Anthony Wong Stars in His First Taiwanese Drama

Starring Anthony Wong (黃秋生), Hsieh Ying-Hsuan (謝盈萱) and Fandy Fan (范少勳), Taiwanese drama Heaven On The 4th Floor <四樓的天堂> premiered its first two episodes at the Taipei Film Festival on October 1. Asked about why he took on his first-ever Taiwanese drama, the HK actor said self-deprecatingly, “No one’s approached me for work in Hong Kong, since there’re job opportunities I came over,”

Open To Staying in Taiwan If He Gets More Job Offers

Frequently traveling between Hong Kong and Taiwan for work in recent years, Anthony replied with raucous laughter when asked if he would like to own a property here. “I need to wait for more jobs, at the moment [I] don’t have [enough] money to buy a house in Taiwan,” he said, then jokingly teased the journalist, “Unless you lend me money, but if I’ve more jobs, I’d naturally stay on,”

When probed about whether Hong Kong has changed, the 60-year-old sighed, “[It’s that] I don’t dare to think, what else is there to. It’s just like [someone who] started out as your loved one, but everytime you get home, you feel that things aren’t quite the same,”

In awe of its production crew, Anthony had good words for the show’s director Singing Chen (陳芯宜) and scriptwriter Yi-an Lou (樓一安). “They are very professional, the first time we discussed the script, I was already wowed by them,”

A Tuina Masseur Who Purges Pain Through Skilled Hands


The award-winning veteran actor was also impressed by younger actors Hsieh Ying-Hsuan and Fandy Fan whom he worked with, and teased Fandy, “He kept coming to my room with questions about acting, if he gets the Best Actor accolade in future, [then] at least half of the effort is mine,” As for Hsieh Ying-Hsuan, Anthony said that working with her was a very comfortable experience, “I did my homework beforehand and know that [she] is the goddess of theater, so I thought I can’t lose face, at first I felt she was a little nervous, but she got better and better,”

Playing a tuina masseur who has a unique method to help his customers get to the roots of their physical pain, Anthony shared that he learnt wushu and qinna (joint lock techniques in martial arts) when he was young, and was no stranger to tuina. Enjoying himself tremendously on set, he philosophized, “Massage is just like wringing a towel, you have to find the right tendons to press down on.”

Hsieh Ying-Hsuan, who stars as a psychologist helping patients deal with their traumatic experiences,  praised Anthony for being very approachable and friendly; prior to meeting him, she was already keen to meet the impressive actor’s “expectations regarding performing”.

Heaven On The 4th Floor tells the stories of characters who visit the massage parlor named “Heaven” to seek treatment from its famed doctor.

Watch the Trailer Here:

Source: WorldJournal, Taipei Film Festival

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  1. Anthony has been very vocal about the political situation in HK and how he dislike the change… He is one of those that struggles to accept this change… He is a good actor but he career in HK will likely dry up…

    I fail to understand, many of these talented veteran have been have filmed so many projects. Anthony is not a z-list, he should not badly paid. Why are they still so poor? Did they not have any saving???

    Why is Anthony not able to afford a property in Taiwan? Even a small apartment is good enough for him. Taiwan is definitely one place that will offer him work. He can forgot about HK or China…

    1. Not everyone knows how to invest and prepare a nest egg for retirement. Anthony seems to me like the spurge of the moment guy. He bought a lot of cars and guitars and other luxury stuff to make up for what he did not have as a kid. I don’t think he prepared for putting money aside.

      Taiwanese property is not expensive to people who earn money overseas but it is still a struggle for those who live and work in Taiwan cos they don’t get paid too much either. Anthony might be better off renting than buying if his income is not stable. What if he runs into mortgage debt?

  2. I watched an interview of him maybe a year or so ago when he was first packing to leave his home in HK or cleaning up… he revealed that he blew a lot of his money on useless stuff at the height of his career when he was much younger. So he accumulated a lot of trash and is now financially poor. Quite sad. But I think this is quite common especially among celebrities and people who just come into money unexpectedly. You don’t know how to handle all that money and feel like it’s so much, you can keep blowing it all. Until one day, not too far down the line, you realize it isn’t bottomless and you can’t just keep living lavishly without saving and investing wisely.

    1. @Gnomageddon I see, no wonder. You are correct about many people not knowing how to handle when they have to much money… Many really waste them.

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