Abby Choi’s Friend Shares Updates

The grisly body parts murder of 28-year-old socialite and influencer Abby Choi (蔡天鳳) made headlines and evoked public outrage in Hong Kong.

Since her re-marriage to the son of the founder of TamJai Yunnan Mixian eatery chain in 2016, Abby won the favor of her in-laws as a loving wife, and mother to her four children – eldest 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter with her ex-husband Alex Kwong, and two younger ones, a son and a daughter with husband Chris Tam. The family of eight including Abby’s children, husband and in-laws last visited Japan on vacation in December, in what was to become the last of their outings together.

Abby’s Elder Kids Scream Whenever They Pass Mommy’s Room

Accepting a phone interview from televised program Scoop <東張西望>, Abby’s mother-in-law shared her feelings on Lung Mei Tsuen, the location where Abby met with harm on the 7th day of her demise. Emotionally shaken when she passed by the nearby Tsz Shan Monastery, she expressed her grief. “How can those evildoers do something so reprehensible right under the eyes of Guanyin (goddess of mercy), I’m so pained and heartbroken when (I saw) the house. The youngest kid has lost her mom at just 3, may justice be served soon and the perpetrators apprehended, so Abby can be in peace,”

Interviewed by the press, Abby’s good friend Bernard Cheng (清晞誦, formerly 周英杰), a former Emperor Entertainment Group singer-turned-lawyer, revealed that the deceased’s two eldest children are already aware of their mother’s tragic demise, having watched the news and heard their classmates discuss the matter at school. Naturally devastated, the kids would scream whenever they pass by their mother’s room, whereas the painful news has been hidden from her two younger children, who have been told mommy is temporarily away for work. Bernard added that he is unsure if arrangements will be made for Abby’s four children to live together.

Netizens pointed out that the kids are the greatest victims here, regardless of whatever had transpired between their parents, and expressed worry for the impact of the much-publicized case on their psychological wellness.

Source: HK01

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  1. So sad, this is so inhumane. I feel for her kids… I understand her current’s partner concern on how to house all kids from here now. He will still take care of the elder two girls but to house them with the little 2 girls will not be an easy decision to make. Since they are still too young to know what has happened.

  2. I never knew such evil exists. I guess monsters disguise as human is real. My heart breaks for the children, to lose their mother in a brutal, senseless murder, by their father is tragic enough, but the grandparents, and uncle involvement is unsureal. Especially the two older kids, how are they going to cope with the fact that their father’s family are monsters. I hope these kids will get the counseling they need, and hope the media coverage will stop , so the kids can grow up with somewhat normalcy and not have reminders of what happened to their mom. Such high profile crime, I wish the children gets new name, new life, so they can blend in with the rest of society where no one can tie them to such tragedy, so they can have a normal childhood and life.

  3. 喊 means cry, not scream. Jaynestars translators need to understand Cantonese context in translating HK media articles, and not rely on Google translator.

  4. feel really bad for the kids knowing the story behind mom’s tragic murder by there own dad and grandparents they will for sure need counseling and monitor on the well being I hope Mr Tam will provide them with the most care through this tragic event hope the Ex husand and his family rot in jail for the rest of there lives

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