Action SHEROS: Shu Qi, Vicki Zhao, and Karen Mok

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The Kick Ass Action Heroines

Undoubtedly, a female-led action movie or TV show is (almost) always popular among audiences. Is the image of a strong indepent and yet sensually stunning female so appealing that an entire action movie/show can be based on that? No matter what the true reason for the attraction of action heroines is, these shows have always existed and will continue to  exist…
Let’s start and take a look at the most successful and strong female TV and cinema action heroines. To add more, there will be some famous Western characters on the list. Three heroines (or pair of heroines) will be presented in each new feature article at

So Close Trio: Shu Qi, Vicki Zhao, and Karen Mok

Ai Lin, portrayed by the provocative taiwanese actress Shu Qi, is a cold blooded, top skilled assassin. Together with her little sister, Ai Quan (Vicki Zhao Wei), who is a highly intelligent computer expert and hacker, they work as paid assassins. Hung (Karen Mok) is an intelligent and beautiful police officer who is after the two Ai sisters. In the movie there are many girl fights and stunts. The movie, directed by Corey Yuen did really well at the box office. Frantic car chases, well directed fight scenes and lots of blood shed.

All three ladies were very beautiful in the movie; the actresses’ outfits were sexy and fashionable. Ai Lin was presented as a very strong, independent woman. Shu Qi did a fairly good job presenting a strong woman who has to deal with her own emotional issues. Karen Mok displayed a more cool personality and a more tomboyish attitude. Vicki Zhao’s character was more immature and innocent, who was passionate for more action.

So Close contained the typical cliches of a female action heroine dominated movie, such as sexy, powerful and invicible female characters. Shu Qiand Vicki’s characters happened to be assassins, but deep down in their hearts they are good people who are stigmatised by traumatic experiences. The movie also had the cliche character of a super intelligent and highly skilled “good gal” who is bravely fighting for justice, portrayed by Karen Mok. How did that movie impress you?

Miss China: As a fan of good action movies (and Corey Yuen, that is) I had watched the movie a few years ago and I was greatly impressed by the “clean” and simple direction and the fairly well choreographed fights. Although I didn’t buy that much into the “good hearted sexy assassin” cliche and I couldn’t sympathise with the real heroine of the movie (police officer Hung), I enjoyed watching the movie basically because of the nice potrayal Shu Qi did for her character and the way the plot unfolded. The So Close action trio is not one  of my favorite female action heroes but I did enjoy the movie to a certain extent; I watched the movie twice.

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Action SHEROS: Shu Qi, Vicki Zhao, and Karen Mok

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  • 4 comments to Action SHEROS: Shu Qi, Vicki Zhao, and Karen Mok

    1. Darren says:

      I watched this movie few years back and i loved it. The girls were beautiful and the action was awesome. Storyline was pretty good too. However, i don’t get the point of this article.

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    2. Danielle says:

      I saw this many years back I think. And if I remember correctly, I thought that Karen Mok and Vicki are kinda lovers in the movie? I thought that was quite radical …

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    3. :) says:

      If u dont get the point, just read the introduction again.

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    4. Funn Lim says:

      Not lovers, just mutual attraction borderline lovers.

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