Ruco Chan Wins “2012 Sexiest Man Alive in China” @!

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) has been voted as the “2012 Sexiest Man Alive in China”  by’s readers! Despite fierce competition from the hottest male celebrities in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan this year, Ruco retains the title for the second consecutive year!

Ruco received 2,538 votes (or 19% of total 13,632 votes), making him the clear favorite amongst readers!  The 35-year-old’s breakout role in The Other Truth <真相> last year earned a large following of fans, impressing with his sexy, cool intelligence both onscreen and offscreen.  The former table tennis athlete’s perseverance, endurance, and eagerness to improve and learn from all aspects of life have inspired worldwide fans.  At the same time, Ruco’s chiseled masculine looks and fit physique set female hearts aflutter, helping him win the “2012 Sexiest Man Alive in China” title at

In second place in our online poll is sexy “Law Ba” Kevin Cheng, with 1,113 votes (or 8% of total votes). The 43-year-old is like a fine wine, making him only hotter with age and maturity.

Him Law’s acting career and fan following is rising rapidly. Him received 1,095 votes (or 8% of total votes). The 28-year-old’s “Young and Dangerous” hot body has extinguished even the worst of scandals, making his popularity surge in leaps and bounds this year.

The complete results of the “2012 Sexiest Man Alive in China” poll at are available here. Thank you to all the fans that voted and supported their sexy male celebrity!

Celebrate the Sexiness:
Ruco Chan Wallpaper Contest @!

To celebrate Ruco Chan’s victory, will be holding a fan wallpaper contest. Celebrate Ruco’s attraction, charm, and sexiness by creating wallpapers to share with the fan community!

Rules: One wallpaper design entry per person. Fans can submit their own wallpaper design featuring Ruco, with the caption, “2012 Sexiest Man Alive in China” in it. Please also sign your work on the photo as well.

Format: Each person can submit one unique wallpaper design of your own creation. Please submit the wallpaper design in a “JPG” file in a total of three size formats: 800 x 600 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels, and 1280 x 800 pixels.

Prize: One lucky winner will win two DVD copies of Ruco Chan’s hit dramas, The Other Truth <真相> and No Good Either Way <衝呀!瘦薪兵團> from

Judging Criteria: The winner will be chosen based on overall aesthetics and creativity in the wallpaper design.

Deadline: All wallpaper entries need to be submitted by October 31, 2012 midnight EST. E-mail entries to [email protected]. The winning submission will be announced at that time.

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  1. Be respectful of the fans’ choices in voting and the complete results of the “2012 Sexist Man Alive in China” poll.

    You may express your opinion in a respectful manner, but do not make this into a bashing thread, otherwise, your comment will be deleted.

  2. Woah! He has massive fans! There might be a chance he could win TV King over Raymond? Thank you Jayne for this contest!

    1. Ruco’s fans have loved him for years. Once you understand his good qualities, he really shines as an admirable personality that you will not easily forget. 🙂

      1. I met Ruco last year, and he looks even better live!! 🙂

    2. *crossing finger* Raymond acting skills need more work. I really love the Lofty Waters&Twin Brothers drama but after that it’s all really…. not up to there like Waylai or Bobby etc…

  3. lol, Ruco is a def a favorite at JayneStars. I’m actually looking forward to his reaction this time. Hehe

    When will it be the actresses?

    1. Hannah,
      We are still assembling the “Sexiest Woman Alive in China” nominations, but the poll should be released later in October. Stay tuned for announcements!

      1. If the goddess of nose and money wins, I’ll make a “special” wallpaper for her. LOL

      2. did she win last year? i only been on Jaynestars early this year.

      3. I agree, what’s the point? It’s obvious that ruco and tavia have a large fan base that visits jaynestars. If next year’s poll is expanded to “sexiest in Asia”, they will still win again. Well, unless tavia’s fans decide to vote her car bf to the top instead. 😛

      4. yawn, I thought the fans of the goddess said they are gonna boycott jaynestars, but they keep coming here, and then complaining about us on their tavia thread.
        But josie, don’t spoil my fun, I’ve already thought of the wallpaper i’m making for tavia. a compilation of her best noses forward! 😀

      5. A growth chart is a good idea, but too much work, as I would have to dig up those older pictures of tavia.
        I’m just gonna do like a Top 10 best noses of Tavia Yeung in 2012. It’s too easy as her nose is long everywhere.

      6. Yes, there were some very good angles in the car pics. The ones of her upright, of course.

  4. I urge all Ruco fans to enter the wallpaper contest! Celebrate Ruco’s attraction, charm, and sexiness by creating wallpapers to share with the fan community!

    1. If only I had the time and design skills – I so want those DVDs!! LOL =P

      1. Jadio,
        Give it a shot…you won’t have a chance to win if you don’t enter! 🙂

  5. Haha. Love that victory picture. So suitable for the topic. 😀

  6. OMG, I’m so happy for Ruco Chan for winning!! He is an amazing actor + man. Thank goodness that Him, Kevin or Raymond Lam won, I would think that fan only see appearance and not skills ^O^ <3<3

    Question for Jayne: Do each person only allow one entry per person or can we make more than one and apply?

    1. Erica,
      To be fair, only one wallpaper design entry per person.

      The wallpaper entries need to be in the 3 size formats as stated in the rules, to allow fans with different computer monitor resolutions to enjoy them.

    2. But this vote is for appearance, not for acting skill ( I guess the skill you are talking is the acting skill. If it’s the “sexy” skill then I’m sorry 😛 because I think only their lovers can know how their skills in this fields are).

  7. I have watch TOT at some point so I can understand what all the hype is about. Ruco is good-looking but not really my idea of “sexy”.

    1. Advo,
      Actually his chiseled face alone, I find Ruco to be quite sexy. His body is fit, but his style sense doesn’t work to his advantage.

      I think his modesty and humble personality, or even slight awkwardness around female costars, contrary to more flirtatious and playful personalities, make him a bit too safe. He is sexy, but in a more subdued manner and not a blatant way.

      1. Based on pictures alone, Ruco does not seem “sexy” to me. But I fully concede that everyone has different ideas of what sexy means. But my point was that I do think certain actors can really sizzle through their acting so I will see if TOT can change my opinion.

    1. Ace,
      This year, we will award prizes to the fans that support Ruco instead. The wallpaper contest is to honor Ruco’s victory, while also celebrating fan culture at

      We sent him a fan comments booklet and an awards plaque for Ruco last year, which he graciously put next to his other awards at home. I will send him an e-mail message notifying him of the victory, but I believe that with his gracious personality, he will be equally happy knowing that fans supported him and that a fan can receive the prizes this year.

  8. Congrats Ruco! I like the picture above where he has his two fingers up in each hand. That is a good/right picture for this article.

    I voted more for older actors because it’s a lot of self-discipline to look great at their age such as: Aaron Kwok, Alex Fong Chung Sun, Michael Miu, Donnie Yen, and Simon Yam.

  9. Aaron Kwok and Donnie Yen have a great body for their age. Alex Fong Chung Sun, Michael Miu, and Simon Yam’s face is handsome.

  10. Even though I didn’t vote, yay for Ruco! It’s not always about the looks, but the aura a man exudes. (And that’s a nice picture of him without glasses.)

  11. Love Ruco!! Really wish TVB will give him an award!!! He is most deserving an award!!!! ^^v

  12. Jayne, a big THANK YOU for running this poll again this year 🙂

    Definitely am pleased with Ruco winning again. I believe he’s hard at work finishing filming in China right now, but am sure he must have seen the postings of his win on Weibo.

    1. Saffyireis,
      The poll wouldn’t be fun without fan support. Thanks for your involvement and excitement over the poll!

      Now that Ruco won the Sexiest Man Alive in China title…haha I wonder what he thinks? Maybe a modest blush?

  13. Yay!! Congrats to Ruco once again. I like him better with glasses though.

  14. Congratulations to Ruco for winning again ! Winning twice shows he is good !

  15. I like Ruco but i been voting for Oscar and Him Him! Congratz Ruco! He do have big fans base on Jaynestar.

  16. Many congratulations to Ruco for retaining his title. 😀

  17. Will there be a list of others percentage? I would like to see how the other actors did in the voting.

  18. Yay~ Happy that Ruco, Kevin, and Him won top 3!
    Especially HimHim 🙂

      1. Nah I don’t like him him or his body. Too much muscles snuffed his brains.
        but Vincent Wong looks pretty hot, more of that lean and muscular type.

      2. @ Nicole

        Unfortunately that isn’t what the majority of the voters think =/
        If Vincent was so great, then he would have gotten more than 23 votes no? o_O
        Results here: (

        P.S. I respect your opinion, and I hope you respect others also. There’s no need to bash other artists just because they got more votes then your idol did. Bashing on other artists doesn’t necessary make your idol look better IMO It’ll only make you look immature/childish lols~ u__u

        Anyway, if it’ll make you feel better, I’ll make sure to give Vincent a vote the next time comes around. Thank you 🙂

      3. Firstly, Vincent is not my idol or my favourites. So it shouldn’t make him look worse. My favourites from TVB are like Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, but they all have average to bad physiques anyways. I’m just saying the lean and muscular type is preferred compared to the over muscular type with a small head. It’s all about proportions. Not about whether they are my favourites or not.
        I also make fun of Kevin’s bad physique, but doesn’t mean I don’t like him? He’s so thin and no muscles!
        Don’t get riled up over people making comments about your idol, or it makes you a fanatic.

      4. Nicole:

        U didn’t think Kevin had muscles in “gloves come off”? He looked rather good in a white tank top.

      5. hmm, in gloves come off, he wasn’t bad, but that’s after a lot of work? LOL. I was talking about his physique in GJ2, since he had quite a few half-dressed scenes, and he looked so scrawny next to Christine! Also, in the filming pictures for Ip Man, he looked more like a weak and worn out scholar than a martial artist!

      6. I dunno, he still looks pretty good to me. 🙂 And consider his age… A lot of younger guys don’t even measure up.

      7. I like Kenneth ma too! At least he looks younger standing next to tavia.

      8. I was actually surprised that Him Him got into top 3. Yes, he has muscular body, but, there are so many sexy guys on the list.

        I bet his head shot photo in the poll helps. That is one very attractive picture.

      9. Kidd, it is thanks to Divas in Distress. But I am suprised about Ruco since he didn’t have a huge work out this year? Which means his fans are super dedicated bunch; less talk, just vote.

  19. WoW Congrats again Rucco!!! Guess you’re a one HOT man. you are hot though 🙂

  20. Didn’t vote for Ruco but congrats anyways. I guess I can understand his appeal.

  21. I can’t stand him! Why? I don’t know…don’t we all have some singers or actresses that you found annoying?

    1. haha i know what you mean, it’s like i don’t like Christine kuo lolz

  22. It’s great to see that at least 13,000 people participated in the vote. It would be nice to get Jaynestars as popular or half as popular as Allkpop in the Chinese realm of entertainment. Congrats to Ruco for the win again.

    1. Uhm, you can vote once every 24 hours. Receiving 13000 votes doesn’t mean that 13000 people participated, but since the poll ran from September 18 to October 8, that’s about 3 weeks?
      13000 divided by 21 is approximately 620? But not everyone vote everyday, so maybe some more, about 1000-2000?

  23. Although I don’t join the game this year, congrats Ruco. He must have many secret fans to vote everyday in Jayne :).

  24. Congratz Ruco! like the new homepage banner! Ruco how sexy are you! <3 <3 HOT and talented and gentleman, love ya~

  25. Wow pretty surprised by the outcome!! Still great news though as I’m a Ruco fan too even though I voted for someone else.=) ANDY Lau!

  26. I can’t stand Ruco without glasses is weird well congrates to him for winning the top placing.

  27. The sexiness in Ruco is a balanced combination of his attitude and his good looks. Congratulations.

  28. I don’t find him sexy. But whatever rocks your socks. Congrats!

    1. hes more gentleman looking than sexy. but he does have a nice fit body.

  29. He is not the best looking one around. But he does have a good physique and of cos we cannot overlook his inner beauty. His humility, sincerity, perseverance and diligence.. The whole package is appealing to me

    1. Agree, and with many more admirable attributes within him, he really deserves all the compliments! Cheers again!

  30. congratulations to Ruco.
    I find him very charming both with or without glasses. He got excellant acting skills and I like his modesty and humble personality.

  31. Jayne, who’s the winner of the Ruco’s wallpaper? Can you post the winner’s wallpaper?

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