Kristal Tin on Why She Forgave Chapman To’s Infidelity

Despite their current happiness, Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) and Chapman To (杜汶澤) had their fair share of relationship woes. Perhaps most notorious was Chapman’s infidelity. During a recent interview with Stephen Chan (陳志雲), Kristal revisited the couple’s most difficult obstacle and how she overcame the betrayal and forgave Chapman.

While Kristal had mentioned Chapman’s cheating before, she clarified that he actually cheated while the couple was still dating and not after their marriage. Extremely heartbroken, Kristal was very thorough in collecting all the evidence. “For example, I would check his phone and interrogate him to collect evidence. For a period of time, it was like shooting a detective film.”

Afterward, Kristal confronted Chapman and confirmed his infidelity. She recalled, “Because our relationship started off as friends, I did not go berserk during our discussion. I approached it very calmly. We both had a choice on whether we wanted to continue working on our relationship. He had to decide what he was going to do afterward, and whether we would put forth the effort to improve. If we were both willing, then we would move forward together and forget about the past.”

Although many people find “letting go” is easier said than done, Kristal was actually able to put her words into action. Understanding that if she did not truly forgive, she would only be hurting herself since they decided to stay together.

In past interviews, Chapman also openly expressed that he would use his life to repay Kristal for all that she has sacrificed for him. To this, Kristal said, “It’s difficult to weigh and calculate things when you love someone. This is fate.”

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Forgiving Chapman To’s Infidelity Allowed Kristal Tin to Find Greater Happiness

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