Abby Choi’s Current Husband Agrees to Take Care of Her Four Children

While investigation over Abby Choi’s (蔡天鳳) gruesome murder is on-going, Abby’s ex-husband, Alex Kwong and his parents and his older brother are apprehended as the prime suspects. The tragic event has now brought concerns over the welfare of Abby and Alex’s two children but luckily Abby’s current husband, Chris Tam is reportedly stepping up to the plate to provide for their care.

Although Abby and Chris did not legally register their marriage, the couple had a great relationship. Abby was especially loved by the Tam family and they viewed her as a good wife and a good daughter-in-law. In fact, Abby’s mother had many praises for Chris’ family, “The two in-laws have always treated [Abby] like a princess and pampered her.”

Abby and Chris have two children of their own, but Abby would invite her two children from her marriage with Alex to have big family outings. It is common to see the family of six enjoying their time together at Disneyland or having an excursion on their yacht.

According to sources close to Abby, Chris is heartbroken but he has agreed to help take care of Abby’s four children. Even though Chris will be adopting Abby and Alex’s two children, Chris promises to treat them as if they are his own children.

The source also adds that Chris and Alex’s family used to have a good relationship. The two families would even gather and travel together.

Investigation over Abby’s murder has since been focused on Alex and his family’s roles. It is reported that Abby was born from a wealthy family and after Abby and Alex’s divorce, she purchased property worth tens of million HKD for her ex-husband’s family. Sadly, Abby and her ex-husband’s family’s dispute over the financial dealings of the property was suspected as the motive for Abby’s murder.

Source: HK01

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HK Socialite Abby Choi’s Brutal Murder

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  1. Q1 Why didn’t they legally register their marriage?
    Q2 Current husband is actually saying ex husband had a good relationship with them right?
    Q3 How did ex husband and victim meet?
    Q4 The victim most likely bought a house for her ex husband and in laws because of the 2 children but did she not have prenup?

    1. Q1: people who tend to have been through a divorce doesn’t like the formality of a marriage. Considering how she was courted at such a young age then trapped into the marriage, she’s possibly scarred from it
      Q2: having a good relationship, especially with such power disparity does not mean it’s sincere. Alex and his husband of course are going to act all goody 2 shoes in front of these rich people if it means free meals and free staying at luxury resorts, free vacations, etc. only stupid people did not cease up such opportunities.
      Q3: ex husband actually tried to court her, get close to her since she was 15, because he knows she was rich.
      Q4: prenup with who? The ex-husband? It seems he doesn’t get much from her apart from whatever she willing to give. Because they got married quite young, at 18, her parents most likely making sure he got nothing.

  2. I am so happy the current husband is willing to take care of Abby’s elder 2 daughters. It is going to be so hard on this family.

  3. Hope the jail sentence will be long enough that the kids will at least be 18 years old before they’re ever released, so they never get to see a dime of that money.

  4. To be fair, correct me if I’m wrong, but committing to charities for rich people is a must if they want to get into the right circles. In the U.S. corporations get tax write-offs if they contribute to charity (and also tries to commit their employees to do the same which equals higher tax write offs.) Not only are charity events a great way to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, it also offers a way to “whitewash” their reputation. Ask me how I know.

    My cynicism aside, I do think people who contribute to charities without ever mentioning their names are the unsung heroes. And I do believe that there are people who commit to charities with only good intentions. But to say someone is kind because they donate to charity is untrue; sometimes there are selfish reasons too. In this case, I think Abby is a good person who is victim to her ex’s manipulations. She wouldn’t have married him if she cared about wealth. And because she doesn’t care about wealth, it’s very likely her donations to charity is out of goodwill.

  5. This is just a tragic news i read on the news that she was supporting them financially for 3years even though they were divorced her ex brother in-law was her chauffer and business partner they had a close bond they all were living in luxury under her expense cant believe they would commit a horrific crime against her over the money how evil and sick can u be!!! I really feel bad for the biologicals kids knowing what there dad and grandparent did to there mom i hope they rot in jail for the rest of there lives

  6. Dang that’s nuts…would they really bite off the hand that is feeding them…greed makes people do crazy things.

  7. being a person who enjoys listening to crime stories and seek them out, there’s got to be more to the story than what surfaced. we never heard from the ex’s side. not say that he’s not guilty but there’s absolutely nothing about it at this point. either there’s just no info or the media is swaying/controlling public opinion.

    1. I also watch a lot of crime stories but what do you want to hear from suspects awaiting trial? Expecting to tell the truth or what? Other than if it was a total set up, I don’t think there needs to be a side to their story as nothing justifies the victim’s outcome…

      1. I don’t expect them to say anything or any news to be leak until they are put away. What I am saying is there’s got to be more to the story.

    2. Or whatever they say might be used against them in court so better off silence XD also if you have nothing good to say about yourself, you better off again not saying anything XD like if they lie, and easily be debunked in court, it’ll be even worse for them in court and in the public court opinions. Sometimes, you gotta accept the case is that clear cut lawl.

      1. That’s correct. It’s the only thing that old man has done correctly in the whole murder plot. Told his family to stay silent at all costs. Going to price futile anyway with the mountain of evidence stacked in front of him.

  8. There is a piece of information that isn’t said here yet, and that is the ex-husband was very angry and called the current husband’s house and told them: why did you called the police? Why didn’t you ask me first?

    They thought they have more time to dispose the body, however, since these ppl are rich, and the girl has a normal routine that she did not follow, the police moved in fast. They should have picked the time when she’s scheduled to go oversea for one of her fashion show. But then missing out on your normal fashion event is also a huge red flag… idk how they think they can get away with this >_>

    Also ppl need to stop thinking there might be more to the story, like the current husband might be involved or something >_> if there is a will, or if she was Worthing a lot more than the current husband, maybe… but she isn’t! The current husband is loaded, and look at him, he’s basically not good looking, he’s rich for sure, but any girl that want to be with him will be for his money. Meanwhile, this girl, who looks pretty pretty, actually seems to be loving the husband!

    1. She was supposed to go pick up her daughter with her ex right before she went missing. The chauffer who drove her as the ex’s brother.

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