Anthony Wong, Chapman To Set Aside Differences and Make Amends

Anthony Wong (黃秋生) and Chapman To (杜汶澤) are known to have had a long-standing feud. Although the two actors have the same management, they were publicly hostile to each other. Recently, Anthony and Chapman reflected on their conflicts and reconciled their differences.

Personality Clashed

Chapman described himself as someone who changes by the moment. Just when Chapman developed a relationship with someone, he would also quickly distance himself.

In comparison, Anthony thought that Chapman was smart and quick-witted, however later he thought their personalities were too dissimilar, “It’s not your fault. Maybe my personality is picky, and I often find it hard to tolerate other people’s shortcomings.”

Reason for Past Disagreement

Recalling an incident, Chapman shared that he once complimented Anthony’s watch. To his surprise, Anthony proceeded to take off the watch and threw it on the floor. Chapman reacted by thinking Anthony went “crazy.”

Later Anthony found out from a third party that Chapman badmouthed him and Anthony sought Chapman out at a bar to get the truth. Explaining his side of the story, Chapman clarified, “Someone asked me who I thought was a good actor. I said Anthony Wong because he is crazy.”

When Anthony heard Chapman’s perspective, Anthony retorted that there was a different side of the story, “Our versions of the story are not the same, so how could we agree to stop fighting? The only thing we can do is forget the past and find if there is anything worthwhile in the friendship. I believe I found something in you that I respect.”

Finding Similarities

Despite the two actors’ clashing personalities, their boldness is a commonality. Anthony and Chapman are not afraid to speak their minds even if it means putting their careers on the line. Five years ago, both actors were banned in Mainland China after supporting the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests. Through their shared experiences, they reconciled and remained in good terms with each other.

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  1. They both strike me as someone who is direct, speaks their mind (even if it comes across as disrespectful) and stands for justice…

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