sex appeal. I feel too threatened by his beauty! OK, he was hot in his arrogant scenes. Those were the only ones I liked. ZK was smoking hot throughout but his acting was so bad!

      5. Yes advo, all who has more than 10 speaking lines. Even the olders are sorta handsome in their own crazy/regal/dignified war.

  5. ok at least huang xiaoming isn’t last. 12th…that’s not bad.

  6. If I had bothered to vote, I probably would have gone for Yuan Hong, Hu Ge, Yan Kuan and Tony Leung. 🙂 But I’m glad Ruco’s won though!

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