Kristal Tin Remembers Mom After She is Gone

The actress teared up while performing her song “The Most Loved,” which was dedicated to her late mother.

Invited as a guest star on Stephen Chan’s (陳志雲) YouTube charity program, former TVB actress Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) shared memories of her late mother’s cancer battle and regrets neglecting family due to work. Kristal said, “One day when I returned home, I was suddenly hit by the realization that Mom is getting old. After that, she became ill, and passed away when I was 38.”

Mother-daughter Relationship is “Intimate Yet Complex”

Chatting about many topics from the origins of her English name to why she did not accept Chapman To’s (杜汶澤) proposal even after three times, Kristal shared many anecdotes in her latest interview with Stephen Chan. When asked about her relationship with her mother, Kristal described it as good but also “complex”.

“I believe it’s like this between many mothers and daughters. When she was [around], her care and concern always made me feel annoyed and that she was too controlling. However, if she needed me for anything, I’ll feel that this intimacy was something that was irreplaceable,” the 42-year-old said.

When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Kristal recounted her mother’s fears while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. As the cancer progressed, it was necessary to surgically remove her stomach. Knowing that her mother feared pain, Kristal especially accompanied her to qigong and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapy to relieve her discomfort.

Several years later, Kristal’s mother had a relapse. The actress turned down many drama and variety show offers so she could spend more time together, and even moved in to take better care of her. No matter how late Kristal got home from work, her mother would always be up waiting for her.

Regrets Neglecting Loved Ones

Arranging for her mother to stay at a hospice during her final days on the advice of doctor friends, the family continued to spend time with her. In 2016, Kristal’s mother died from cancer relapse on the eve of her starting filming for the drama My Lover From the Planet Meow <來自喵喵星的妳>.

The actress wrote an emotional post on Facebook, “Mommy dearest, your embrace makes me so joyful and secure! Thank you for the love you have showered me with. Hope that I can also make you feel content on your last journey in life. You are forever remembered! Mommy, I love you!”

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